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I Need Some Advice On How To Stop My Divorce

Your wife is asking for a divorce. She wants to leave and walk away. You feel like your world is coming to an end. You’re thinking, “I need some advice on how to stop my divorce and I need it fast.” You don’t even have a clue where to begin. You didn’t even know you were doing anything wrong. How can she just decide she wants to walk away like that? Doesn’t she know how much you love her? You KNOW she still loves you and you don’t think she’s trying to hurt you. So, how could she do this to you? How could she do this to your marriage? What can you do to stop your divorce?

This is the story that so many marriages are going through these days. There is no good guy or bad guy in the picture. It’s just a matter of one person giving up. It’s up to you, if you want to save your marriage, to pick up the slack and do a little double duty until you convince her to consider give your marriage a second chance. But the hard part is getting her attention and getting her to really hear what you have to say so you can stop your divorce.

How do you get her attention when your marriage is on the line and it seems like she’s already made up her mind? She might be thinking it’s over but she can’t turn off her feelings for you just like that. You have a lot of history on your side to help convince her to give your marriage another chance. Now is the time to use that history in your favor. You know what makes her smile. You know the things to say to make her eyes sparkle. You know the way to stop your divorce and how to save your marriage for the long haul. You just have to figure out a winning strategy for when and where to say these things to your wife.

• Start by letting her see the attentive and loving man she fell in love with. Now is the perfect time to let her see the best in you. You want to be your most attentive and complimentary right now. Let her see just how much you really do love her and how well you can show her that love. • Forgive your wife and yourself for not living up to your expectations of what marriage would be. When you do this, you’re allowing you both the opportunity to heal from old wounds that have been rehashed throughout the course of your marriage. It’s time to change your expectations of marriage and make them something where you can both win rather than feeling like losers and resenting that feeling all the time. • Learn to be happy where you are but make plans for an even happier future together. Both of you need to pitch in when it comes to the plan making process but when you do this you’ll both have a voice in what happens in your marriage and something to look forward to as your marriage gets stronger and better over time.

It isn’t nearly as hard to save your marriage or get your ex back as many people make it out to be. You just need to have a proper strategy in place to get your efforts off the ground.

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