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Testimonies Impact of Divorce on Fathers

Fathers love their children just as much after a divorce as they do before. There is a deep love that cannot be changed by anything. Fathers often end up paying a big price when there is a divorce even if it isn’t his idea. The price is that he will not be able to spend as much time with his children as he could before.

The impact of divorce on fathers can be devastating. Fathers are getting more and more rights to see their children on a half time basis. More courts see it as the right thing to do. However, that still isn’t the same amount of time that they would have had there not been a divorce.

Divorce impacts the entire family. Fathers seem to usually get the shorter end of the stick though. They usually have to pay child support. They often only get visitation with their children. That is very difficult to deal with. When a father doesn’t live with his children, he misses those children greatly between the visitations. It’s a hard situation no matter how you look at it.

Father’s get a bad wrap. They are very rarely considered the better parent. Mothers seem to get that title simply because she carried the child. The children might have another story though. Not every mother is a good mother and not every mother is a better mother than the father is a father.

Fathers have to pay child support in most cases so his finances take a hit too. The child support can often be more than he can afford if he wants to have a place to live. He will have to make adjustments to his living situations to pay it. However, fathers should pay child support for their children. The children need things and it is up to both parents to make sure the children are getting those needs fulfilled.

When a divorce happens, it impacts a lot of people. Fathers learn to adjust to the situation of not having his kids all the time. It may never be his ideal situation, but that is the way it has to be sometimes. It can be even worse if the mother wants to move out of state. That means that visitation is going to change and the father then has to worry about transporting the children back and forth. Nobody wins when it comes to divorce. Fathers usually win less.

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