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Online Divorce Forms Website Releases YouTube Videos

Mission Viejo, CA (PRWEB) August 08, 2012

Online divorce forms website announced the release of two new additions to the company’s YouTube Video channel. The two videos are aimed towards educating and informing those people who live in California and Alabama about their respective state’s divorce laws, as well as those looking into the divorce process. Entitled “How to file California divorce forms online” and “How to file Alabama divorce forms online,” the videos encapsulate many of the laws and rules for those looking to file for divorce in those two states.

“We are very pleased with the overall look and feel of our videos. We feel that we were able to strike the right balance with being able to provide informative content while. At the same time, the videos are visually appealing and paced with a rhythm that most people can comfortably sit through while looking for a state-specific divorce. If you are looking for California divorce papers, these videos are going to provide solid, comprehensive information,” said site creator and CEO Jason McClain. is one of the premiere internet services allowing users to streamline the divorce process, saving both time and money by getting their divorce papers online. By answering a simple questionnaire regarding the circumstances of their divorce, a final printed copy is produced which is ready to be filed at the local courthouse. The process is highly efficient and affordable, and many experts have long anticipated when the electronic era in which we live will allow us to sever matrimonial ties quickly and easily.

“We live in an era with,, and full-blown online banking. You can find a date, reviews restaurants, make a reservation, and even order your entire meal online. You can buy tickets to a movie online and even pick your theater seats. Yet when it comes to filing for divorce, we still have this old-fashioned notion that the process begins and ends in the office of an expensive divorce attorney costing thousands of dollars. Today, though, most people do not have thousands to throw around haphazardly. Every dollar spent on attorney fee’s is one less dollar someone will have to rebuild their life post-marriage. The era of filing and completing all divorce forms and papers online is here, and the MyDivorcePapers platform, with its user-friendly structure, is the basis by which all others will be judged,” said creative analyst Scott Cahill.

The company is expected to continue adding to its line of videos through its YouTube channel, with an expected video focusing on Texas divorce as well as utilizing other mediums to better inform the general public about the divorce process, divorce news, and divorce information.

For more information about online divorce papers please visit www dot mydivorcepapers dot com.

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NetDivorce Redesigns Website but California Divorce Still $99

Southern California (PRWEB) October 26, 2012

California online divorce forms preparer NetDivorce can trace its retail divorce pedigree back to the early days of independent paralegals – long before the Internet and right on the edge of the personal computer era. Yet 31 years later and after a recent website redesign and an upgrade of its proprietary software, NetDivorce’s flat rate fee to handle an uncontested California divorce is still just $99. That fee includes any child custody, child and/or spousal support, visitation and parenting plan, division of property and debt, child support calculations and a Marital Settlement Agreement to tie it all together.

An expanding share of the California uncontested divorce market continues to move away from lawyers and “bricks and mortar” Legal Document Assistants and towards online divorce form preparers. “Online is where the greatest cost savings are,” says Ed West of NetDivorce, LLC, “and retail uncontested divorce is probably 80% cost-driven. Yet the average uncontested fee amongst NetDivorce’s online competitors remains surprisingly high at $250-$300.”

When West opened California Legal Assistance Centers in Riverside, CA on June 1, 1981, his fee to type, file and serve divorce papers in an uncontested divorce was $70. By the time West took California Legal Assistance Centers online in 2001 and changed its name to NetDivorce, that fee had increased to $250. Even at that inflated price, California Legal Assistance Centers was still the cheapest “bricks and mortar” divorce forms preparation service around – right before the online divorce boom started.

Yet 11 years later, the big nationwide online divorce services do not seem to be passing along the available cost savings to the consumer. West says, “I can’t speak for my competitors, but I can tell you that NetDivorce, as a small regional outfit, is well-funded and making money at $99 per case. So there are certainly some larger nationwide companies out there, charging $300 for either the same or a lesser service that NetDivorce provides, with expensive TV campaigns and very healthy top lines, if not bottom lines.”

West, who has been a UK barrister since July, 1976, maintains that there are three core values NetDivorce will never abandon – the lowest flat rate uncontested fee in the industry – with no ups or extras, lack of any dishonesty or trickery in its offer of services (a major problem in the online divorce field) and a level of client support that is breath-taking in its comprehensiveness.

New California divorce consumers who want to know how to get uncontested divorce papers prepared at low cost or just to learn more about NetDivorce service, or perhaps just read our divorce consumer tips, should visit or call 888-NETDIVORCE (888-638-3486).

About NetDivorce: NetDivorce prepares California divorce papers online in uncontested divorce cases for $99. Create your secure account. Complete the online interview at your own pace from the comfort of your home or office. Download your divorce papers immediately and print them on your home or office printer. Use customized detailed NetDivorce written instructions to file and complete your uncontested divorce. Control your own case throughout with NetDivorce DokChek, Weekly Updates, Knowledge Base, context-sensitive help systems and Client Support.

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888-638-3486 Review – Money Arguments A Key Predictor Of Divorce, New Online Divorce Findings, Study Reveals

Aliso Viejo, CA. (PRWEB) July 22, 2013

Recent statistical findings from online divorce service (MDP) and a new study from Utah State University have re-confirmed a long held belief about the cause of divorce.

It’s often about money.

The data and the study show that couples, who routinely argue about their finances, are setting a steady course for divorce.

Jeffrey Dew, an associate professor of family, consumer, and human development at Utah State (and lead author on the new study), said that couples often have separate ideas for the rules of spending and saving, and those differing ideologies cause conflict.

“We all have our own different ideas about what’s really, really important to use money for,” Dew told “When spouses fight about money, they might be attacking each other’s deeply held beliefs about money.”

Study co-author Sonya Britt confirmed that finances were “by far” the top predictor of divorce, adding, “It’s not children, sex, in-laws or anything else. It’s money — for both men and women.”


The study, “Examining the Relationship Between Financial Issues and Divorce,” was recently published in the Family Relations journal, and it examined data for more than 4,500 couples as part of the US-based National Survey of Families and Households, reported.

Collecting data on what couples argue about — children, money, in-laws, sex and spending time together — researchers looked at which couples were filing for divorce four to five years later.

For men, money was the key predictor of divorce, while for women it was “arguments about money and arguments about sex,” Dew said, adding that “arguments about money was the stronger predictor there.”

Dew continued: “One spouse might think the best thing to do with money is gain status — buy the really nice luxury car, wear the really nice suits … The other spouse may think that money might be best spent on security, maybe putting a lot of money into a retirement fund or paying off their mortgage earlier.”

Dew also believed that money arguments could be representative of other underlying issues, such as one spouse feeling “like they have less power in a relationship than the other.”

June Statistics From MDP

In clear terms, the study showed that whether a couple was early in their marriage or in the beginning stages of learning how to file for divorce, money was a main culprit.

That finding also ties in to recent data collected from online divorce service MDP’s end of June report that showed a strong correlation between the person filing for divorce — 64 percent of the time female — and a significant income discrepancy, wherein the wife usually earned more than her husband (on average, $10,000 more annually).

Both findings emphasize the importance of healthy and open communication in the area of marriage finance. Couples, who discuss and share key financial goals, and “share the pot” when it comes to money, tend to do better than those where goals and responsibilities are divided.

Division of earnings and responsibilities inevitably leads to one spouse feeling like they’re doing more than the other, which breeds conflict and resentment. And from there, the urge to divorce intensifies. is an acclaimed online divorce forms service that lets clients obtain court certified divorce forms for uncontested divorce quickly and simply. Serving all 50 states, the individualized divorce forms come with a 100% money-back guarantee of court approval. Customer service specialists complete all forms for the client, after which the forms are available through downloading or direct shipping.

Jason McClain

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Online Divorce Findings Indicate 37 to be the Average Age of Divorce

Aliso Viejo, CA. (PRWEB) July 10, 2013

Online divorce service recently reviewed a number of criteria involving the divorce rate and found a sobering similarity in the average age of divorce filings between men and women. The conclusion: when it comes to filing, there appears to be a 37-year itch.

Women, who filed for divorce from their spouses, showed an average age of 37 exactly, while men came in a little younger at 36 years and 10 months. With the majority of filers being female (about 63.82%), age 37 was a safe bet for the time one would be most likely to file for divorce.

But researchers at point to this so-called “37-year itch” not as a predictor of the exact age in which a divorce will occur, but as an indication of the changing tides of marriage and divorce between younger (ages 20 to 25) and older (age 50 and up) generations.

According to US Census data for the period from 1986 to 2009, the average duration of a first marriage for those whose first marriage ended in divorce was right at eight years and for second marriages that ended in divorce, about 8.5 years. But the findings show 74.5% of filings from first-time divorcees. Only 18.19% were leaving their second marriage.

Combining the online divorce service’s findings with the Census data, at least one traditional view regarding the cause of divorce — marrying too young — comes in to question. While Huffington Post columnist Jennifer Nagy once suggested that marriage should not be allowed for anyone under the age of 25, she was mostly going from her own experiences.

However, Nagy did cite one statistic that would seem to support her claim — that according to the National Center for Health Statistics, 60% of couples who married between the ages of 20 and 25 experienced divorce. But averages are averages for a reason, and the finding of a 37-year itch would seem to indicate more divorces are happening between older couples as well, a claim supported by a recent Chicago Tribune article that revealed divorce rates among the post-50 crowd doubled over a 20-year span.,0,870347.story

What hard conclusions can one draw from the data?

For starters, young people seem to be more aware of how vulnerable early-in-life marriage relationships can be and are starting to delay making such a big decision. The findings seem to indicate a tendency to marry at around age 28 or 29.

Secondly, the Baby Boomer generation is more likely to file for divorce than their parents were, and that is probably influencing younger generations to put off the decision.

Whatever the reality is, divorce is a traumatic experience no matter what age a person is, and the easier one can make it, the better off they will be. is an acclaimed online divorce forms service that lets clients obtain court certified divorce forms for uncontested divorce quickly and simply. Serving all 50 states, the individualized divorce forms come with a 100% money-back guarantee of court approval. Customer service specialists complete all forms for the client, after which the forms are available through downloading or direct shipping.

For more information about the service, visit

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