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Divorce Law Connecticut Fault Have Any Effect?

The state of Connecticut refers divorce as “dissolution of marriage”. In Connecticut there is nothing as no-fault divorce, which means that to get divorce in this state you have to prove a marital fault. The degree of marital fault will determine the financial matters related to the divorce e.g. division of asset, alimony etc. There are various grounds on which marital fault can be proved in the court. These marital faults have strong effect on the verdict of your divorce. We have discussed the grounds for fault divorce below.

  • The marriage broke down irretrievably- This means that there is no scope that the marital relation, which broke down will regain its original position again.
  • Separation for a period of more than 18 months- Means if the couples had got separated for a period of more than 18 months.
  • Adultery- Either of the spouse have been engaged in marital misconduct. Either of them had sexual intercourse with his/her respective lover and this must be proved in the court with video tape or photographs.
  • Will full desertion for a period of one year- Either of the spouses has deserted the other spouse for a period of one year or more and had neglected his/her duties after marriage.
  • Absence for a period of seven years without any contact- If one of the spouses has been absent for a period of seven years and had kept no contact with the other spouse.
  • Intolerable cruelty- If one spouse acted on the other spouse with intolerable cruelty.
  • Lifetime imprisonment- If one of the spouses has been sentenced lifetime imprisonment, the other spouse can file a divorce based on this.
  • Fraudulent contract(This must be discussed with the family lawyer, and may differ as per the case)
  • Infamous crime
  • Confinement in mental institution for a period of 5 years

These are the faults based on which divorce can be granted in Connecticut. In Connecticut divorce can also be granted based on annulment. As per the definition of annulment, it says that there never existed a divorce between the man and the woman. It is very difficult to prove this in the court and if you are planning to go by this method; you have to talk to a good divorce lawyers. You need to prove that marital relation never existed between you and your spouse. If religion is the base for annulment, then you need to talk to a priest before talking to your divorce attorney. Connecticut has a lot of experienced divorce lawyers who handle such types of cases every day. They will guide you properly regarding the problems you face during the divorce.

To get divorce in Connecticut you have to produce certain documents. You must gather these documents at the earliest so that you don’t face any problem in your divorce proceedings. Any document related to pre nuptial agreement, legal separation and other things like these may come in use during your divorce proceeding.

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