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Mass Effect 3 Review

The final result isn’t only influenced by your decisions, but also by the amount of content you play. I diligently did almost every single side quest I found, thus collecting a lot of war assets. These war assets influence how well you will do in the end.

Sooner or later, if you are good with your side missions, you will also meet every single companion you met in the first two games, aside from the ones you got killed of course. They too will help you at the end if you play your cards right, and some will join you as squad members, although not all will.

While we are on the subject of side missions, I heartily advise you to do all of the missions pertinent to certain story lines. So if you get 3 missions to do with the Genophage, rather than going ahead and trying to do the main mission to resolve the situation ASAP, you want to do the other two missions as well. Like I said, I diligently did almost all side quests, however, when it came to the story line to do with Quarians and Geth, I decided to leave out a certain mission. I then found myself with a very hard choice to make that would have wiped either race. The first time through I wound up losing the Quarians, Tali committed suicide and Legion had to sacrifice himself to help the rest of the Geth. So I reloaded the game, and wound up with Tali stabbing Legion in the back, Geth being wiped, but I managed to keep my favorite Quarian Engineer in my squad. Together with a big bag of guilt for having killed a friend. I was shocked that BioWare didn’t give me a way out of that one until I spoke to a friend of mine who said he got an option to save both, which I didn’t. The only difference I can think of is having skipped that mission before I started the main one. Moral of the story: play the game to its fullest if you want all the options.

Talking of Tali, you may wonder whether she shows her face. Well… I’ll just be a little bosh’tet and won’t tell you. HA!

Story wise the game is just fantastic – bar the end. Before you keep reading be aware that this is going to be a major spoiler, skip to the next section if you don’t want to know.

The End. Or Is It?

Once you reach the end, you are given three choices. You either control the Reapers, become “one” with them ensuring peace or you wipe them out. All choices result in the Mass Relays being destroyed, therefore preventing races from traveling throughout the galaxy, which also means that interspecies relationships will become non-existent, at least until a new technology is devised or the Mass Relays are re-built. Whether any of that will happen you won’t be told, leaving it open to new DLCs, or possibly the alleged Mass Effect 3 MMO.

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