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My girls

I once lived in a house of endless laughter

Where giggles would tumble like blocks

Dresses would twirl and ponytails fly

Smiles on their faces would give me a high


But that is all water now under a bridge

For I am alone now where only silence lives

Bouncing from wall to wall, nothingness exists

I look at the empty room and ball up my fists


Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday rolls by

A blur of endless work hours to make the time fly

Then finally, it is Thursday, and the time is near

The silence from the walls I can no longer hear


It is my day to shine, when the girls will come

Work to school then finally home

Time ceases to exist as the giggling tumbles again

They will leave me soon, but I’m content until then


Thursday to Sunday every other week

All other moments, nothing but bleak

I live for the days when they brighten my walls

Killing the silence, breaking my falls


I can see in their faces

When they think I’m not looking

The tears in their eyes

For the dad they are missing

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