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Divorce Statistics – What’s Causing the Rise and What to Do If Your Marriage is Falling Apart

In 2010 more than 50% of American marriages will end with a divorce. In many other nations the statistics don’t quite get so high, but are close. It is a shame that society today seems to believe in disposable marriages.

Traditional wedding vows include the statement “until death do us part.” Nonetheless marriage in many ways within the United States has become only slightly more significant than a casual relationship.

This is quite noticeable when looking at public figures. Entertainers, actors and actresses, professional athletes and the like all have divorce rates higher than the rest of society.

Members of the police force, in particular have an extremely high divorce rate. In fact they divorce more than those in any other profession. The profession they are in is particularly hazardous. That combine that with the authority, the uniform, badge, and gun and you have someone that attracts members of the opposite sex like crazy. At the same time their exposure to the negativity and darker side of human nature all day, can end up making them particularly cynical.

In the US, almost 50% of first marriages end up as divorces. In Denmark, Russia, the UK, New Zealand and Australia the numbers are almost just as bad. For second marriages it is even worse. Nearly two-thirds end up in divorce. For those of you who do not give up easily and take on a third marriage a full three-quarters of those end in failure.

Did people just forget about the vows they took at their marriage ceremony? Did they not think them all the way through? Do people no longer care about living up to the commitments they make? Or perhaps, is it just that most do not really know what it is going to take to follow through on the commitment they made, while completely expecting that it would just be easy. Whatever the reason is, people these days seem to find divorcing easier than just resolving their problems. Unfortunately, it is probably easier, but that does not mean it is what you need to do.

Today it seems that many people do not consider marriage to be important. This is clearly seen by the frequency in which couples choose to live together (sometimes even having children together), but never marry.

This is a complete breakdown of family being at the center of domestic life and is partially to blame for the lack of significance placed these days on marriage. Unfortunately lack of commitment does seem to be contagious. Having been through this myself and not wanting myself or those I care about go through it I now spend time writing about tips to solve marital problems.

It seems that at the same time, may have lessened the importance in their lives of religious faith. Almost all Western religions place marriage in a highly regarded role, so the lack of religion in people’s lives may contribute the seeming lack of importance they place on marriage.

The divorce rate for those couples with children is nearly 40% lower than those without. While this is a good thing, because children do need strong involvement form both parents, it does not mean that those “saved” marriages have all issues resolved. In fact, many of those still have the problems, but “for the children” stay together. This can cause those difficulties to become magnified and take even more of the joy of family away if they do not find a way to resolve their issues.

Over 30% of American children come from homes with a divorce. This leaves many children to be raised in households without both parents.

I believe that the lack of respect shown today for marriage is a travesty. We need to find ways to doing everything possible to live up to the vows we made to our partners and our selves when we entered into the marriage! It’s not always that easy to do though. When watching TV these days the horror stories that we see on Jerry Springer, Montel, and Oprah make it frequently seem that while we may be better off than those on the TV, that the best thing to do is to cut bait at bail.

That is not true though. We simply need to learn to put as much time, energy and care as possible into our relationships. We need to learn that it’s not always about us, how to help our partners enjoy their lives as well. It is hard work to make a marriage work, but there are very few things in life as rewarding as a great marriage.

Do EVERYTHING possible to make sure your feeding your marriage properly!

I’ve been through a terrible divorce myself. I cause many of the problems in the relationship and ignored many of the ones I didn’t. When I started to see the same things happen in my current marriage I was determined to do what it would take to fix things. It wasn’t easy, and I had to go through a lot of information to find the things that could actually work. Now to make things easier on others I write about what to do with your troubled marriage.

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