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Love Is A Commitment – How To Make Your Relationship Last

Commitment in some circles is seen as this big bad evil ugly word. You’d think it had four letters if you didn’t struggle to count them. For some people commitment is something that’s more frightening than reading a Stephen King novel home alone in the middle of the night. These are the people who get that dear in the headlights look whenever the word drifts into casual conversation with anyone who could become more than a casual romantic interest. It’s just a hard word for them to even consider much less work into their own vocabulary.

Sadly enough, the time comes in every life and romance when this word needs to be discussed to some degree. At least, if you want your relationship to last it will. Love, in and of itself is a commitment. It’s a commitment you make to that other person, whether you realize it at the time, to share at least part of your life with them. It isn’t always permanent. You’re not signing on the dotted line in blood or anything. But that doesn’t make it any less profound. It also doesn’t mean that the impact of the other person on your life and in your heart will never leave scars on your heart either. But the rewards, for most people, are well worth the scars you bear when love goes wrong. It might take a little time to gather up the will and, yes, courage, to love again but when you do, be aware that the love you feel is a commitment by itself.

If you want to make the relationship last you’re going to have to take that commitment to the next level. This isn’t an optional step for you to take. It’s absolutely necessary. If you fail to do that you will likely find yourself looking for ways to get your ex back after you’ve lost the love of your life.

These are just a few of the things you can do that will make your relationship be one of the few that are built to last.

1) Talk to each other rather than at each other. You have to really listen to what your partner has to say and say what’s on your mind. When you start bottling things up they fester and become deep problems in the relationship. Talk about your commitment issues, wants, and needs honestly and openly and you’ll see an amazing difference in your relationship. On the flipside, you must be willing to hear what your partner has to say in return.

2) Be liberal with compliments and encouragement. No one wants to be surrounded by negativity. Find positive ways to view your relationship and the world around you. Become the eternal optimist and you’ll see the bright future ahead of you that you’ve envisioned. There is no better way you’ll find to make your relationship work than by being positive about the prospect.

3) Remember the little things that bring light to your partner’s eyes. You want to be the one who puts that light in your partner’s eyes day in and day out. Take note of the things that make your lover smile, laugh out loud, and even cry. In fact, make it a point to find new ways to bring a little light into your relationship each and every day.

4) Touch often. Casual touch and physical intimacy are important in relationships. Back rubs, cuddling, and just holding hands are as important for the longevity of your relationship as long nights of sheet twisting passion.

5) Remember that your relationship is a partnership and that there are two voices that need to be heard in all major decisions. There are times when decisions are very important to you or your partner. You always need to hear both sides and listen with an open mind before making a decision that could drive a wedge between you. If it’s really important you need to ask yourself just how important it is. Is it important enough to risk losing the person you love more than anyone else in the world over?

6) Find a better way to fight. Into every relationship a few fights will fall. Some will be minor tiffs because one of you just isn’t feeling well and at other times they will be heated wars that seem to wage on for days. Those are the fights you need to learn to manage soon and manage well. Fights are to be expected in marriage and relationships. Disagreements happen. Fighting to win though is when the problems arise. When you’re fighting to win you aren’t trying to solve anything. You’re only trying to hurt the person you love so you can win the fight. Nothing good can come of that. Learn to fight to get results to improve your relationship and to figure out where the problem really is instead of fighting to win.

These are small steps you can take that will have huge results when it comes deepening your commitment and strengthening your love. Do these things and you’ll never have to ask how to make your relationship last again.

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