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Newlywed Marriage Problems

Chief among newlywed problems is financial problems with not being prepared for marriage running a close second. It’s true that newlyweds face many serious problems but money problems cause more marital discord than all of the others. When there’s not enough money or if money is poorly managed, newlyweds can become frustrated and begin to argue and to accuse one another of causing the problem. However, there can be several causes for newlywed money problems. Whatever the problems are the roots of most newlywed marriage problems are not being prepared for marriage and/or selfishness. How many times have couples gone off to get married without literally counting the cost of being married simply because they wanted to get married and nothing else mattered. This is a form of selfishness that can lead directly to a host of newlywed marriage problems.

Newlywed Marriage Problem: Money

The seventies R&B group the O’Jays did a song entitled Money and the lyrics went something like Money! Money! Money!…, Money! Some people got to have it! Some people really need it! Some people do thangs, do thangs, bad thangs with it! This song points out our attitudes toward money and how a bad attitude can lead to doing bad thangs with it. No matter how much money you have if you don’t handle it properly it will be a curse and not a blessing. Money is not evil but it has been said that the love of money is the root of all evil. Many newlywed marriage problems are a direct result of wrong attitudes about money.

Newlywed Marriage Problem: Communication

A popular financial counselor has said something like women speak fifty-thousand words a day with gusts up to seventy-five miles an hour. We all know most men don’t come anywhere near that. Herein lies a problem. When there’s poor or no communication in a relationship, problems get worse because they aren’t being addressed. Even when there is communication problems may not be addressed in a productive way. Accusing one another doesn’t solve the problem it just causes another one. This is a case of focusing on the problem person and not on the problem.

Newlywed Marriage Problem: Not Prepared for Marriage

Isn’t it amazing that we make some of the most important decisions in life when some of us are the youngest and for the lack of a better word, dumbest?We make major decisions like whether we will go into the military or go to college or who we will choose for a marriage partner. But what kind of preparation do we have to make the decision about who to marry. Parents can be a great example of what marriage should be like but their example isn’t transferrable. You still have to put in the effort that your parents did to make their marriage successful.

Newlywed Marriage Problem: Selfishness

It’s been said that “some people love people and use money while other people love money and use people.”Not valuing a spouse as a human being with feelings and needs that you can fulfill is very detrimental to a marriage relationship. Marriage can be defined as two becoming one. If spouses don’t think and act in one accord they will be divided and a house divided against itself cannot stand.

Newlywed Marriage Problem: Lust not Love

Confusing lust with love is another newlywed marriage problem. Sex isn’t enough to overcome all of the other pressures of marriage. Relationships based on lust can breakdown when the newness of the physical aspect of the relationship wears off.

Newlywed Marriage Problem: Not Committed (The Easy Way Out)

The divorce rate in the United States is right around fifty percent. That means that one out of every two marriages end in divorce. Unfortunately divorce has become a normal way of life for too many of us. Statistics like that beg the question, Do couples enter into marriage thinking that if things don’t go the way they want it to, they can always bail? If so, this isn’t the kind of commitment it takes to make a marriage last.

5 Big Marriage Problems

Real peace can be found in only one place


What are the top, most common marriage problems today? Two or three probably come to mind if you think about it, but there are many, many more. What follows is a list of just some of them to start you in the right direction to discovering what marriage problems might be hurting your marriage and robbing you of all the happiness you deserve.

Number one on the list has to be self-centeredness. This is the source of so many other marriage problems. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary describes self-centeredness as “concerned solely with one’s own desires, needs, or interests”. Is it any wonder then, that this trait tops the list at number one? When you consistently put your own dreams and welfare above those of your spouse, the result is never going to be good.

Numbers two and three are the exact opposite of each other, yet they both spring from the same root cause and both evoke the same type of response. Number two is a lack of communication and number three is too much communication — not holding anything back. Either one of these habits will shut out and alienate your partner.

Number two produces the reaction of, “You never share anything with me. You never let me into your world”. The result is a feeling of being shut out, a lack of intimacy.

Number three brings on the feeling that no one else’s opinions mean anything because you’re always right. It sets you up as a dictator, not a partaker or participant in the marriage.

Number four has been gaining popularity for the last fifty years or so. It is addictions. Whether it’s alcohol or drugs or gambling or whatever, any addiction will bring about the demise of your marriage. That’s because, by its very nature, an addiction is totally self-centered, selfish and narcissistic. It cares for nothing except its own pleasure and satisfaction. It is a marriage destroyer.

When you read or hear about a marriage breaking up due to an addiction, the onus is usually on the husband. This is a myth. Addictions are equal opportunity employers. They don’t play favorites. A wife is just as likely as her husband is to have a drug or alcohol problem or be involved in an affair. Statistics show that approximately sixty percent of all divorce proceedings are initiated by the wife, not the husband.

Number five of the most common marriage problems occurring today is financial pressure. In today’s climate, finances put an enormous amount of stress on a marriage. Company downsizing, the fear of being laid off, worry about whether or not there will be enough money to pay the bills all contribute to the buildup of pressure in a marriage. This is even more apparent in a marriage that is already on unsteady ground because of other problems.

This article has only scratched the surface of the many marriage problems that are out there. Most of these problems can usually be worked out with determination and perseverance. If both partners are willing to work at it and try to make the marriage better, the chances of success are considerably increased.

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How To Save Marriage from Divorce?

If you try to figure out how to save marriage from divorce, there is help for you. Divorce statistics have shown that half of the couples who married as teens or for the first time will end up divorced. For those who married for the second time, 60 per cent of them ended in divorce. For those who married more than twice, more than 70 per cent ended in divorce.

So what does those statistics tell you?

They told you that those couples do not really understand and agree with each other even if they said they do. Addiction like gambling, incompatibility, inability to accommodate each other’s lifestyles, extramarital affairs, finances are some of the root causes.

Having said that, here are 5 ways to help you save your marriage from divorce.

1. Identify The Causes Of Your Marriage Problems

Identifying the causes of your marriage problems will not be easy if you are someone who refuses to accept criticism or admit your mistakes.

If that describes you, you are not alone. I was like that too.

Still that does not excuse you and your spouse go through this process of identifying and resoloving the causes. Failure to do so will cause your marriage to deteriorate and wind up in divorce.

For that to begin, you need to make the first step to communicate and discuss with your spouse.

2. Stop Blaming Each Other For The Problem

Doing so will result in more arguments, fights and even tragedies as the worse case scenario.

Since you are married, you should learn to share and compromise with each other. That is not just what your family and friends want you both to do but what God wants you to as well if you are Christians.

You may win the argument but still ended up losing your wife if she decides to divorce and be with someone else. If you have children, you may also be involved in custody as well.

So in order to make this a win-win situation for you and your spouse, learn to stop blaming each other for the problem.

3. Spend More Time With Your Spouse

Most of our time is spent on work which is understandable. But if our work requires us to be away from home for days, weeks or even months, that could deteriorate our marriage.

Do make a point to spend more time with your spouse. Not just on weekends but weekdays. After dinner time is the best time. Do not just watch TV together but make it a point to go out shopping for groceries or even a stroll in the park. Simple things like those can do wonders to your relationship.

4. Learn To Listen Attentively

Most women tend to talk more. That is their nature and will always be.

Their reason for doing so is not sharing their concerns, experiences and problems with the men they love but also seeking assurances and solutions.

So if you are a husband, you need to learn to listen attentively. By helping her, you are also helping yourself in return as she will return the favour.

5. Rediscover Romance In Your Marriage

With married life, love can be demonstrated in many ways.

However, research has shown that couples behave differently in real life from what most people envisionualize or seen in romantic movies

One great way is to rediscover romance in your marriage by doing the things that you both enjoy in your dating days.

Make every birthday, Valentine and wedding anniversary a special occasion for each other. Go for a quiet dinner, participate in social activities for couples or even a vacation together can do wonders to your mindsets.

You will feel a lot more positive and organized in your thoughts that way.

Discover proven ways on how to save your marriage even if you are struggling to communicate with your spouse in Save My Marriage Today.

Three Relationship and Marriage Problems That Can Lead to Separation

Marriage problems plague, at least to some degree, all wedded couples. No person or couple on this planet is perfect, although a select few may seem so. Only behind closed doors or in the midst of a trying time will the true nature of any relationship be revealed. While the healthiest thing for a handful of couples may truly be separation, this is not the case for most of us. Rather than calling it quits, it’d be much wiser to instead search out the root cause(s) behind our marriage problems and do whatever is necessary to save the relationship. I’ve compiled a list of three of the most damaging behaviors and conditions that slowly squeeze between our loved ones and us. Even if you’re in a healthy relationship or no relationship at all, hopefully this information will prove useful and motivate you to love selflessly just as Jesus Christ did when he died for us all. Remember, his love is the ultimate model and our relationships should glorify him.

Credit: Praveen Kumar from Flickr: Creative Commons

Marriage Therapy Will Help You Save Your Marriage

Saving a marriage is a big and an important task, nowadays marriage problems have become common amongst many couple, though the fact is undeniable, that marriage problems existed since marriage itself existed,

Saving a marriage is a big and an important task, nowadays marriage problems have become common amongst many couple, though the fact is undeniable, that marriage problems existed since marriage itself existed, and when two people live together, undoubtedly something’s would come up where both of them will have a different stand, and both of them maybe correct from their respective viewpoints, but this does not mean that they will end up separating, no matter how worse the case maybe, there is always hope that your partner will cooperate/forgive/compromise on the issue, according to the nature of the issue. If you are in somewhat Sam condition, then yes, you are in a real need of marriage therapy, which will help you save your marriage.

You must be wondering what the hell is "marriage therapy"?

Well this just a more evolved and sophisticated form of "marriage counselling", where the therapist (read counsellor), will help you cope with the stress of marriage problems, and shoe you and your partner the correct path out of the mess that has been created.

And where do you find such therapist/counsellors?

Marriage counsellors are freely available; just check your local business listings, or the easier way, like any other professional service even this can be availed online, irrespective of location where you, your partner and the counsellor resides. Online marriage counselling is really cheap compared to consulting a counsellor/therapist personally at his office/clinic.

But more of that later, first you need to take up charge and understand that what exactly went wrong between you two, and will you be able to cope up both, mutual separation or living life with compromises. You need to take up systematic approach, in order to learn some important facts. To give you a head start we have formulated some pointers for you:

Try to find out what was the root cause of the issue:

It becomes really important to find out the incident/habit/any reason that was the root cause which let both of you think about separating with each other, or that caused the ruckus in your peaceful married life. Give importance to each and every detail.

? It could be a bad habit.

? It could be an external affair.

? It could be an uncontrolled behaviour of your which did it.

Next test yourself, will you be able to cope up:

You have found the root to all the problems, and the situation demands you to act, and since you are guilty, you need to change, will you be able to cope up with the changed life, it is time to prove the priority your partner holds in your life. You will have to:

? Stop neglecting each other or any sorts of complacency

? Be aware about the real need of your partner.

? Delimit the boundaries for the interactions between you and your partner.

? Know and be aware on how to build a relationship of trust between you and your partner.

Maintaining the marriage is not easy and there is no official guide on how to keep your marriage good, or on how to save your marriage. The only way out is to operate on your instincts, moral values, and most importantly the fact that you ‘learn’, learn from your mistakes, learn from the people who are advising you, learn from the people who want to help save your marriage. And off course, learn here means to even implement what you have learned.

Focus, yes focus on your future:

Try to figure what your life will look like, without your partner. Try to imagine, will it be possible to sustain a good life, will you and your partner will be able to move on in life, what about your kids, will they get the quality of childhood they deserve. This will help you decide in the favour of a better future for you, your partner and your fame.

Don’t mend your marriage, rebuild it from scratch:

We strongly disagree, that mended marriages work, and marriage is something so delicate that you can’t afford to just mend it; these delicate relations deserve the right to be rebuilt from ground zero. Start from square one, after you are back together. Try to experience the same passion, same love you used to for your partner in the beginning. The best advice we could give is starting to date each other again, this deeply affects you both. And helps you rebuild the bond again. It’s true you cannot forget what happened in the past, but you cannot ruin your future for it.

Apart from all these tips, it is sometime important that someone should intervene between you two, because, whenever you tend to solve, you tend to mess up even more, so here a marriage counsellor or even updated a marriage therapists comes into action. The more experienced is the therapist, the more relevant the marriage therapy becomes. The counsellor will not only help you get out of the marriage problems and save your marriage, but also guide, on how to avoid these problems from cropping into your peaceful lives gain. Though online marriage counselling has gained a lot of trend these days, the effects of the conventional counselling have seen to be more lasting and prominent. But yes people go in for counselling online because it’s a way lot cheaper than consulting the counsellor physically. In most cases family elders having successful relations since long play very good marriage counsellors.

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New App for iPhone, Android and Web Shows Couples How to Have a Happy Marriage

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) November 06, 2012

Alex Carpenter Publishing LLC releases a new App showing couples how to beat the odds and have a happy marriage. Driven to create a resource to help those struggling in marriage, after nearly losing his own over 10 years ago, William Taylor has developed a comprehensive 31 day program to help couples avoid divorce and have a happy in marriage.

Helping Couples Renew Their Marriage

In his program William Taylor writes, “Even though it was over ten years ago, I still remember it like it was yesterday. I had no idea how I had gotten there—standing in my living room, the house packed in boxes, unsigned divorce papers in my hand. I remember not being able to look at the pictures of my kids with their beaming, playful, innocent smiles. It killed me inside to feel the sheer pain of loss as it finally hit me that I had reached the end of my marriage. After a year of hard work on both sides, my wife and I found restoration and renewal and we fell in love even more deeply. I shudder when I think of how very different my family’s lives would have been had we stayed apart. That is what has driven me to develop a program to both show couples how to save a marriage and how to be happy in marriage.” It was that experience that led to the two year effort made to create this marriage app.

A Program Designed to Help “Make Our Marriage Work”

Alex Carpenter Publishing submits that many marriages stop working over time because one component is no longer working. Like the new car, that no longer turns on because something under the hood is broken, marriage problems that are not well understood or even seen at time can lead to divorce. Whether that one component is feeling understood, accepted, loved, appreciated, beautiful, respected, supported, heard, desired or another component, if even one piece is broken, often a marriage will not work. Helping couples to figure out what pieces are broken and how to get them working again to enhance or save a marriage is one of the key outcomes that this program is designed to achieve.

A Way to Beat the Odds of Divorce

In the US divorce rates are over 50%. That means that many married couples will unfortunately encounter a major storm in their marriage. The best way to prepare for this storm is with knowledge and insight that can help couples beat the odds. Studies show that marriage preparation programs can lower divorce rates. Making marriages stronger by delivering insights that show how marriage problems develop overtime and how to create and experience a deeper lasting love and happiness in marriage is another key goal of this program.

Happy Marriage App Program Description

The Marriage App has 31 Tracks that the user can read or listen to each day. Written and narrated in a warm conversational tone; users can listen to each day’s material, covering a single key topic, each topic building on the next. The program has days dedicated to topics, like “Expectations”, “Money”, “Communication”, “Handling Conflict”, “Forgiveness” and others. Background music can be on or off, as users listen as the latest and most effective marriage research and concepts are brought to life allowing users to apply insights to their own marriage. Each track lasts about 25 minutes in length, with the entire 31 Day Program being nearly 14 hours in length providing an extensive foundation of information and insight on how to be happy in marriage.

Program Distribution

The 31 Day Marriage Program "Have a Happy Marriage" is currently available for Smartphones in the iTunes store,Android Google Play market and web access by PC. Go to for more information.

About Alex Carpenter LLC

About Alex Carpenter Publishing LLC

Alex Carpenter Publishing LLC is committed to providing the best in personal growth resources to improve the quality of people’s lives. Based in PA, Alex Carpenter LLC works to develop innovative programs using the latest concepts and technologies and making them understandable and accessible to people using mobile and web technology.

William Taylor

Alex Carpenter Publishing LLC