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Mediation: What is It? And More Importantly How It Affects You!

What is Mediation?

Mediation is an Alternative method of Resolving a Dispute as compared to the normal means of resolving disputes in America – litigation. Traditionally, experts in this field classify mediation as an Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR. Mediation occurs when two or more parties in a dispute mutually agree to meet with the intent to resolve the dispute with an impartial person, commonly known as the mediator.

And More Importantly How It Affects You!

Mediation really effects you if you live in the State of Florida, the 4th largest state in the country by population, after only California, Texas and New York. Mediation will probably effect you if you live elsewhere as more states are starting to follow Florida’s leading role in mediation.

Florida is the only state where every person currently in a marriage or already divorced can be subjected to mediation whether they like the concept of mediation or not, unless the marriage involved domestic violence. The legal system in the State of Florida for family courts requires judges to send any matters to a family mediation session before even hearing that matter unless the parties were involved in domestic violence.

So, if you are a person who is: Divorcing in Florida; Fighting a divorce in Florida; Separating from a marriage in Florida; Planning to leave your spouse in Florida; Residing in a marriage in Florida; Living in a marriage anywhere and planning to move or to retire in Florida; Marrying anywhere and living in Florida; Delivering a baby in Florida; Having a baby anywhere and moving to or retiring in Florida in the future; Making a baby anywhere with someone who might move to or retire in Florida; Having sex anywhere with someone of the opposite sex who might move to or retire in Florida; and (we might as well just include) Pulsating in Florida or anywhere else; then you should be definitely be aware of mediation. And if you live elsewhere, then you should probably be aware of mediation before you find yourself in one.


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