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Online Divorce Findings Indicate 37 to be the Average Age of Divorce

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Aliso Viejo, CA. (PRWEB) July 10, 2013

Online divorce service recently reviewed a number of criteria involving the divorce rate and found a sobering similarity in the average age of divorce filings between men and women. The conclusion: when it comes to filing, there appears to be a 37-year itch.

Women, who filed for divorce from their spouses, showed an average age of 37 exactly, while men came in a little younger at 36 years and 10 months. With the majority of filers being female (about 63.82%), age 37 was a safe bet for the time one would be most likely to file for divorce.

But researchers at point to this so-called “37-year itch” not as a predictor of the exact age in which a divorce will occur, but as an indication of the changing tides of marriage and divorce between younger (ages 20 to 25) and older (age 50 and up) generations.

According to US Census data for the period from 1986 to 2009, the average duration of a first marriage for those whose first marriage ended in divorce was right at eight years and for second marriages that ended in divorce, about 8.5 years. But the findings show 74.5% of filings from first-time divorcees. Only 18.19% were leaving their second marriage.

Combining the online divorce service’s findings with the Census data, at least one traditional view regarding the cause of divorce — marrying too young — comes in to question. While Huffington Post columnist Jennifer Nagy once suggested that marriage should not be allowed for anyone under the age of 25, she was mostly going from her own experiences.

However, Nagy did cite one statistic that would seem to support her claim — that according to the National Center for Health Statistics, 60% of couples who married between the ages of 20 and 25 experienced divorce. But averages are averages for a reason, and the finding of a 37-year itch would seem to indicate more divorces are happening between older couples as well, a claim supported by a recent Chicago Tribune article that revealed divorce rates among the post-50 crowd doubled over a 20-year span.,0,870347.story

What hard conclusions can one draw from the data?

For starters, young people seem to be more aware of how vulnerable early-in-life marriage relationships can be and are starting to delay making such a big decision. The findings seem to indicate a tendency to marry at around age 28 or 29.

Secondly, the Baby Boomer generation is more likely to file for divorce than their parents were, and that is probably influencing younger generations to put off the decision.

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