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What Happened To A Traditional Marriage?

What Happened To Traditional Marriage?

Having a traditional marriage relationship is becoming less common as the years go on. First, let us define this type of marriage. It is a relationship between a man and wife to procreate. Scripture did reveal be “fruitful and multiply.”

Today, many marriages are not practicing the method of what is called “natural family planning.” Maybe it is because the wife will get pregnant. However, many people do not realize that you can still avoid pregnancy in a marriage relationship if natural family planning is done properly. Despite the fact, statistics show that a man and woman who uses the natural family planning method have a divorce rate of less than two percent than those who use other methods.

How? Men and women who utilizes natural family planning in a marriage traditional relationship experience a more deeper, intimate sex life. There is a time period where you have to refrain yourself with your sexual relations until the woman’s fertile time is over. By refraining yourself for a while, the next time you have sexual relations will be that much more enjoyable.

Why Is This Type of Marriage Becoming Obsolete?

Another reason, (besides the fact that not many people are not using natural family planning) are that more and more people are involved in homo sexual relationships. With the thirteen states legalizing homo sexual relationship marriages, the traditional marriage is becoming non existant. A marriage between a man and woman is to procreate. It is entirely impossible to procreate with the same sexes. Many Catholics oppose this type of union due to the fact that having a father, mother and children are acceptable.

Studies show that having a traditional marriage, the whole family is more stable. The children do better at school as their grades are good because they have parents with a father and mother who love them very much. You cannot get that father and mother relationship if you were in a same sex marriage relationship. Children tend to do more poorly at school for the reason being that they may be confused while having both the same sexes as parents.

A good old fashioned traditional marriages are disappearing as the decades keep going on in years. With our culture accepting other forms of marriages and other methods being used besides natural family planning, the family is being attacked in a profound way. Our family knit is not getting better, it is getting worse.

Helpful Hints On Saving A Marriage Relationship

Marriage is a wonderful thing. Why spend so much effort and time to get into a marriage and then watching your marriage drifting apart. Recognizing there is a problem in your marriage relationship is a good start and helping yourselves to address the problem is the best way forward. Here are some helpful hints on saving a marriage relationship.

1. Is there anything worth saving in your marriage relationship?

List down the positives about your marriage relationship. Keep the negatives out. The positives are usually what get the both of you into the relationship in the beginning. The positives are the drivers to give the both of you the determination to want and on how to save your marriage relationship. Note that there are no right or wrong answers to saving a marriage relationship as it will depend on your values and priorities. Example if your children is the most important reason for saving a marriage relationship, then this is your value and priority.

2. Identify the root or real causes that are hurting your marriage relationship

First list down the symptoms that both of you feel are hurting your marriage relationship. The symptoms are much easier to identify. Example of symptom is like a headache but the root or real cause of the headache could be due to a lack of sleep. From the symptoms, identify the underlying root or real cause for each of the symptom. These are probably your negatives in your marriage relationship. Be open with each other when discussing these. If it is difficult because of the emotions involved, suggest to involve a counselor or somebody that the both of you are comfortable with.

3. Develop a plan to work on the root or real causes

Once the root or real causes are identified, develop a plan on saving a marriage relationship. Solutions will be readily available from many sources like from books, magazines, the internet, your counselor, friends and others. It all depends on how creative you are. Prioritize on a few critical ones as not all problems are of equal importance. It takes a lot of effort and time, and such prioritizing is important as the effort put in much give maximum impact or result. Choose the solutions that both of you are comfortable with.

4. What does it take to make the plan works?

• A want to save your marriage relationship. When there is a desire, there will be effort to make things happened.

• Human beings are creature of emotions. Be respectful of each other emotions. When emotions are involved, logic has no place in the solution. Address the emotions first before addressing the solutions.

• A marriage relationship is about compromise. Without compromise , the marriage relationship will not work .Winning every arguments or being right every time does not earn relationship points .To lose an argument and winning relationship points would be the best compromise.

• Relationship is all about communication. To communicate is to open up the relationship. Just like our human body, when you have a cut, the pain you feel is the communication to you to treat the cut in order to maintain a healthy body. As such communication in a relationship is a feedback to maintain a healthy marriage relationship.

• There is no perfect plan. Make adjustments as and when required.

Marriage is a work in progress meaning it is never complete. It takes a lot of effort and time to nurture a marriage relationship but the reward of being together with your love one and sharing the fruits of your labor is priceless. If you need more information or help, visit out website to watch an excellent video with great tips on saving a marriage relationship.

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Dealing with Divorce – Avoid Divorce and Fix Your Marital Problems Instantly

Dealing with divorce is one of the most difficult phases in one”s life that needs couple of times to think about It”s a very serious matter that”s why considering all the circumstances first before getting into it completely

Dealing with divorce is one of the most difficult phases in one”s life that needs couple of times to think about. It”s a very serious matter that”s why considering all the circumstances first before getting into it completely. Many couples of today end up with divorce for many reasons. However the reasons should be something that you are sure nothing in your marriage life will change and the only solution is to get a divorce. You must not give up easily on a relationship as dealing with divorce is no joke; it will make a deeper impact in your life in the future. It”s unless if your spouse is one that worth giving up for like if he”s an abusive husband or parent.

To some, avoiding the situation of getting and dealing with divorce is easy. It”s because they know how to handle well their relationship. All it takes is giving your best character and traits that you have and you should have. Take control of your marriage life as it”s the life you have.

When encountering marital problems, tell your spouse to have a talk with you, something serious but make it calm and smooth. Know if he is willing to take chance to work out your marriage relationship. Let him know what you have been thinking then know what he has in mind too. Is he aware that dealing with divorce can become a great problem more than he think or does he really want it to happen? Do not be harsh if he said something that you don”t like. Control your feelings and keep it within you to avoid adding up trouble to the bad situation. After all you don”t want to come up dealing with divorce, right? If you feel that the temperature rises in the room, then just tell him to make a list of the things that bothers him also, and make your own too. And after a while that you both have cool down, grab a seat and exchange your lists. Do not take pride like claiming you”re not like what you”re spouse had write on the list. Instead, change the thing listed and think how you can improve yourself according to what he specifies to make your marriage relationship better.

Try spending your weekend to your parents, something that would make both of you separate from each other for a while. If he misses you, you will see him coming to get you. Avoid talking about the problem you have and enjoy the moment. If the time”s right, a good mood will change all bad aspect thus will fix your marital problems instantly. When possible, always lend an ear when he needs it. A wife that”s good listener is much better than a nagging wife. Your husband will be so glad and proud about how you respect him every time he is saying something and you listen to him. And the light bulb of love will sure not to fade out black.

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Help Save My Marriage Relationship

Difficulties in life come about. They are unavoidable, and concerns inside a marriage relationship can be one of the most solemn issues you will ever deal with. If you find yourself lying awake in bed thinking about the difficulties in your marriage relationship, then this series of articles is for you. We will help you with ideas and tips that may help you realize that your marriage relationship can not only be salvaged, but be better than you ever thought possible.

Of course, you have already taken the first major step. You not only experience your marriage under stress, but you have decided to do something about it. Our marriage relationships are the most important relationships we have. Making it the best it can be will reap a lifetime of rewards. Here are some of the themes we will discuss.

Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts. There are numerous issues that arise and can cause stress in a marriage relationship. Some of these include: Financial strains, children, infidelity, sexual problems, moving, health, changing jobs and boredom. By being aware of the issues that can strain a marriage, spouses may be better equipped to recognize when those problems occur and to how deal with them successfully.

Marriage Workshops. A results-based marriage workshop or marriage retreat is designed to enrich, deepen and heal intimate relationships…and prevent problems before they arise. Time, attention and skill are given to the important topics of love, sex and conflict. Achieving more pleasure, less pain. More love, less disappointment. More peace, less struggle.

Marriage Counselling. Sadly, more than half of all marriages end in separation and finally divorce. Counselling can be an important step to help identify and deal with very specific problems affecting a marriage relationship. Statistically, couples who devote themselves to saving their marriage relationship more often than not actually save it! You may have marriage counselling questions. Marriage counselling can be a vital process in reconciliation and rejuvenation.

Survive Infidelity. Infidelity is a breach or a break in a marriage relationship that sharply defines betrayal at its core. An unfaithful spouse forces a sexual and emotional rift upon the sacred bonds between a husband and wife. Infidelity hurts. Dealing successfully with it is very possible. Many couples enjoy a happy and healthy marriage after infidelity.

Marriage Break Up. One of the most difficult challenges a couple can go through in life is the breakup or potential breakup of their marriage. Dealing with a marriage breakup can be devastating on many levels. Ending a marriage relationship opens a range of emotions and issues that can threaten to overwhelm and discourage a couple.

Living Through Divorce. Divorce is always life changing, difficult and painful. Spouses facing divorce can experience a deep and personal failure often involving children. Help with divorce is vital. The right support system and action plan is an important part of dealing with the loneliness, emotional turmoil and self-worth issues which commonly arise.

It’s so easy to become discouraged when we think about how the joy and bliss of our newlywed lives have devolved into problems and stresses over the years. All married couples experience stress and serious issues at one time or another. It’s inevitable. Learning how to see the tell-tale signs and acting to change course is vital to long term marital health. All too often the problems creep up unawares and can suddenly turn our relationships on their head.

Save my relationship can be a consuming topic. Don’t be discouraged. Where ever you are in your marriage, you’re never too late to salvage and make the relationship grow again… the way it’s supposed to!

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Sharing Your Life Together – Relationships Tips For Working Couples

Times have changed, so have the social traditions and the relationship equations between men and women. There was a time when women were largely homemakers. Today they are just as ambitious and qualified career people as the men.

Understandably, managing home and hearth together poses a challenge to every working couple – both partners have challenging careers and high pressure jobs, both partners are earning and both have their own respective needs, aspirations and desires. Life is demanding for both partners and they have equal responsibility of making their love or marriage relationship survive and be successful.

Relationships thrive on togetherness. And togetherness does not only mean romance. It means the understanding to share every bit of life together. But does it really happen like that? Most conflicts arise out of disagreements over sharing – be it responsibilities at home or outside, or money, or household chores or even career plans.

Many a time you may come across frustrated couples who brood over the lack of time for love. They would be hunting for relationship advice to help them get the intimacy back in their love relationship. There is no end to good tips for relationships but they all boil down to one key question – are you willing to lovingly share your life together, in all respects?

What exactly is sharing a life together?

The word “sharing” encompasses everything. Let’s see how:

Share work

When both spouses and partners are into tough, demanding jobs, it is prudent to share the chores and responsibilities so that the burden doesn’t fall on one. From picking up the groceries to running the bath, from mowing the lawn to chopping vegetables, from dish washing to car waxing – each work or chore is shareable, interchangeable or transferable. If you stick to an attitude of “this is not my job”, your spouse may do the same. Result? The job either gets done with annoyance or doesn’t get done at all.

This rigidity leads to wider gaps in your love or marriage relationship in the long run. So share the work, chip in to do the chores wherever needed, and have fun building a home where there are no water tight compartments.

Appreciate your partner

Everyone likes appreciation. Especially so when you are doing things that are supposedly inconsequential and yet challenging – such as getting up before the rest of the family to prepare breakfast on time, cooking dinner at the end of the day even when you have returned thoroughly tired from work and taking stock of pending bills when all you would like to do is relax with a good book.

Most often people take these things for granted because they are so much part of daily life. Appreciate and acknowledge your partner for all the small things he or she does to make your life smoother and easier.

Split the budget

Money is often a thorny issue in relationships. Do not let money squabbles drive a wedge between you and your partner. Budget your expenses and split the bills between the two of you.

For instance, if you handle the rent and your kid’s school fees, your partner takes care of the groceries and home maintenance. Make sure the burden doesn’t fall on one and both of you are able to save a percentage of your earnings.

Make time for each other

Only 24 hours and so much to do! Yes, it can get frustrating at times. And the biggest casualty is usually the time you would like to spend with each other. As you run around fulfilling all kinds of responsibilities, you economize mostly on your time together.

Make time for love and relaxation, give your relationship the space it requires to bloom. Sharing life does not only mean sharing material things – it means sharing time, love and appreciation. Once in a while go for a romantic candle light dinner or go on a vacation together.

Surprise your partner

Once in a while, surprise your wife by picking her up from her office and going for a coffee. A little pleasant surprise always brings a smile. All these little gestures show you care.

Express your love

Love is not about expensive gifts and diamonds. You can send a message, leave sweet notes when you leave for work, or send some personalized messages with inspirational relationship quotes or inspirational videos to your partner. The purpose is to maintain a healthy and loving relationship communication, no matter how busy you are in your careers.