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What Are The Real Causes Of Depression?

Approximately 19 million Americans suffer from depression in a certain point of their lives. With this high incidence rate, it is necessary that we should all know the causes of depression so that proper precautions can be applied earlier to prevent it from developing. It is believed that a combination of three factors is to blame for depression: biological, genetic and environmental.

Of course, depression affects both men and women. But rate of depression in women is much higher than men. In women the effects of hormones, menstruation, contraceptives, pregnancy, child birth and menopause are the contributing biological causes of depression.

People with relatives who have been affected with depression have higher chances of developing the condition themselves. There is a possibility that depression can run in families for generations, therefore hereditary is a popular choice among possible causes of depression.

Pessimistic Personality

People who always think negatively or always have a negative outlook in life are at higher risk for developing depression. Same goes to those people who have low self esteem.

The environmental factor, or emotional factor, is meant by any sort of emotional distress, be it the death of a loved one, isolation and loneliness or a nasty break-up or divorce. Some of the most common causes of depression in the emotional factor are:

A childhood of physical or sexual abuse and growing up in a violent family environment. A traumatic experience in adulthood can also trigger depression, such as being in an abusive relationship or a victim of a violent encounter, such a being robbed or raped.

Sometimes person suffering from a chronic disease or illness such as cancer, heart problem, HIV, diabetes etc. leads to depression. It’s really very difficult to adapt the new conditions after the particular illness.

Losing a job or going into financial distress.

The loss of a loved one, through death, separation or divorce.

Extreme social conditions, such as homelessness or extreme poverty.

A childhood or relationship that has made the individual believe that he or she is a failure and is not worth anything.

The modern way of living takes much out of us. Most of us work full-time and try to balance this with family life. Too much work and the stress that it brings with it, an unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, exercise and FUN definitely can cause a depression in time.

Other causes of depression are the side effects of certain medication and substance abuse. With alcoholism or drug abuse, the question again is if people succumb to these addictions due to a depression or if the substance abuse brings on depressions.

A physical injury caused by an accident or long – term diseases such as cancer debilitate and hold a person back from living an active life are also among possible causes of depression

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