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Tying the Knot With Kids-The New Kind of Wedding

Since 9/11 it’s pretty clear that the trend toward the bonding, memory-building kinds of family travel experience  is still strong.

And the Caribbean, with its mix of the sensual and the accessible, is still a perfect place for those tying the knot, again, but who are committed to sharing the event with their children and extended family.

The Caribbean Wedding Association has been seeing a new kind of love and marriage lately. Apparently people who are finding love later in life, who’ve done the big formal wedding, now  want something different.

When they remarry, they want their children included so they can all begin their new lives together, as a family. It’s not just about  the man and woman anymore.

Given the statistics, it makes sense. 

According to the Stepfamily Association of America  there are now as many stepfamilies as “intact” families.

The Association says a whopping 65+ percent of remarriages  now bring children into the new relationship.

“Really, Familymoons, as we call them, are quite adorable,” says a Wedding Coordinator at Brac Reef Beach Resort on Cayman Brac.

“It’s fun to see the kids taking part in the ceremony. With one of our couples, there were thirty family members, and his daughter and her daughter, both teens, were bridesmaids. The ages ranged from one year to mid-seventies, and everyone loved being together.”

Experts say these kinds of family marriages ease the transition into the new life, because parents  don’t want to leave their kids behind when they tie the knot.

And the children certainly don’t want to be left behind while their new parents take off on a honeymoon without them.

But Familymoons are not for everyone. Be prepared for a loss of intimacy between bride and groom, and repressed family issues seem somehow to come up on these pressure-cooker days.

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