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Only Child Can Play Nice, Too

My daughter is close to two years old and I’m starting to get questioned about when we will have another child. People are concerned that my daughter is missing out as an only child, and they’re threatening me with things like: "She’s going to be spoiled," and "You’re going to have to work so much harder to entertain one kid." The one comment that actually kind of scared me a bit was, "It’s going to be hard for her to learn to get along with others. Don’t be surprised if she doesn’t have any friends."

Fortunately, I had purchased the book, NurtureShock by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman a few months ago, and I recently rediscovered it in my collection. The book’s subtitle is, "New Thinking About Children", and it really is. In a chapter titled, "The Sibling Effect", the authors share that a child with siblings is just as likely to have trouble getting along with other children as an only child. Whew! I guess I dodged that one, huh?

Even though statistics say my daughter will probably be fine, I still have to deal with the naysayers who are certain that my child will suffer socially. Haven’t I noticed how she starts to cry when she doesn’t get her way? Since my daughter isn’t even two years old, yet, it’s hard for me to tell if she is exhibiting "only child" traits. Aren’t all toddlers shy and/or selfish at one point or another? Don’t they all get upset when they don’t get their way? Aren’t most adults easily manipulated by their child’s super adorableness? It’s not an only child thing. It’s an every child thing.

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