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How Can I Get My Ex Husband Back? There Is No Shame in Fighting For Your Man!

Divorce is so prevalent that many people simply accept divorce without fighting for the one that they love even when they believe that there may be a chance to restore the marriage. There is absolutely no shame in fighting for your man and if you are wondering “how can I get my ex husband back?” this article discusses a few helpful tips.

Going through divorce is hell especially if there are children involved. It is common to feel like a failure or to blame yourself for the divorce all of which will not help you get your ex husband back. While it is important to address what went wrong and what role you played in the divorce, blaming yourself solely for the demise of the marriage is not healthy and will not help you move on with the rest of your life either to start a new relationship or find the effective tools and resources that will help you win your ex husband back and restore the marriage.

Addressing the mistakes you may have made in the marriage such as taking your husband for granted, a lack of communication, being unfaithful, not spending any time together, etc, is very important, but after identifying the problem, it is important to move on to the solution and not dwell on the mistakes and beat yourself up about what you could have done differently. Remember that there are two people involved in the marriage and both should take equal responsibility for the disintegration of the marriage.

One of the first things to tackle in order to answer the question “how can I get my ex husband back?” is to determine your reasons for wanting him back to ensure that you just do not want him back because you are co dependent and are afraid to stand on your own and are willing to put up with being in a bad marriage and God forbid, an abusive one at that just so you can say you have a husband.

This is why evaluating what lead to the demise of the relationship is important. You need to evaluate what went wrong and whether the two of you had something special that could still be salvaged if you both are willing to put in the work required. Even the most perfect marriage can disintegrate if both parties do not work daily to ensure that the love and the relationship thrives.

A lack of communication, unresolved anger and bitterness, not spending time together, arguing over unimportant issues, infidelity, etc, can all run a marriage aground no matter how great things were in the beginning. But just because the marriage has dissolved does not mean that it cannot be rebuilt and that you cannot fight for your man.

Steps To Fight For Your Man

1. Try to have an honest discussion with him that is free of blame, accusation, yelling, etc, all of which will not help you get your ex husband back but will only push him farther away. If you are still rather emotional, do not attempt to talk to him until you can be rational and keep your emotions in check.

2. Honestly determine what part you played in the breakup of the marriage and if you are not only willing but able to change you behavior. If you think the changes need to be made by your ex husband only, you will be fighting a losing battle to win back your husband.

3. Communication is key and unless both of you are willing to work on your communication styles that probably led to the dissolution of the marriage, you should not attempt to win him back. You both need to feel that you can voice your opinion and be heard without being attacked. In order to answer the question “How can I get my ex husband back?” you will have to evaluate your communication style and whether it is helping or hurting the situation.

These are only a few tips to consider to answer the question “how can I get my ex husband back?” For step by step guidance on what you need to do especially if your ex husband is not very receptive to your overtures, visit for a crucial resource that will help you win your ex husband back.

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