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Why Do You Need New York Divorce Records?

New York Divorce Records are not that hard to find. With the right online resource, you will find Birth, Death, Marriage and even Divorce Records without any difficulty. In the New York State Vital Records source sites you can find all these. A specific department in the New York State holds the records for marriage licenses issued in New York outside of New York City, no problem. Kept safe in archives are divorce records for all New York since the year 1963.

In New York City, The Vital Records Section only issues certified copies of the documents which are related to Birth, Death, Marriage and Divorce only to qualified applicants. The agency can also issue uncertified copies which are made available for genealogy researchers and other valid reasons. Duplicates of dissolution of marriage certificates are also kept and recorded for all of New York State from 1963 till present. Qualified applicants who wish to acquire these records can also get copies of marriage licenses obtained in New York State but outside of New York City from 1880 till present.

There are a few ways to obtain these vital records. The Walk-In method is a classic and common method. You can also order certified copies by old-fashioned Mail, from the World Wide Web sources, and telephone call. Divorce Records are available from the Local Registrar of the municipality where the dissolution of marriage or divorce happened. These important documents or records are also accessible through request from the corresponding Town or City Clerk where the divorce took place.

Wondering what types of divorce records are available out there? FYI, there are two types of divorce records available. First type is the divorce decree. Second is the divorce certificate. The former is a document prepared by the court, which sets forth the terms and conditions of the divorce. It is signed by the judge and organized by the County Clerk where the matter was decreed. If you need a copy of the divorce decree you may contact the appropriate County Clerk for more details. The latter, the divorce certificates, are filed in the State of New York’s Department of Health for divorces given before January 1st of 1963.

Are you thinking of which individuals are qualified to obtain a divorce certificate copy? Qualified are the husband and wife plus people who have acquired a New York State Court Order. It costs 30.00 USD per divorce certificate duplicate. If you require insurance or Priority handling you may add an additional 15 USD. For those who may want to acquire a copy through the Internet or telephone, it would require a major credit card.

People will need the proper authorization before they can obtain such vital records in New York. Divorce Records for the New York State are also available online but a special permission must be secured. Fortunately, acquiring important documents through online service providers will have less hassles and faster results. It is a matter of choosing the right service provider that can deliver the goods. Just provide the requirements and you will encounter less worries and delays.

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