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Divorce in the State of Texas

Eventhough one can get a lot of information from various websites, professional consultation with an attorney may help in understanding the real hassles and outcome of divorce in a real life situation. Hence consultation with an attorney is most essential in the event the person wants to opt for a divorce.

How does a Divorce Procedure Work?

Original Petition

First the property issues of both the partners are first settled. At the same time custody and support of children are determined. The court should have jurisdiction to grant a divorce and this is possible only when one or both parties are resident in State of Texas or in the county where the divorce is filed.

The process starts with the filing of original documents. The documents contains all details of the petition circumstances and request for relief. The petition need not be signed. One may request the lawyer for a review before it is sent to one’s spouse. The petition is required to contain some information as per statues like in case of a pre-martial agreement which should be brought to the court and spouses attention in the first pleading itself.

How the petition should be delivered?

Original petition for divorce must be delivered by formal means of delivery either by a Sheriff, constable or a private process server. It should contain both petition and citation. Citation is a cover letter indicating one’s spouse that a lawsuit has been filed. After the delivery of petition one’s spouse should file an answer in the court. Therefore it is most essential that one does not serve the original petition and citation personally because one cannot prove that a notice has been legally served at the hearing.


The period between the dates of a divorce is filed to the date when it is granted is called temporary orders.

Temporary Restoring Orders (TRO)

This order is one which is served to the opposite party by the court and which prevents transfer or disposition of and/or to prevent harassment. TRO is valid only for a period of 14 days.

Protective Order

In extreme circumstances the court may grant a protective order, which has all the powers of a TRO and also has law enforcement capacity.

Temporary orders determine many factors like

where the other spouse shall remain

payment of bills

custody and support of children during the period

spousal support

Attorney’s fees

Filing of inventories

Schedule of parental possession of children

An associate judge will hear the evidence of a temporary hearing and give appropriate orders in case an agreement is not reached between the two parties regarding TRO. The hearing will be within days or weeks of date of request for hearing.

Child related issues

The court first decides in whose custody the child should be and then decides the amount of money to be paid as child support per month. In case the payers net resources are less than $ 6000.00 then the following pattern is follows:

No. of children


1 20%

2 25%

3 30%

4 35%

5 40%

6 Not less than 40%

The payer is also required to maintain health insurance policy from the proceeds of his employment. If the payer does not have an insurance through his employment, the same is available through the payers employment, the same is available through payees employment, the payer has to pay the premium cost to the payee.

Child support orders continue upto the age of 18. If the child is in high school at the age of 18 then support continues upto graduation. There is not provision for payment of college expenses in child support. If the child is disabled support continues for an indefinite period.

All child support are modifiable at a future date. Either parent can approach the court regarding change of conservatorship, the periods of possession or child support upto the age of 18.

Informal agreements between two spouses are a contempt of court. Like is a spouse agrees to pay less of child support than orders by the court or one’s spouse gives primary possession of children and then demands return of children, then he has not right to retain possession.

Failure to comply with the orders regarding child support like non-payment of child support, periods of possession would lead to imprisonment.

Attorney’s Fees

Responsibility of payment of Attorney’s fees lies with each party. The court can order one party to pay part or all of the attorney’s fees depending on the other party’s financial resources and facts of the case.

Spousal support

Though the Texas courts have limited authority to order alimony after divorce, the court has authority to award temporary spousal support. For deciding the alimony the court will take into consideration the health and age of parties, ability to work, responsibility of children, availability of funds, length of marriage. The general rule is that spousal support will be provided for a limited period and the amount ordered will only cover the basic necessities of life. To be eligible for alimony, one must have been married for more than 10 years and alimony may be upto $2500 per month for a maximum of 3 years.

Name Change

Request for name change can be done as a part of divorce. If name change is done as a separate lawsuit, laws are stricter and harder to modify. Hence name change as part of divorce is the best option.

It is not possible to change the names of children.

Marital Liabilities

Settlement of liabilities is part of the decree of divorce. However, if the court assigns responsibility of debt to one party it does not mean the other party is released from the responsibility

Income Taxes

The same provisions for marital liabilities apply for income taxes also. There may be only rare cases where the taxes are filed jointly. In such cases IRS can pursue collection action against either or both partners. If the court has ordered one’s spouse to pay all the taxes it does not prevent IRS from imposing penalties or interest on the other’s account. It may also go to the extent of sale of one’s property to recover the tax. The IRS is not restricted by state laws.


This is a process where one spouse learns from the other all relevant information for the lawsuit. Some formal methods include

Request for Disclosure


Productions of Documents


One major issue in discovery is valuation of property and how to divide it.

The Trial or Settlement

After the discovery the actual process of trial begins, the relevant information including appraisement (list of all property and debts, opinions of values and claims) and sworn inventory is available. The settlement sometimes happens through mediation.

The parties may also settle the divorce through collaborative law. This is an out of court process where the parties and their lawyers may agree to resolve the case on a voluntary basis.

Ultimately if these issues cannot be settled then the parties may go for a trial. After the trial, the judge announces a ruling; this is afterwards converted into a written order called Decree of Divorce. If both the parties agree on the decree of divorce, both or one of the parties must appear before the Judge and give sworn. This process is called prove up. The judge then decides after determining that the testimony meets all legal requirements of a divorce and says the magic words ” Divorce granted” The judge then signs the Decree of Divorce and this is the end of the Divorce case.

Courts in Texas State

Each county in the state of Texas has one or more courts handling family cases. In Dallas, there are seven family law district courts. In Ft. Worth there are seven courts. Collin County has eight district courts, Denton County has six. Tarrant County has seven family courts. The time taken for a contested case to trial is more than one year. The period between the request for trial to the actual date of trial if a function of time taken to tray the case in a court. The longer the trial the farther the date scheduled. In most cases are agreed to even before the trial and hence no trial is required.

Each county has special rules regarding the trial in addition to Texas rule of Civil Procedure. Dallas Family Courts Issue standing orders which are intended to preserve the finance and property and also protect the children. In this case the temporary restraining order becomes unnecessary. Collin county also has implemented such orders.

Given all the rules, information about divorce, it is to be borne in mind that it is a very personal issue. It is even very traumatizing for the person undergoing the process. Hence support from all quarters is required to get over the disappointment and stress involved.

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The Real Meaning Of Commitment – Marriage Or Dating

When you are committed to your marriage, it can only mean two things. The first one is lower than the second one and the second one has a more meaningful and deeper meaning and aspect of what commitment truly means in any relationship.

No one is perfect in relationships, but the two have the choice of working together and doing what it takes to make the relationship successful. Yea, anyone can be committed when it’s good and dandy, but what happens when the pit falls and it’s dark in the relationship? Are you that committed to working through it every way possible and stand firm?

Let’s say for instance, you and your spouse got into a terrible fight over the bills, and the fact is that the bills have been sky high for the last couple of months. When the argument evolves and escalades, in the middle of the night, will you wake up and feed the baby when it’s crying? Or will you get up at 6 in the morning just to put the trash outside for the trash man to get it at 7 am? These are the types of question you should be asking yourself? These are the types of thoughts should run through your mind whenever you are going through rough times with your partner and they just so happen to react a certain way. If you are your spouse is doing anything to despite the other, than I’m sorry, your relationship will not last and will eventually end with a breakup, therefore the relationship is not committed.

Two Things That Make Up Commitment

Benjamin Karney is a professor of psychology and co-director of the Relationship Institute at UCLA. He says that commitment can either be, (1) I want to continue this because I totally love this relationship or (2) it’s not going very well, but I’m committed. I will do whatever it takes to resolve these problems so that we can move forward.

What Do You Do When the Relationship is Vulnerable?

Communication is the single key to working toward a successful marriage and relationship. Without compromise, life with your partner will die and end up in divorce. It’s not about who is right or wrong, but rather what can “we” do to fix this?

Divorce couples may say they were very committed, but certain circumstance didn’t make it work, and once again, communication is the very reason why it didn’t work with both parties willingly wanting to make the best out of the situation.

Last Thoughts on The Subject

Commitment is not mandatory, it’s a choice. Make the best out of your choice to improve your relationship so that it will last longer than the others. Stand your ground and stand up for love and commitment in your marriage.

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How To Get My Ex Wife Back – Tips That Will Save Your Marriage!

Did you break up with your wife and you are going crazy because you don’t know how to get my ex wife back after a separation? Do you want to find out what can bring your wife back to you? Because I’ve seen so many marriages ruined in front of my eyes because of mistakes men made while trying to fix their relationship, I want to share with you few tips that will help you!

Give you wife a reason to come back – if your wife decided to leave you, you have to prove her wrong if you want her back. One of the best ways is to find out what you’ve done that made her to leave and change it if you can! There are many possible causes for your break up, but I’m sure you’ll find the one that broke your relationship!

Give her few weeks to miss you – it sounds crazy but the best method to get your loved one back is to make her want you back. Don’t call her, message her or send her emails! People start to appreciate things only after they lose them and if you are begging her to come back she thinks you are still hers!

Put the cards on the table – meet her and explain to her that you know you were wrong in some places. Let her know you want her back and you are ready to work out the problems between you. Don’t start crying and panicking in front of her – you must show her confidence and strength. It’ll make her think deeper and also attract her. Any sign of desperation and weakness will only give her a reason to continue her life without you!

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That’s why it is called The magic of making up, an e-book that can make you relish the true sense of love fully renewed and rejuvenated. This magic of making up lays down all the necessary ingredients and simple yet unconventional procedures needed to get your wife back.

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The Pursuit Of Happiness Through Marriage

Happiness is synonymous to having a sound health and a calm mind. It is a valuable present and the pursuit of happiness should make us look at the love around us. It should also direct us to look within our hearts. Despite living in a nuclear society nowadays, man is still a social being and all our relationships give meaning to our existence.

And the institution of marriage is the most essential of them all. In the endless pursuit of eternal happiness, more or less it finally ends in marriage. Being married is equal to love, understanding and lifetime commitment. It is a secure and solid union based on passion, everlasting love and sexual desire.

Marriage is the fundamental commitment of living to attain the most natural way of experiencing happiness. In this pursuit of happiness, we know that our life should have a whole balance of commitment and fulfilling love. However, the pursuit of happiness through marrying is still an individualistic view. While marriage remains a respected established custom, it no longer becomes imperative and mandatory especially for females.

Before, some half a century earlier, being in a state of wedded bliss was the ultimate purpose of our forefathers. Nevertheless, in our current times, we have seen a radical change regarding how relationships are perceived. Both men and women these days are equally ambitious and strive to be successful which makes this pursuit of happiness even more definitive.

The pursuit of happiness via marriage contains the attainment of material comforts that could pave the way for two persons in love to live at ease on sharing a lifetime of togetherness. In addition, lifetime partners who are compatible deserve each other and much more likely to have an ideal and happy marriage.

Thus, they could be called a match made in heaven because in all aspects they are a perfect match physically, emotionally and intellectually. Being married gives a sense of oneness and completeness to both ladies and gentlemen. But it all depends on making the right choice. This whole theory is revealed in all doctrines and beliefs that train us to look further within us.

Since historic times marriage has been the foundation in reaching true happiness and realizing lifetime fulfillment. Marriage is by far the most natural established practice formed by man himself and evolution has made humans see their sexual distinctions and harmony. Hence, it has given them a formal and true bonding and an atmosphere to bear their offspring and raise them in the future.

This entire pursuit of happiness is an inherent facet of human practicality. And the pursuit of happiness through marriage is actually an occurrence that has come down and passed from generation to generation. It is already a proven principle and tested by time that holds true even in these modern times because it is the result of human belief and not human actions.

And this may be the reason why, that while many institutions have come and gone with different human societies, marriage has remained and lasted over the centuries.

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Testimonies Impact of Divorce on Fathers

Fathers love their children just as much after a divorce as they do before. There is a deep love that cannot be changed by anything. Fathers often end up paying a big price when there is a divorce even if it isn’t his idea. The price is that he will not be able to spend as much time with his children as he could before.

The impact of divorce on fathers can be devastating. Fathers are getting more and more rights to see their children on a half time basis. More courts see it as the right thing to do. However, that still isn’t the same amount of time that they would have had there not been a divorce.

Divorce impacts the entire family. Fathers seem to usually get the shorter end of the stick though. They usually have to pay child support. They often only get visitation with their children. That is very difficult to deal with. When a father doesn’t live with his children, he misses those children greatly between the visitations. It’s a hard situation no matter how you look at it.

Father’s get a bad wrap. They are very rarely considered the better parent. Mothers seem to get that title simply because she carried the child. The children might have another story though. Not every mother is a good mother and not every mother is a better mother than the father is a father.

Fathers have to pay child support in most cases so his finances take a hit too. The child support can often be more than he can afford if he wants to have a place to live. He will have to make adjustments to his living situations to pay it. However, fathers should pay child support for their children. The children need things and it is up to both parents to make sure the children are getting those needs fulfilled.

When a divorce happens, it impacts a lot of people. Fathers learn to adjust to the situation of not having his kids all the time. It may never be his ideal situation, but that is the way it has to be sometimes. It can be even worse if the mother wants to move out of state. That means that visitation is going to change and the father then has to worry about transporting the children back and forth. Nobody wins when it comes to divorce. Fathers usually win less.

Divorce and Children

Divorce is an ugly word. It can stir emotions in us that we were not even aware we had. When you add children in the same sentence it can be even more devastating. It is our job as parents to protect our children from the negative side effects that divorce can cause. Children are easily influenced by their parents. We are suppose to be their biggest role models in life. We can sometimes fall short of this, especially during a divorce. Regardless of the situation we have the responsibility to keep them safe and try our hardest not to let our problems effect their lives to much. Because children can become extremely stressed during divorce there are certain things that cannot be said to or around our children.

First, you should never speak badly of your ex. Regardless of how you feel your children do not need to hear it. They are not there to listen to your issues and take on such huge problems. They also need to be reassured that they are not to blame. Whether they express it or not most children automatically feel responsible for their parent’s divorce. This needs to be reaffirmed to them often. You also need to tell them how much they are loved by both of you. They need to know that they will never be left.

You do not have to keep everything hidden from your child. You need to think carefully about what you say and how you say it. It is a delicate situation and should be treated so. It is hard for children to understand why parents choose separation. Their lives are changing just as much as yours, but they didn’t have any choices in the matter. Try spending extra one on one time with your child without talking about the divorce. Concentrate on the positives.

If your child is having an extremely difficult time adjusting try a counselor or child psychologist. They are trained to help children deal with these types of stressful situations and help them understand. Sometimes it takes an outsider to help your child adjust.

By concentrating on your children you will find it helps you to deal with the situation yourself. Be patient and persistent and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. You and your child can go on and live a healthy, happy life by staying positive.

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When do you Stop Paying Child Maintenance?

When do you stop paying child maintenance? This is an important question asked by both the newly divorced and people who have children who are about to become legal adults.

What is Child Maintenance?

If you are unsure what child maintenance is, child maintenance is the United Kingdom’s version of American child support. If you are living in the United Kingdom and you get divorced, the non-custodial parent will need to pay child maintenance to contribute towards the child’s daily expenses.

Similar to the American child support system, the custodial parent will receive child support payments when the non-custodial parent is paid. Depending on the circumstances, custodial parents may receive a smaller check each week or a larger check once a month.

It is important to realize that in the United Kingdom, you have two options for setting up child maintenance payments. One option is to work out your own agreement with your ex-spouse and then put that agreement in writing. If you use this option, the Child Support Agency will not help you if one or both of you attempts to break the agreement. If you do not believe that you can come up with this agreement on your own, you can work with the Child Support Agency to create a binding document.

When Can the Non-Custodial Parent Stop Paying?

If you are the non-custodial parent, you are likely wondering when do you stop paying child maintenance? If you have chosen to have an agreement worked out by the Child Support Agency, you will stop making payments when your child turns 16 if they are no longer a full-time student. If your child is still a full-time student, you will stop making payments when your child is 19 years of age.

If you have created a private agreement, you and your ex-spouse can choose to put a different age for when you should stop paying. Some couples may agree on the age of 15 while other couples may agree on the age of 21. Although the system can not enforce your private arrangement as is, you can contact the Child Support Agency and attempt to turn your arrangement into a legally binding document.

In addition to child maintenance payments, many non-custodial parents will choose to do extras to directly benefit their children such as buying them a new pair of sneakers or giving them extra cash to take a school trip. Since this is between you and your child directly you can continue to do these things for as long as you’d like.

American Child Support

If you are an American new to the world of being divorced, you may also be questioning when do you stop paying child maintenance which is better known as child support in the states. In America, it is a lot less cut and dry as rules and regulations differ on a state by state basis.

California is an example of a state where child support is required to be paid by a non-custodial parent until a child is 18. The exception is if your 18 year old is still in high school, then you would have to continue paying until the child is 19.

New Jersey falls on a much different end of the spectrum and has no official cut off date because the state does not believe that all 18 year olds fall into the same category. If you are the non-custodial parent, you may file to stop paying when your child turns 18. If your child is not enrolled in college, you will likely win as your child should be able to get a full-time job. However, if your child is taking a full load of fifteen college credits per semester, the judge may tell you that your child is not ready to be independent and to refile to stop payment when your child turns 21.

Some states, such as Texas, keep things simple. When a child turns 18 or graduates from high school, the child support simply ends. If you are a non-custodial parent living in a state like Texas, you are still welcome to give your child private checks for living expenses if you would like your child to focus on college, you are simply no longer required to have your wages garnished and given to your ex-spouse.


What is Child Maintenance: Child Maintenance Options- California: Department of Child Services- Child Support Laws by State: Texas-

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How Are Children Affected by Divorce? 3 Ways

“Divorce” is a word that no child wants to hear. And yet, each year thousands of children around the world hear their parents speaking this word.

In some cases, the parents come right out and tell the kids they are considering a divorce.

But, just as often, the children hear the word spoken in hushed whispers around the house. They may overhear parents’ phone calls to friends, catch a glimpse of an accidentally-left-open e-mail, or hear their parents hurling the word around like a weapon during a fight.

The word divorce strikes fear and dread into the hearts of most children. Unless one of the parents is abusive or otherwise represents an intolerable presence in the household, the idea of divorce will usually be very upsetting to the children of the married couple.

If you are wondering, “How are children affected by divorce?,” here are 3 ways it can affect them:

1. Children will always carry a memory of the divorce with them: Regardless of whether your divorce goes relatively smoothly or whether it becomes a knock-down, drag-out fight, it will become a large feature of your children’s personal histories for the rest of their lives.

2. Children of divorce carry different models in their heads for how marriage works: We all carry around mental models of how life should be. When divorce happens to the family of a child, that model changes. No longer does a child feel that marriage is an unbreakable, secure thing. That can affect the children’s own, future relationships.

3. Intense feelings of anger and resentment can come to the surface: Most children will feel angry or resentful towards their parents or themselves during and after a divorce.

Some marriages seem just destined to break up. And if there is abuse, drug or alcohol addiction, or chronic infidelity in your marriage, it may very well be the case that – sad as it seems – you will all be better off if you get a divorce.

Still, the situation for most married couples is not that bad. For most couples, putting in the effort, resources and energy into saving the marriage now can pay off in the couple staying together.

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Divorce Tool Box Divorce Coaching Aims to Reduce Conflict in Divorce Before Stress Symptoms Take their Toll

Dothan, AL (PRWEB) September 29, 2011

Divorce Tool Box pre-divorce coaching provides an alternative to prolonged, high-conflict divorces that are known to create even more stress than is inevitably to be expected during such a life-altering event as divorce. Avoiding the heat—and expense–of legal battles involving alimony, child custody, visitation, and child support issues is the goal of Audrey Silcox, a Certified Divorce and Family Mediator, who recently founded Divorce Tool Box, a division of Sildrey Corporation.

“A case in Hendersonville, Tennessee that concluded just days ago, didn’t involve violence, as some other headline cases in recent months,” says Silcox. “But when I read on about this possibly precedent-setting divorce settlement in Tennessee, and that the couple had been battling over an earlier court ruling for four years,” says Silcox, “I felt strongly that working with a divorce coach long before they both got so financially–and emotionally–invested in winning, could have helped enormously, sparing them each much time and expense, not to mention stress.”

At issue was Craig Gonsewski’s effort to overturn a Tennessee Court of Appeals ruling that had ordered him to pay $15,000 a year in alimony to his ex-wife for the rest of her life, or until she remarried according to On September 20, the state Supreme Court overturned that decision, citing that Johanna Gonsewski is healthy and earns about $72,000 a year.

Silcox continued, “Legal fees and court costs—for each of them over these four years—surely must have exceeded $15,000. But after 16 years of working with divorcing couples, including as a court-appointed mediator, I’ve seen first-hand how important it is to help resolve these divorce conflicts before they become so costly in every way.”

Silcox recalled news earlier this month from the Family Law Center in downtown Pittsburgh, as reported in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, where a man and woman involved in a child-custody case were arrested after their domestic dispute escalated into a full-scale confrontation involving sheriff’s deputies, two of whom suffered minor injuries. And in April, bond was set at $1 million for an ex-Marine, 28-year-old Paul Henry Gonzalez Jr., for allegedly beating his wife in a judge’s chambers after he was angry about having to pay child support and was angry with Judge Ronald Rothschild’s visitation ruling.

“NBC Miami reported authorities saying that the man grabbed his estranged wife around the neck and repeatedly punched her in the side of the head after the court proceedings,” noted Silcox. “This is stress taken to the extreme, and again, I can’t help but feel that a number of preliminary divorce coaching sessions could have greatly defused the volatility of this situation before it got so out of hand.”

Located in Dothan, Alabama, Silcox provides divorce coaching anywhere, at anytime, via 45-minute telephone sessions to clients in the comfort and privacy of their own homes, or wherever they prefer to communicate. Initial contact with potential clients is made either by phone at (251)639-5788, or online. Silcox then follows up with a phone call to schedule a free half-hour phone session to explore how customized divorce coaching pertaining to that particular individual’s, couple’s, or family’s needs can help resolve issues before costly legal meetings and processes begin.

“It’s widely known that children also endure stress when their parents divorce,” Silcox added, “but it was documented in the Fourth National Incidence Study of Child Abuse and Neglect released by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, that of the more than 1.25 million children experiencing maltreatment during the study—that’s one child in 58–family structure was a great predictor. For children living with a single parent, abuse increased by 22% and neglect increased by 36%. At the same time, these rates decreased for children living with both parents, by 42% and 33% respectively. I envision the day when divorce coaching is such a standard practice prior to entering the legal arena, that resolving conflicts in advance pertaining to child custody, child support, and visitation rights will so greatly reduce the stress of divorced parents that their children will suffer less stress, abuse, and neglect, as well. That is my goal.”    

Divorce Tool Box is a new program providing telephone coaching by an experienced professional for individuals or couples contemplating or currently undergoing divorce. Custody parenting plans, assets and liabilities, division of property and money matters including child support, along with emotional support are some of the issues addressed in customized, confidential, and convenient phone sessions to help people make wise decisions before entering the legal arena. This guidance can help ease a difficult process as well as save countless hours and costs in legal fees. Appointments are made by phone at (251)639-5788 or online at .


Audrey Silcox, Founder


Fighting for Child Support

When couples choose to separate, their decision causes a chain reaction. This often demands a lot of their time and effort. It also has emotional repercussions since a divorce causes changes in their outlook, behavior, and beliefs. Separation can become a roller coaster ride for people going through it.

When couples choose to separate, their decision causes a chain reaction. This often demands a lot of their time and effort. It also has emotional repercussions since a divorce causes changes in their outlook, behavior, and beliefs. Separation can become a roller coaster ride for people going through it.

Separation is especially tough for those who have children. A problem that commonly arises is the resolution as to who gets custody of the child. When that is decided, the next dilemma will most likely be child support. Child support is often a subject of great contention since not all parents are able to meet their financial responsibilities to their child or children.

This is true enough in several states in America, like Florida. This issue has caused the government to establish agencies and divisions to make sure that child support is levied. Since there are many children whose rights are not upheld, the implementation of child support is a serious matter for the state of Florida.

When it comes to child support enforcement, Jacksonville, Florida ( has its share of parents who have forsaken their parental duties. There are parents who neglect their responsibility to their children. It is the job of the enforcement agencies to locate those who are careless about their parental duties and inform them of the legalities of their disregard.

Divorce lawyers in Jacksonville, FL ( are a parent’s companion during a divorce procedure. They are the ones who make sure that everything is done legally and that the children’s rights will not be impinged. Aggressive representation is the advantage Florida lawyers give to their clients so that the divorce and the pronouncement of the child’s custody can go smoothly. Despite the misconceptions, they believe that avoidance of a messy divorce procedure is best, especially if there are children involved.

It is clear that on the subject of child support enforcement, Jacksonville, Florida ( lawyers acknowledge that it is the children that suffer the most during the separation proceedings. The emotional toll left by a divorce is heartbreaking for both parents as well as their children. This inspires the experienced attorneys of the city to ensure that everyone’s rights are upheld and maintained.

If you’re interested, then visit and see how we can help you. for Child Support-a01074167406