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The Real Meaning Of Commitment – Marriage Or Dating

When you are committed to your marriage, it can only mean two things. The first one is lower than the second one and the second one has a more meaningful and deeper meaning and aspect of what commitment truly means in any relationship.

No one is perfect in relationships, but the two have the choice of working together and doing what it takes to make the relationship successful. Yea, anyone can be committed when it’s good and dandy, but what happens when the pit falls and it’s dark in the relationship? Are you that committed to working through it every way possible and stand firm?

Let’s say for instance, you and your spouse got into a terrible fight over the bills, and the fact is that the bills have been sky high for the last couple of months. When the argument evolves and escalades, in the middle of the night, will you wake up and feed the baby when it’s crying? Or will you get up at 6 in the morning just to put the trash outside for the trash man to get it at 7 am? These are the types of question you should be asking yourself? These are the types of thoughts should run through your mind whenever you are going through rough times with your partner and they just so happen to react a certain way. If you are your spouse is doing anything to despite the other, than I’m sorry, your relationship will not last and will eventually end with a breakup, therefore the relationship is not committed.

Two Things That Make Up Commitment

Benjamin Karney is a professor of psychology and co-director of the Relationship Institute at UCLA. He says that commitment can either be, (1) I want to continue this because I totally love this relationship or (2) it’s not going very well, but I’m committed. I will do whatever it takes to resolve these problems so that we can move forward.

What Do You Do When the Relationship is Vulnerable?

Communication is the single key to working toward a successful marriage and relationship. Without compromise, life with your partner will die and end up in divorce. It’s not about who is right or wrong, but rather what can “we” do to fix this?

Divorce couples may say they were very committed, but certain circumstance didn’t make it work, and once again, communication is the very reason why it didn’t work with both parties willingly wanting to make the best out of the situation.

Last Thoughts on The Subject

Commitment is not mandatory, it’s a choice. Make the best out of your choice to improve your relationship so that it will last longer than the others. Stand your ground and stand up for love and commitment in your marriage.

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Facing Fears After Divorce

It is common for women to experience fear after divorce. Note, however, that fear is simply False Evidence Appearing Real. The evidence in your mind is truly and utterly false because it does not exist at this moment. Just like last night’s dream was not real, your visions of future doom are not real either.

As a divorced woman, your life has shifted in a major way along with your plans for it. You now must recreate your life, reset your goals and major decisions are yours alone to make. As terrifying as this all can seem, fear should be used to serve as an awesome motivator and an invaluable strength-building mechanism. Facing fears head on must be seen as a challenge that you are anxious to embrace.

Even While You Fear – Take Action!

Consider your fears as a unique set of tests especially designed for your growth and strengthening, and then take action! Don’t worry too much about eliminating your fears, which can take a lifetime to do, simply take action even as still afraid. Like jumping from a cliff into an inviting body of water, it is likely that you will always be afraid to do so as long as you are thinking about it. In fact, the longer you entertain your fears, the more likely you are to talk yourself out of the plunge and walk away from the cliff’s edge instead. But at some point, in order to enjoy the water’s refreshing coolness, you have to take your fears with you and jump anyway. Afterward, you will find your strength and your confidence enhanced by the knowledge that you are stronger than your fears and you are capable of action even while afraid.

What is it that you are afraid of now? Perhaps it is a return to school for an advanced degree. Perhaps you are afraid of taking a new position, changing careers, moving to a new location or just of being the sole caretaker of your children. Whatever your fears are, use them as a challenge. Make overcoming them your mission as you forge ahead.

The following action steps are designed to help you face your fears after a divorce:

1. Plan to succeed. Do not allow yourself to be burdened with what ifs. Instead, target your goals and clearly define the steps that you will need to take to achieve them.

2. Do what you can today to place yourself in a better position tomorrow. Each day, take action toward your goals in order to inch yourself closer to them. Even baby steps are fine as long as you are taking them in the right direction.

3. Take time to encourage yourself daily. Talk to yourself as you would a dear friend or your children. Remind yourself that you are strong, that you are capable and remind yourself of all that you have already overcome.

Millions of women have been where you are now. They have faced insurmountable odds, they have been terrified out of their wits and they have refused to let either stop them. You can and you must do the same. You are powerful, competent, able-bodied and free to pursue every one of your dreams. You may make mistakes along the way, but they will be counted as worthwhile lessons, which will sharpen your skills. Know this and, even as you are afraid, proceed anyway.

Vanaja Ghose ( is a Professional Life Coach helping women who chose to leave their marriage or long term relationship and now want to powerfully recreate their lives. Download your FREE mp3 audio on “Nine Steps to Building a New Life After Divorce” and contact Vanaja for a free 30-minute strategy session at

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How Do I Make my Husband Want to Come Back? 3 Tips to Win Him Back!

The most frequently asked questions after a divorce is “How Do I Make My Husband Want to Come Back?” The sad truth is that a lot of divorce occurs for the reason that one person gives up hope and doesn’t believe things are going to work out. The other person is left feeling depressed, sad, alone while wondering whether or not she is going to still be happy once more. Does this describe you? If so, don’t be troubled… you can save your marriage even though you are the only one trying. Employ these 3 tips and you are going to have him desiring you more than ever before!

Do not contact your husband!

This implies don’t make contact with him by any means. No text messages, phone calls, visits, email or anything of that sort. If he tries to visit you or contact you, make yourself seem busy and keep it short. Give the impression that you don’t have the time for him. This is going to give your husband time to miss you. It is going to as well change you into a more independent and attractive woman in his eyes.

Improve Yourself

You ought to now make use of this time to improve yourself. Start exercising and dieting. Get rid of those few pounds. Get some new, sexier clothes. Try a new hairdo. This is going to make you more physically attractive and is going to as well help to ease your stress and depression over the divorce. You are going to no longer have to ask the question, “How do I make my husband want to come back?”

Become more social

This part will serve a lot of purposes and is very important. Becoming more social is going to let your husband know that you have your own life and that you are more independent. It is going to as well help to boost your confidence. Therefore begin hanging out with your friends more. Meet new people and show off the new you. Probability is, men are going to begin to notice you and you are going to start seeing more interest from the opposite sex. When your ex husband takes note of this, it is going to give him a sense of urgency and will make you more attractive to him. He is going to know that he has to be quick if he wants to reconcile with you, or you just might find a new partner!

Bad mistake could do more harm than good to your relationship. For more insightful tips about how to win back your ex and keep them for good, visit How to Prevent Divorce

You don’t have to leave love to fate or chance. If you want to reunite with your ex, there are things you can do to make it happen now. Find out right now what you need to do to capture their heart forever, visit this informative site!

A Journey Through Infant Development: The Tenth Month

Curiosity is something that is developed very early in life and becomes very evident once a child starts to move. Although it can be very annoying to pull babies out of cupboards, dishwashers, refrigerators and toilets, curiosity is an extremely important foundation to a child’s neurotypical development. Curiosity allows discoveries – it offers children those “ah ha” moments in life. If a child doesn’t explore his/her environment ¬– in safe circumstances only of course – the opportunity to make discoveries is lost!

I can’t seem to get anything done while you are awake! Anytime I try to work in the kitchen, you are immediately into what I’m doing. I open the refrigerator, and there you are pulling something out of the door. I try to prepare food, and you empty every cupboard. I empty the dishwasher, and YIKES – you’re going for a sharp knife!

You’re not only into my stuff all the time, but your sisters’ as well. If they are doing a puzzle, you sit on it. If they are playing in their room, it isn’t long before I hear, “Mom!!!!” We all love you, but your sisters have appropriately changed your name from little brother to little bother.

Balls are so intriguing! If there is a ball or anything that resembles a ball, you crawl quickly to it. Once you pass it to me, you’ll look right at me and throw your arms in the air and scream. It’s so fun! If there isn’t anybody available to play, you’ll accept that and play catch with yourself. You’ll throw it; go and get it; and then throw it again. It keeps you busy for a long time! That lasted for about a week, and now you’re onto new things. You get bored easily.

Brushing teeth is a very interesting event as well. Dad will hold you while he brushes his teeth, and gives you a toothbrush as well. You’ll look at him so intently while he brushes, and then put your toothbrush in your mouth. You think you are so cool brushing your teeth like dad. The look of accomplishment on your face is priceless.

You are really getting into playing games, and find it so funny when the game changes. I handed you the top to a jar, and you handed it right back. I handed it to you, and you handed it right back (much like how we play ball). I then put it on your knee. You thought that was so funny, you grabbed it and handed it back. I put it on my knee, and the game continued. When I put it on my head, you got up, grabbed it, and tried to put it on your head – all while cracking up.

I can no longer leave the room without you getting upset. It seems as though separation anxiety has kicked in. It’s very apparent that your awareness of your surroundings has gotten much better!

You are beginning to cruise around now. Your crawling has gotten faster, and you can pull yourself up to stand with ease. It allows you to feed your curiosity about what’s going on in the rest of the world, and you love it! Now that you can do that much, let’s just get to walking.

If your child is always fixated on one thing when entering an environment, s/he is being robbed of making daily discoveries: How does my mom greet people? Do I greet grandma the same way I greet a cashier? How am I supposed to act in a gym as opposed to church? These sorts of skills are often taught if a child lacks it; but when not discovered in a natural environment, these skills can look very awkward or be inappropriate in different settings! Even in a gym, the expectation of how we’d behave changes according to what is happening in the gym. We are constantly appraising our surroundings to determine the appropriate way to act. Through the use of RDI strategies, these discoveries can be made for a child who wouldn’t otherwise make them on his/her own. Give us a call if you want to know how!

Autism specialist Michelle VanderHeide, of the Horizons Developmental Remediation Center, provides practical information and advice for families living with autism and other developmental disabilities. If you are ready to reduce your stress level, enrich your child’s development, and improve your family’s quality of life, get your FREE reports now>

How To Get My Ex Wife Back – Tips That Will Save Your Marriage!

Did you break up with your wife and you are going crazy because you don’t know how to get my ex wife back after a separation? Do you want to find out what can bring your wife back to you? Because I’ve seen so many marriages ruined in front of my eyes because of mistakes men made while trying to fix their relationship, I want to share with you few tips that will help you!

Give you wife a reason to come back – if your wife decided to leave you, you have to prove her wrong if you want her back. One of the best ways is to find out what you’ve done that made her to leave and change it if you can! There are many possible causes for your break up, but I’m sure you’ll find the one that broke your relationship!

Give her few weeks to miss you – it sounds crazy but the best method to get your loved one back is to make her want you back. Don’t call her, message her or send her emails! People start to appreciate things only after they lose them and if you are begging her to come back she thinks you are still hers!

Put the cards on the table – meet her and explain to her that you know you were wrong in some places. Let her know you want her back and you are ready to work out the problems between you. Don’t start crying and panicking in front of her – you must show her confidence and strength. It’ll make her think deeper and also attract her. Any sign of desperation and weakness will only give her a reason to continue her life without you!

The help you need is the “Magic of Making Up”, an excellent e-book by T. Dub Jackson.In the in The magic of making you will find some very simple ways and methods that will show you how to get your wife back. They are plain suggestions and real down to earth methods although some what unconventional to help you to get your wife back in days – not months or years. The get wife back formula is for men having an intense urge to find out ways and means to make up for their loss. They are no way black magic but works like magic to get your wife back.

That’s why it is called The magic of making up, an e-book that can make you relish the true sense of love fully renewed and rejuvenated. This magic of making up lays down all the necessary ingredients and simple yet unconventional procedures needed to get your wife back.

Do you want to get back with your ex? There are proven steps that are amazingly powerful that will have your ex asking you to get back together. This is a plan you do not want to pass by. See the proven steps on how to get your ex back at.

How to Write a Notable Research Paper or Essay

Writing a research paper or essay doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore. Knowing the proper steps when preparing to write a paper is essential for success. Here are a few tips and techniques to make the process less frustrating, and set you on your way to creating a notable paper.

Things You Will Need


Index Cards

MLA, APA or other reference guide

College Dictionary

Step 1

Decide on a topic to write about and develope a thesis statement (i.e. a question you are trying to answer about the topic). It is always more productive to write about something you are interested in, rather than attempting to write about something you could care less about. Example: If you enjoy Charles Dickens’ works, write a paper on an aspect of his work, such as Christmas traditions mentioned in his popular story, “A Christmas Carol.”

Step 2

This is one of the most crucial steps in the writing process. In order to write a persuasive, argumentative, or any type of paper, good research techniques are required. Academic journals are excellent research tools to use for quotations, and general information about the topic. Many of these journals can be accessed online through campus libraries or on your home computer for free. Visiting your local library is also a good way to find sources for your research topic. Most instructors prefer academic works to be used for sources rather than non-academic resources.

What Are The Effects Of Divorce In The Personality Of Babies?

No studies can really tell us how your particular baby or toddler will react to your divorce; each baby is unique. Babies are born with their basic personality, namely, his or her own particular way of eating, sleeping and eliminating. These basic qualities determine how this little individual will react to stressful situations, from infancy all the way to adulthood. Basically, the baby at birth has all the qualities for the personality that will come later.

Baby temperaments may vary, but the need for consistency and love during these first vulnerable years is important to every baby. For example, in visitation, a baby under two should not be moved between parents, but should stay in one home while the absent parent visits him.

A baby needs a relationship with a “primary caretaker,” one adult who provides a consistent relationship. Psychologists have found that young babies develop human attachment by bonding with just one person. It’s all right to have many people in a baby’s life, but there must be one constant person so he or she can develop a bond. Be very careful not to use your baby as a pawn in your divorce. There was a recent article about a baby that was regularly “kidnapped” by one parent from the other. The mother said she was the better parent and the baby belonged with her. The father said the mother suffered from postpartum depression, and the baby would be better off with him and his girlfriend. But neither parent was truly consistent in bonding with the baby. And this baby was born prematurely, so he was especially in need of consistent bonding.

It is particularly important that a single parent tries to avoid the temptation to over or under-parent a baby. Babies do need stimulation and cuddling, but they also need peace and tranquility. If a parent is distant emotionally, and ignores a baby’s cry, the baby will sense this and become irritated or tense. Or a parent will often use the baby as a source of their own comfort after a divorce, effectively transmitting their own anxiety to the baby. This, too, can make the baby irritated and tense. Babies will pick up on the parent’s anxiety during the divorce process, and then this anxiety becomes the baby’s, as well.

Sometimes the parent is just too preoccupied or depressed and cannot effectively care for the infant or the divorce is causing too much chaos in the household. At these times the baby may be better off staying temporarily with a guardian or relative until the parent is ready for full-time parenting. The parent who needs to do this may feel guilty about their perceived inability to cope, but it’s far better for the baby to live in a secure environment outside of the home and then return to it later when the environment is more stable.

Babies are very resilient, and they can endure, even when faced with early stress. Many children, through the years, have grown up emotionally whole and psychologically strong, even though they may have had adverse childhood experiences. And even those babies who do suffer emotional abandonment do not have to carry the wounds through a lifetime. Child development experts agree, if the child’s circumstances improve and change, especially during the crucial ages of two and six, the negative effects of early childhood neglect can be reversed.

Abby Johnson is a staff writer at and is an occasional contributor to several other websites, including

Divorce and Children

Divorce is an ugly word. It can stir emotions in us that we were not even aware we had. When you add children in the same sentence it can be even more devastating. It is our job as parents to protect our children from the negative side effects that divorce can cause. Children are easily influenced by their parents. We are suppose to be their biggest role models in life. We can sometimes fall short of this, especially during a divorce. Regardless of the situation we have the responsibility to keep them safe and try our hardest not to let our problems effect their lives to much. Because children can become extremely stressed during divorce there are certain things that cannot be said to or around our children.

First, you should never speak badly of your ex. Regardless of how you feel your children do not need to hear it. They are not there to listen to your issues and take on such huge problems. They also need to be reassured that they are not to blame. Whether they express it or not most children automatically feel responsible for their parent’s divorce. This needs to be reaffirmed to them often. You also need to tell them how much they are loved by both of you. They need to know that they will never be left.

You do not have to keep everything hidden from your child. You need to think carefully about what you say and how you say it. It is a delicate situation and should be treated so. It is hard for children to understand why parents choose separation. Their lives are changing just as much as yours, but they didn’t have any choices in the matter. Try spending extra one on one time with your child without talking about the divorce. Concentrate on the positives.

If your child is having an extremely difficult time adjusting try a counselor or child psychologist. They are trained to help children deal with these types of stressful situations and help them understand. Sometimes it takes an outsider to help your child adjust.

By concentrating on your children you will find it helps you to deal with the situation yourself. Be patient and persistent and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. You and your child can go on and live a healthy, happy life by staying positive.

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