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Push To Stop Divorce In Modern Society

Most marriage vows include a clause, or a few, including the notion of “forever;” while it may not seem like the most practical of promises, most couples nevertheless take part in traditional commitments that leave no room for future changes of heart. While it is certainly possible for couples to live out their lives in a harmonious relationship, many partners find that at some point during their marriage, various issues and concerns arise that may cause one or both partners to consider divorce. Though a large number of marriages end in divorce, the practice is largely stigmatized in modern society, both by religious groups and by people without any religious affiliation. The social prejudice surrounding divorce may complicate the issue for couples experiencing marital difficulties, but it need not be a major factor in the making of a confident personal decision.

Many of those who hope to influence others to stop divorce do so because of an ingrained belief, such as the idea that divorce is necessarily bad or wrong, or that it is against the wishes of a higher being or institution. While it is not very often that anyone views divorce in a positive light, it is not something about which couples must feel ashamed or guilty. While personal belief systems may have much to do with how an individual feels about the prospect of a divorce, it’s important to realize that they are not, in fact, required to feel any particular way about the subject. Allowing oneself to explore personal thoughts and feelings about divorce rather than subscribing to the insistences of others can greatly aid in the creation of a fulfilling decision that carries no future regrets.

Another central reason for the modern push to stop divorce is the idea that such an event is harmful to children and creates an undue burden for established families, an issue prone to drawing a great deal of heated debate. Whether or not children are present in the family, couples considering divorce can consult with professional therapist or counselor to help make a divorce decision that truly reflects personal desires.

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