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When to tell your child is reassuring re·as·sure  

tr.v. re·as·sured, re·as·sur·ing, re·as·sures

1. To restore confidence to.

2. To assure again.

3. To reinsure.  the child that it is not his fault.

Avoid blaming and criticizing your spouse. Children need to love both parents and not be forced to take sides. Ideally, both husband and wife should be present when you tell your children. Not only do your children need In other words Adv. 1. in other words – otherwise stated; “in other words, we are broke”

put differently , will they be able to keep the same routine? The fewer changes your child has to make, the happier the child will be. If there are inevitable changes, it is best that they not occur immediately, but rather, gradually and slowly.

Parents, not children, should make divorce-related decisions. Questions as to child psychologist child psychologist Psychology A mental health professional with a PhD in psychology who administer tests, evaluates and treats children’s emotional disorders, but can’t prescribe medications . HOW TO HANDLE SCHOOL-AGE CHILD DURING DIVORCE.-a083413132