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What Happened To A Traditional Marriage?

What Happened To Traditional Marriage?

Having a traditional marriage relationship is becoming less common as the years go on. First, let us define this type of marriage. It is a relationship between a man and wife to procreate. Scripture did reveal be “fruitful and multiply.”

Today, many marriages are not practicing the method of what is called “natural family planning.” Maybe it is because the wife will get pregnant. However, many people do not realize that you can still avoid pregnancy in a marriage relationship if natural family planning is done properly. Despite the fact, statistics show that a man and woman who uses the natural family planning method have a divorce rate of less than two percent than those who use other methods.

How? Men and women who utilizes natural family planning in a marriage traditional relationship experience a more deeper, intimate sex life. There is a time period where you have to refrain yourself with your sexual relations until the woman’s fertile time is over. By refraining yourself for a while, the next time you have sexual relations will be that much more enjoyable.

Why Is This Type of Marriage Becoming Obsolete?

Another reason, (besides the fact that not many people are not using natural family planning) are that more and more people are involved in homo sexual relationships. With the thirteen states legalizing homo sexual relationship marriages, the traditional marriage is becoming non existant. A marriage between a man and woman is to procreate. It is entirely impossible to procreate with the same sexes. Many Catholics oppose this type of union due to the fact that having a father, mother and children are acceptable.

Studies show that having a traditional marriage, the whole family is more stable. The children do better at school as their grades are good because they have parents with a father and mother who love them very much. You cannot get that father and mother relationship if you were in a same sex marriage relationship. Children tend to do more poorly at school for the reason being that they may be confused while having both the same sexes as parents.

A good old fashioned traditional marriages are disappearing as the decades keep going on in years. With our culture accepting other forms of marriages and other methods being used besides natural family planning, the family is being attacked in a profound way. Our family knit is not getting better, it is getting worse.

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