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How to Stop Divorce: Find Out Exactly What To Do

Before you find out what you need to do to try to stop divorce, you must understand that in just about every state, you cannot stop a divorce by yourself if your spouse is determined to get one.

In addition, here are three strategies that you need to avoid if you want to stop divorce:

1. Giving reassurance, such as “I’ve changed. I won’t have another affair. I won’t lie to you anymore.” This strategy never works.

2. Telling him/her repeatedly, “I love you.” This strategy also does not work.

3. Arguing and trying to talk him/her into feeling different. This strategy does not work as well.

So what you can do to stop divorce?

The biggest secret is that you need to work at your relationship. You must persistently work at having pleasant relationship. By no means should you take your relationship for granted.

Many outside factors (job, finances, illness or inattention) have huge influence on relationships. You goal should be to deal with these factors.

Here are three steps to stop divorce.

1. Husband and wife should come to an understanding that an outside factor is the most important cause.

2. Husband and wife should create a reasonable plan for solving the problem. A thorough plan must engage both of spouses.

3. Make the plan happen. Engage the whole family if needed.

Here are some tips that will help you have a good relationship.

– Communicate with your spouse. Talk about things that bother you, using the word “we” a lot.

– Spend more time together doing things you each like to do.

– Think twice before you say something.

– Do not shout a hard criticism.

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