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How to become the Worlds best Husband

Most women dream of having Prince Charming sweep them off their feet. To have a man who will treat them with love and respect, who will be gallant and charismatic, and make their dreams come true. Unfortunately most men don’t realize that it takes a lot more to be a great husband than just to say ‘I do’.

Compliments aren’t just for the first few dates or months that you are getting to know each other. A great husband is one who notices a new top or a new hairstyles and compliments his wife on it. A simple, ‘you look hot tonight’, or ‘I really like you in that dress’ can work wonders for a woman’s self esteem and in the back of her head she will be thinking what a lovely husband I have.

Flowers are also extremely important. If you want to become the world’s best husband remember the art of purchasing flowers. Every woman loves receiving flowers, whether it’s an enormous bouquet of two dozen roses (recommended at least once a year) or bunch of tulips or hand picked from the field, they will make a woman’s heart beat faster and make her day. Flowers should be purchased on all those important occasions like Birthdays, Valentines and Woman’s Day, but also at irregular intervals throughout the year just to show that you care.

If you want to become the world’s best husband you also have to learn to listen. Listening is a skill that not all men possess, and many simply don’t understand the meaning. Women don’t always want a solution to a problem, they just want you to lend an ear. Also, if she talks about something that she’s always wanted to do or buy, do it for her and surprise her a few days or weeks later. She will love you even more for it and in her eyes you will start looking like the best husband in the world.

Help her around the house. Nowadays it’s becoming the norm for house chores to be shared among spouses. However, some people still continue to think that it’s the women who should be doing all the cooking, cleaning and looking after the children. Surprise her by doing the dishes after dinner, or cook her a three course meal. Pay for her to get a massage and in the meantime clean up the entire house. Or send her shopping and give her a foot massage at the end of the day without having to be asked.

Being the world’s best husband isn’t difficult. All it takes is a bit thought, some flowers and effort to make your wife feel like the luckiest women in the world.

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