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The Pursuit Of Happiness Through Marriage

Happiness is synonymous to having a sound health and a calm mind. It is a valuable present and the pursuit of happiness should make us look at the love around us. It should also direct us to look within our hearts. Despite living in a nuclear society nowadays, man is still a social being and all our relationships give meaning to our existence.

And the institution of marriage is the most essential of them all. In the endless pursuit of eternal happiness, more or less it finally ends in marriage. Being married is equal to love, understanding and lifetime commitment. It is a secure and solid union based on passion, everlasting love and sexual desire.

Marriage is the fundamental commitment of living to attain the most natural way of experiencing happiness. In this pursuit of happiness, we know that our life should have a whole balance of commitment and fulfilling love. However, the pursuit of happiness through marrying is still an individualistic view. While marriage remains a respected established custom, it no longer becomes imperative and mandatory especially for females.

Before, some half a century earlier, being in a state of wedded bliss was the ultimate purpose of our forefathers. Nevertheless, in our current times, we have seen a radical change regarding how relationships are perceived. Both men and women these days are equally ambitious and strive to be successful which makes this pursuit of happiness even more definitive.

The pursuit of happiness via marriage contains the attainment of material comforts that could pave the way for two persons in love to live at ease on sharing a lifetime of togetherness. In addition, lifetime partners who are compatible deserve each other and much more likely to have an ideal and happy marriage.

Thus, they could be called a match made in heaven because in all aspects they are a perfect match physically, emotionally and intellectually. Being married gives a sense of oneness and completeness to both ladies and gentlemen. But it all depends on making the right choice. This whole theory is revealed in all doctrines and beliefs that train us to look further within us.

Since historic times marriage has been the foundation in reaching true happiness and realizing lifetime fulfillment. Marriage is by far the most natural established practice formed by man himself and evolution has made humans see their sexual distinctions and harmony. Hence, it has given them a formal and true bonding and an atmosphere to bear their offspring and raise them in the future.

This entire pursuit of happiness is an inherent facet of human practicality. And the pursuit of happiness through marriage is actually an occurrence that has come down and passed from generation to generation. It is already a proven principle and tested by time that holds true even in these modern times because it is the result of human belief and not human actions.

And this may be the reason why, that while many institutions have come and gone with different human societies, marriage has remained and lasted over the centuries.

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