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The Divorce Process And Its Steps

Marriage is a bond that connects two partners together binding them in a life long relation which is sacred.This relation is hampered as a result of certain reasons which ends the bond between the two.Partners are emotionally hurt and eventually decide to divorce ending this sacred bond.Certain steps need to be followed so that they do not feel the emotional and financial stress.

The divorce steps are listed as follows

1.Filling the divorce papers and submission of these papers with the court clerk

2.Sending the petition to the defendant

3.The filling of defendant’s answer as well as counter-claim

4.The default legal procedures

5.Mediation process

6.Hearings with the presence of the lawyers


8.Issuing of final divorce decree

The divorce process starts with the plaintiff filing the complaint papers in the court. In case of contested divorce sometimes the other spouse is unaware about the filing of complaint. The petition needs to be sent to the defendant. As per the state divorce laws, the defendant has certain defined period of time to reply to the divorce notice. The defendant needs to reply to the petition within stipulated time period otherwise the divorce is granted in certain states. The defendant can reject the petition by not filing the answer or file a reply to agree so that the divorce process can proceed or file a reply with disagreement with reference to some points mentioned in the petition.

The court may ask for the divorcing partners to undergo mediation to save their marriage. The mediator would conduct several meeting with the divorcing partners to understand the reason of divorce and help them save their marriage. If the divorcing partners have children from their marriage, then the court may ask for counselling sessions for the children as well. It is vital to be aware about all the procedures that would be followed by the court, so that one can calculate the cost of their divorce and do not bear any financial loss. When the couple are opting for an uncontested divorce or property divorce it is the court which decides about the distribution of property between the spouses. To face the court hearing, one needs to hire knowledgeable divorce lawyers, who can understand their case and represent it in the best possible way.

The divorce process and its step may difficult for a layman to understand, but it is job of the lawyers to explain these details to their client. After the court estimated all the factors related to divorce, the court issues the final divorce decree.

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