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A mother is not just one who gives birth to a child; rather a mother is one who also cares for a child, protects, teaches, nurtures and help channel the child in the path destined by the maker. My mother played this role and many more. She was a mother, a confidant, sister and a great friend.

She gave birth to me while she was still in school, married to a man, my father then an army officer who was later detained after a civil war for some years. When wives of the detainees left their husbands based on uncertainties, my mother stood by her husband, visiting him in prison, hopeful he would be released. Indeed he was released but dismissed. A lady who came from a wealthy home but married a man who did not have much to offer her had to face the challenges of lack in marriage. She had to fend for her growing family which she did sacrificially. She was a woman who put her family first and laboured so much to ensure her children had the basics and more.

We may not have had opportunities to go on family vacations or had fun like visiting amusement parks and watching movies in cinemas but we never went hungry. Mummy ensured there were food, clothing and education. I went through the university with the assurance that she would go to any length even if it meant selling all she had. She sacrificed so much that I dreamt of the days I would spoil her silly. I imagined sponsoring her trips to some countries, buying her a car, clothes, name it. Alas, death has truncated my dream.

Time I hear heals but one certainly would not forget. Since the day she left, I would want to reach out to her; alas she is unavailable; she is gone. It is not for a day or a month or even a year. She is gone forever, leaving strong memories behind.

I remember when I was in secondary school, a Saturday before the Monday I was to take my final year mathematics exam, I was sick. I did not want to take any anti-malarial because I feared it might knock me out and then I would not take my exam. So I did not want to tell anyone but my mother as observant as she was found out. She prayed for me. Believe it or not, I had been praying but her prayer did the trick. I was healed that night. I went into the examination hall hale and hearty.

As people commiserated with us, we were stunned at the number of lives she had touched. She was qualified with numerous adjectives that it dawned on me that my mother gave her all not just to her family but also to those she met in her journey of life.

Agility was her second name! She was such great organizer that her friends and relatives would solicit her help in planning and managing events. She was so outstanding in whatever she did I fear her shoes would never be my size no matter how hard I try. However, I believe she has left a legacy in me and my siblings.

She taught me a lot of things about life which really prepared me to face the world when I left home. Even now, though she is gone, I still remember and would practice all the things she has taught and I believe she would be proud of me as she looks on me from where she is.

Mum, indeed you live on.

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