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How Divorce Affects Children

Not all marriages are built from the same cloth, and therefore fall apart for different reasons. Typically, more than one cause is involved when a marriage breaks down. The fact that divorce is so prevalent is very unfortunate, and it continues to become even more common as time goes on. Because the modern day lifestyle places so much demand and stress on individuals, marriages are more susceptible to divorce now more than ever. The cost of living and additional expenses of today mean that both the husband and wife are both forced to have jobs, and this can put more pressure on a marriage.

While the divorce process can be very emotional and painful for the adults, it’s safe to say that situation is far more complicated for the children involved. The views a young child has of the world often times are a reflection of what their parents have taught them, and the way two parents treat one another has a great impact long term on their children. While a husband and wife have legitimate reasons for ending a marriage, it’s the children that are innocent bystanders in all of it. Through divorce, children lose a sense of living in a stable, secure, and loving environment.

Children are generally a hot topic of discussion in divorce cases, but they are not usually able to understand why their parents aren’t able to get along. Children of all ages are impacted by divorce, and while infants are oblivious to what’s happening, they are still able to sense when their parents are having problems. The tension can be felt, and this can cause them to feel more insecure and irritable. If old enough, they will begin to look other places to get approval, and this could mean opting for alcohol, drugs, or even giving sexual favors to peers.

Another possible side effect of divorce for adolescents is depression. Statistics show that of all the children with divorced parents, over 60% of them suffer from issues psychologically such as depression, anxiety, sadness, or moodiness. Over half of these children start struggling with their grades, and over 40% display aggressive behavior towards their parents. Also, as they grow up they could experience difficulty getting along with siblings, peers, and their parents.

When a father has either a limited or no presence in their daughter’s life, she is missing out on the love and support that may cause her to have problems building healthy relationships with men. Most adults have difficulty with change, and children are fearful of either joining another family or living with a step-parent and their children. One of the greatest effects divorce has on children is that they begin to fear that their primary caretaker, whether it be Mom or Dad, will eventually leave them too. In order for a child to grow and mature as they should, the love and care of their parents is critical.

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