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Reasons for high divorce rates in America

Divorce rates in America are nearing 50% in 2011.  Some couples state that they simply “fell out of love” with each other.  Others are looking for their soul mates and remarry.  Sadly, second marriages have an even higher risk for divorce than first marriages.  First marriages end in divorce about 40% of the time as opposed to 60% divorce rates with second marriages.  The statistics speak for themselves; perhaps working on your first relationship will yield better results than starting a new one?  75% of all third marriages are headed for divorce.  So it seems that where marriage is concerned, practice doesn’t necessarily make perfect.

Divorce rates started falling after World War II.  Currently, the U.S. has divorce rates that are higher than those of any other country.  Why are divorce rates in America so high?  One field of thought is that Americans incorporate their liberties and freedoms as an American into their marital relationships.  When a person feels that their liberty is being taken away or that their freedom is being lessened, they sometimes opt for divorce. 

Another idea is that in America women have more options for financial success in the workplace than they do in other countries.  This makes American women confidant in their ability to provide for themselves and their children.  In America, a woman who is in an unhappy marriage is more apt to not let financial reasons hinder her decision to initiate a divorce.

Sex before marriage and cohabitation (living together) are two factors that may have an effect on the high divorce rates in American marriages.  People can feel that they are not obligated through marriage when they live with a significant other.  They may feel that they can easily leave because they aren’t married.  In not reserving the sexual bond for marriage, the marital bond is somehow diminished. 

Celebrities, athletes, politicians and other people in the public eye in American society have a higher rate of divorce.  United States police officers have the highest rate of divorce of any group today.  It also seems as if more people today are having children out of wedlock and having children with multiple partners.  Americans are not viewing marital commitment as something sacred and lasting.  Lack of religious faith can have an affect on how a person views the vows they make in front of God.  If they do not believe in God or in any kind of faith or religion, then the vows of marriage may not hold much meaning for them. 

Modern society in America seems to be taking a turn for the worse when it comes to divorce rates.  There are a variety of reasons that have impacted this downward trend.  It seems the most important thing Americans can do to reduce their chance of divorce is to take their marital vows more seriously.  It might seem old-fashioned not to live together before getting married; but, if that’s what it takes to decrease your risk of divorce, it’s worth a try.  If you haven’t been to church in awhile, maybe now is the time to go back.  Even if you live in the U.S. your marriage doesn’t have to become part of the divorce statistics.  Understanding the true meaning and power of a martial union between two people will give your marriage the best chance for a lifetime of wedded bliss. 

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