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Protecting Your Marriage from Intruders

If you’re married and want to stay married, you’ve got to learn how to protect your marriage from intruders. I’ve been married for roughly 13 years and I know what intruders can do to a beautiful relationship. Intruders can mess up a blissful marriage.

What are Marriage Intruders?

They are any third-party that can disturb the equilibrium, peace or intimacy between couples. Believe it or not, your children could be intruders, same as your job, parents, friends, hobbies, etc. One way my husband and I have secured ourselves from intruders is to draw the lines. Understanding each other has also helped us greatly.

When I say draw the lines, I mean we differentiate between our time together as a couple and our time with the kids. We also differentiate between our time for work and time for pleasure. We believe in focusing on our individual jobs while at work but once work time is over, we face the home. As much as possible, we try not to take work home from the office, but in some instances, especially on my part, we break the rule but I try to make up for it in a way I know my husband would appreciate (that is why I earlier said a bit of understanding one another has helped us).

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