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Public Divorce records are available for anyone who may wish to access the said records although it may not be 100% free at all because some fees may be levied depending on the type of service one would need. However, in terms of accessibility the general public can go through this information as mandated by Freedom of Information Act in 1966. Divorce is considered as public document hence, made available by government offices although some restrictions are set in the kind of information divulged as some details may deem confidential such as alimony, custody and the reasons for the divorce. Keeping some information classified is done so as to protect the privacy of the individuals involved.

Statistics show that divorce records are one of the most searched data even in the old days. This can be attributed to the fact that the results that one can get from these records are utilized to serve a variety of uses. Having the pertinent details about a person is useful enough before one can finally decide to get married again. Among other reasons are using such to trace family roots or to establish relationships especially for those members of separated families.

Accessibility to public records such as divorces is already in place. In fact, each county or state has its own repository that ensures maintenance and safekeeping. With the advent of technology, running a divorce record search is not limited to traditional ways of accessing data but will have the comfort of obtaining information online.

Paid services are privately owned and in most cases offer a variety and more comprehensive data. Understandably, because these providers needed to compete with other services too hence, being upkeep and updated are the things they need to continuously do. While some people go for the free based data, one cannot expect to get results that can be utilized for legal or professional requirements.

Divorce court records are not in a way different from public divorce records, hence such are also accessible to the general public and to any person who wanted to have a copy of such document. If you are wondering what kinds of data you can find from such documents, then you will be delighted to know. Important information includes the divorcees’ data, the details of their parents and children. When and where the divorce took place, the grounds, filing number, decree, asset division and settlement entered by the couple, children custody as well as restraining order if there is any. Certainly, such information are not available from a basic divorce record.

As fast as the technical innovations are coming in the market, so are couples resorting to divorces. Although, it could be the last thing a couple wanted to happen to their marriage but can also serve as the first step towards something better. Hence, making divorce records readily available online can aid divorcees and any individuals with the information they get to have a headstart of something new.

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