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TheFurFiles – Daunted By Divorce, Hollywood Hookup, Brother Could Do Better

Now just because something great happened to you in the past doesn’t mean you need to go back and relive it. Besides, Tim could look like someone from the Beverly Hillbillies by now. It HAS been twenty years.

BTW, it is a little known fact that what’s “meant to be” is what actually happens.


Dear Fern,

My brother’s new girlfriend really bothers me. I mean, I don’t know her very well – like I’ve only seen pictures of her on Facebook – but she reminds me of an anteater with short, stumpy legs and a big butt. I think Jason can do much, much better. How can I get him to dump her when he “says” he’s in love? I don’t mean to sound superficial but…


Concerned Sister

Dear Who Are You, Hitler’s Minion?

I’ll tell you what really bothers me…

1. Commercials that advertise for newly patented, female oral contraceptives that have a million and one life-threatening side effects.

2. Parents with nineteen or more children who wonder if they should get pregnant again.

3. Olympic athletes from twenty years ago who do commercials for products no one gives a crap about.

4. Anime animal porn.

5. Colin Firth’s enduring sex appeal and the fact that I’ll probably never get to sleep with him.

6. Waking up in the morning and the alarm clock reads 6:57 a.m. when you usually get up at seven, which then gives you absolutely NO time to just lay there and think about how much you wish you could go back to sleep.

7. Movies like Titanic that make you cry more than five times.

8. Emails that start with “Hello Honey” in bright pink letters.

9. People who wear Lululemon clothing and smoke simultaneously.

10. And you, H. M. – YOU really bother me.

Don’t you know that you can’t judge a book by its cover, just like you can’t judge a country by the quality of some of its pop stars – Shawn Desman.


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