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Physical Child Abuse

I wrote an article on how this month was Child Abuse Month. I as well made a calendar to ask all to follow to help with awareness of Child Abuse.  If you haven’t seen it please look here.


Physical abuse is non-accidental injury.  10.8% of Child Abuse Victims  are physically abused. Indications that a child may be a victim of physical abuse is…

  • bite marks
  • unusual bruises
  • lacerations
  • burns
  • high incidence of accidents or frequent injuries
  • fractures in unusual places
  • injuries, swellings to face and extremities
  • discoloration of skin

The effects vary in children and depends on six factors

  • Severity
  • Frequency
  • Age physical abuse began
  • Relationship to abuser
  • Available support persons
  • Child’s ability to cope

When a child is physically abused  the effects may be…

  • Don’t trust
  • Afraid of physical contact
  • Startle easily
  • Aggressive
  • Withdrawn
  • Profound sadness
  • School difficulties
  • Hard time concentrating
  • Lie
  • Steal
  • Low self-esteem
  • Psychosomatic illness

When a youth is physically abused the effects may be…

  • Don’t trust
  • Developmental lags
  • Never cry
  • Always cry
  • Aggressive
  • Extreme passivity
  • Rage
  • Thrill-seeking behavior
  • Manipulative
  • Self-harm
  • Harm others
  • Fail in school
  • Sets up negative reactions with others
  • Inability to control emotions
  • Lashes out physically
  • Short Attention span
  • Substance abuse
  • Runs away
  • Breaks law
  • Suicidal

The abuser may show indications of…

  • Excessive punishment
  • Highly moralistic
  • Substance abuse
  • Upsets easily
  • Suspicious or fearful of others
  • Social isolation
  • Sees the child as bad
  • No interest, or little, of child’s well-being
  • Don’t respond as should to child’s pain
  • Injury explanation inconsistent
  • Blames the child for injuries
  • Criticizes child
  • Takes the child to different hospitals and physicians for each injury

If you suspect Child Abuse call your local CPS/DCFS.  If you witness the abuse call police immediately!!!

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