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The Top 5 Causes of Divorce – Can You Reconcile?

There are 5 major causes for divorce. The question is whether it is possible for you to reconcile as a couple, and I want to clarify this for you so you can decide what to do. The top five causes of divorce are these:

  • Disagreements about finances
  • Disagreeing on child rearing
  • Sexual differences
  • Unresolved issues with in-laws or other family members
  • Infidelity

Disagreements About Finances and Child Rearing

Disagreements between husband and wife about either finances or child rearing principles account for a majority of the cases of divorce. There is nothing as stressful as living from paycheck to paycheck, and there is no doubt that solving finances could save society a lot of money in picking up the pieces after a divorce. Some have argued that financial management principles should be taught in school, whereas others view this as bordering the private sphere.

Child rearing has changed much in recent years, and many find themselves very confused as to how to handle disagreements. You may have agreed you would discuss such things when kids are laid to bed, but it often happens that couples forget this in the heat of the moment when a contradictory statement is made by a partner.

Sexual Differences Between Man and Wife

Some couples find problems in their sex lives. Not only questions such as one party wanting to try new things whereas the other tries to avoid new experiments. It can be a much deeper problem of different levels of libido. Many grow frustrated in this, and even though some could have solved this through masturbation, it often ends in conflict, and is worth considering very seriously before it ends up as a major problem.

Unresolved Issues With In-Laws or Other Family Members

When in-laws or other family members have an undue influence upon a couple it becomes difficult for them to run their own lives. Building a family requires concentrated effort from both husband and wife in mutual agreement, and other family members must be told off for this to succeed. Overlooking this aspect will very often end in divorce at some point.


The most difficult aspect of marriages ending in divorce is infidelity. It destroys the confidence between a couple, and this almost always ends up with two people totally unable to ever trust one another again.

All the above keys can be worked out, but it requires a mutual agreement to work together as a couple. Whatever separated man and wife needs to be resolved in love. Whenever love is missing it becomes very difficult to handle any of the above challenges, and therefore many marriages end up in divorce.

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