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Helpful Hints On Saving A Marriage Relationship

Marriage is a wonderful thing. Why spend so much effort and time to get into a marriage and then watching your marriage drifting apart. Recognizing there is a problem in your marriage relationship is a good start and helping yourselves to address the problem is the best way forward. Here are some helpful hints on saving a marriage relationship.

1. Is there anything worth saving in your marriage relationship?

List down the positives about your marriage relationship. Keep the negatives out. The positives are usually what get the both of you into the relationship in the beginning. The positives are the drivers to give the both of you the determination to want and on how to save your marriage relationship. Note that there are no right or wrong answers to saving a marriage relationship as it will depend on your values and priorities. Example if your children is the most important reason for saving a marriage relationship, then this is your value and priority.

2. Identify the root or real causes that are hurting your marriage relationship

First list down the symptoms that both of you feel are hurting your marriage relationship. The symptoms are much easier to identify. Example of symptom is like a headache but the root or real cause of the headache could be due to a lack of sleep. From the symptoms, identify the underlying root or real cause for each of the symptom. These are probably your negatives in your marriage relationship. Be open with each other when discussing these. If it is difficult because of the emotions involved, suggest to involve a counselor or somebody that the both of you are comfortable with.

3. Develop a plan to work on the root or real causes

Once the root or real causes are identified, develop a plan on saving a marriage relationship. Solutions will be readily available from many sources like from books, magazines, the internet, your counselor, friends and others. It all depends on how creative you are. Prioritize on a few critical ones as not all problems are of equal importance. It takes a lot of effort and time, and such prioritizing is important as the effort put in much give maximum impact or result. Choose the solutions that both of you are comfortable with.

4. What does it take to make the plan works?

• A want to save your marriage relationship. When there is a desire, there will be effort to make things happened.

• Human beings are creature of emotions. Be respectful of each other emotions. When emotions are involved, logic has no place in the solution. Address the emotions first before addressing the solutions.

• A marriage relationship is about compromise. Without compromise , the marriage relationship will not work .Winning every arguments or being right every time does not earn relationship points .To lose an argument and winning relationship points would be the best compromise.

• Relationship is all about communication. To communicate is to open up the relationship. Just like our human body, when you have a cut, the pain you feel is the communication to you to treat the cut in order to maintain a healthy body. As such communication in a relationship is a feedback to maintain a healthy marriage relationship.

• There is no perfect plan. Make adjustments as and when required.

Marriage is a work in progress meaning it is never complete. It takes a lot of effort and time to nurture a marriage relationship but the reward of being together with your love one and sharing the fruits of your labor is priceless. If you need more information or help, visit out website to watch an excellent video with great tips on saving a marriage relationship.

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