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Franco Harris Defends Joe Paterno, Again

Although running with the ball was once what Franco Harris did with excellence, playing defense for Joe Paterno was not his forte. Harris, the former Penn State star and NFL hall of fame running back just can’t keep his mouth closed about his ex-coach who was recently fired from Penn State.

Harris says that the sexual abuse scandal was good coincidence for the university to cut the 84-year old football coach, according to reports on USA Today.

“I don’t think the firing had anything to do with the scandal.”

The scandal he’s referring to is the alleged child rape of 8 or more boys by former defense assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky. Harris adamantly believes that Joe Paterno’s turning the other cheek to his friend’s alleged atrocities “isn’t the reason for his firing.” He believes that the Board of Trustees and Paterno had “feelings” toward each other.

Harris, in his apparent worshiping of Paterno, continues that Paterno “is distraught about this situation. The child abuse (allegation) makes him sick.”

Mr. Harris was recently fired as spokesperson for the Meadows Race Track and Casino earlier last week after his previous defense of Joe Paterno. He was also asked to leave as chairman of the Pittsburgh Promise, a local scholarship foundation by the mayor of Pittsburgh, Luke Ravensthal.

Harris tried to defend his coach when he said, “if people don’t know what Joe built here for 61 years, and they’re connecting him to supporting child abuse, that’s sickening in itself.” Well Mr. Harris, Joe Paterno built on the sand, and not on the rock. For not even Jesus associated with alleged child rapists.


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