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Three Relationship and Marriage Problems That Can Lead to Separation

Marriage problems plague, at least to some degree, all wedded couples. No person or couple on this planet is perfect, although a select few may seem so. Only behind closed doors or in the midst of a trying time will the true nature of any relationship be revealed. While the healthiest thing for a handful of couples may truly be separation, this is not the case for most of us. Rather than calling it quits, it’d be much wiser to instead search out the root cause(s) behind our marriage problems and do whatever is necessary to save the relationship. I’ve compiled a list of three of the most damaging behaviors and conditions that slowly squeeze between our loved ones and us. Even if you’re in a healthy relationship or no relationship at all, hopefully this information will prove useful and motivate you to love selflessly just as Jesus Christ did when he died for us all. Remember, his love is the ultimate model and our relationships should glorify him.

Credit: Praveen Kumar from Flickr: Creative Commons

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