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Kids from Broken Homes – the Effects of Divorce

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The Following are what you need to know about children and teens of divorce:

The window of opportunity theory states that there is "a time frame between six months and one year following the divorce where crisis can be prevented with children and teens."

Children tended to view life in extremes (that is, fighting all the time or never fighting) while teens had a more life-like view of their parents” conflicts.

Before divorce, domestic violence is common

Kids or teens are no longer surprised with marital issues

Girls tend to feel post-divorce stress more than boys, or do they? This may be because boys are in a phase of greater denial of their feelings than girls.

Majority of teens and children have nobody to talk to about the divorce.

About 65% of teens and children believed divorce led to their serious personal problems.

Three out of four teens shoplifted after their parents divorce.

More than half of teens and children used drugs or alcohol during or after their parent”s divorce.

Running away from home is customary in single-parent families.

A clear sign of emotional struggles is fighting.

Suicidal thoughts are common among children and teens following the parent”s divorce.

After the divorce, these kids or teens usually are angry with themselves and with others.

Sleeping problems were present in most cases after the parent”s divorce.

After parents divorce, one in ten girls develops troublesome eating habits that can lead to an eating disorder.

One in three teens commits theft after divorce.

Many teens and children drank alcohol after their parents” divorce.

A majority of teenagers and nearly 20 percent of children got sexually involved during and after their parents” divorce.

Cruelty to animals often reflects past child abuse.

More than half of the teens and one-third of the children feel like hurting others after the divorce.

Following a divorce, few teens or children talk to parents about their real problems.

Nearly two in ten teens and one in ten kids are arrested after their parents” divorce.

Church staff and volunteers have not observed these problems.

Most problems were discovered by teachers and school officials.

Majority of children and teens think their emotional problems are obvious or transparent.

A lot of children and teens feel personally responsible for their parents” divorce.

Children believe that the responsibility for divorce lies with their fathers.

The most usual factors involved in divorce are money, physical violence, arguing, communication, and third-party relationships.

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