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Eye Opening Marriage Statistics

Marriage statistics are very vital to any country. This is because they will help judge the actual situation on the ground as we analyze what people have been up to in this regard. They will help the government recognize potential problems and society will know where to improve on. Marriage statistics in the United states are done by several groups or organisations. The most popular sources of the statistics include, The US Census Bureau and The National Center for Health and Statistics. Marriage statistics will contain several things. The first thing is the number of marriages in the country or state. The other thing is the number of divorces. From this, the rate of divorce will be known as well as the rate of marriage. Statistics will also inform you on the number of the unmarried population. Those men and women who are are living together without being married will also be known. Statistics will also show the married population in both men and women. This means that, you will get to know how many females are unmarried as well as numbers for the bachelors.

Marriage statistics will also not exclude children. You will get the number of children living with parents and those who are not. These statistics are fairly accurate because an effective mechanism has been put to work to ensure accuracy of the highest level. Let us begin with the number of marriages in the US. Since 1960, marriages have been seen to increase. In 2005, approximately 2,230,000 marriages were recorded, this was a slight drop form the previous year which had recorded 2,279,000 marriages. Many people are aware that the divorce rate has increased. This is an alarming truth that all people should observe. The number of divorce cases started increasing in the early 1970s and, they continued to shoot up. Today, almost half of all marriages end in divorce. Those people who choose to marry again in the United States, 70% will file for divorce again.

This is a trend that is disastrous and, it is vital to look into some of the things that have made the situation like this. Clearly, more and more couples are running out of patience when it comes to marriage. They have many options and, they are liberated in this sense. Modernity is one of the things that has led to increased cases of divorce. Women are finding good jobs and dependency on men is on the decrease. Traditionally, a woman was the one to hold a marriage. This has not changed and, more women are opting for greener pastures. The blame does not fall squarely on women, men are also to blame. Cases of infidelity by men are some of the leading causes of divorce world wide. To curb this problem, singles who are about to get married should weigh their options, if they are not ready to commit totally, it is better a broken relationship than a broken marriage. Re evaluate your life and see what you can change to make your life and that of your spouse better.

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