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Effects of Divorce on Women

Psychological Effects of Divorce

Emotional UpheavalDivorce is painful no matter what the reasons for separation are. It causes emotional upheaval which wrecks many. The rigmarole of starting over and adapting to a single’s life, is the toughest part of getting divorced. One of the most common effects of divorce is depression. Feeling low is natural, and it often leads to a state of depression. With no one to talk to and the sudden loneliness, one can feel abandoned. Additionally, the loss of financial and emotional support can cause anxiety and insecurity. Being in wallows of self-pity and self doubt is also a common side effect of divorce on women. Spend more time with your family and your friends, to get out of this phase of eclipsed self worth. Value the people who are still there with you, to see the positive side of life.

Guilt TripsWomen going through a divorce often blame themselves for the relationship mishap. Seeing your immediate family and children put up with the emotional upheaval, can make you feel guilty for a long time. To deal with this conundrum, spend more time with them. Be open about your issues and accept their support as you cope up with the breakup. A dissolution of marriage is no reason for a woman to feel guilty for the rest of her life. Remember that it takes two to tango, so the fault is not entirely yours. Forgive yourself and vow to evolve as an edified person from this traumatic experience.

Single ParentingA single parent is both, the mother and the father to the child. Playing the double role is definitely taxing and the toughest challenge of parenthood. Effects of divorce on children are long-lasting. It makes them question their acts and their relationships with you. In many cases, it also warps the meaning of trust for kids who are in the developmental stage of life. Although you are now a single parent, you have to help your child to cope up with the fact that his / her parents are no longer going to be together. Communication is the key to re-establish your relationship with your child.

Social CirclesWomen going through a divorce often end up feeling alone, and crave to spend time with friends. However, a broken marriage comes with a broken friend circle too. After spending years with your ex-husband, your social circles are bound to be the same. A divorce creates a rift amongst friends as well, causing lack of friends and disturbed social circles. When you lose out on people who were once a part of life, for no fault of yours, it can cause prolonged periods of sadness and depression.

A homemaker finds it extremely difficult to deal with the side effects of a divorce, as she loses out on everything she ever worked for. However, one needs to realize that divorce is not the end of the world. It is a rough phase of life, which needs to be dealt with optimism and positivity.

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