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Children And Your New Relationship After Divorce

Kids are resilient but they are not dumb.   If you are worried about what to tell your children about your new relationship after divorce, you should be. You need  to handle this like the delicate situation that it is.

They may not like to hear what you have to say and they surely will not want to be friendly to your new love interest.

There are a couple of factors to take into consideration:

1. The children’s ages at the time of the divorce.

2. The length of time between the divorce and finding your new love interest.

For a long time after parents divorce, the children may think that the two of you will always get back together,  especially if they are younger in age. We all know, as adults, that this is not the case except in special circumstances.

If you have waited some time after the divorce to find someone new they may even be happy for you that you are  getting on with your life.

I do not think there are any hard and fast rules on how to introduce your children and your new relationship after  divorce, so my advice is to just play it by ear and make the introductions as you see fit.

Make sure that you do not end up “asking for permission” from your children. Your love life really is none of their  business until and unless you decide to remarry. Then they just need to respect your decision and not cause any  problems.

Most children just need to feel that they are loved and cared for.    In a divorce situation these feelings may only be tenuous at best. They may feel detached and lonely not to mention  a little lost. They find they have to look to themselves for some of their own care and, depending on their ages, may not be  equipped to handle how they are feeling fully.

The parents who are divorcing need to make sure that the children are taken care of and know that they are still  loved and that the divorce is not their fault in the least. Children have a tendency to blame themselves when their  parents break up.

Be prepared to give a lot of reassurance to your kids and let them know that even though you will not be able to see them on a daily basis any more that you still care about and love them just like you did before and you will see  them as often as you can.

If the kids are older and some time has passed since you divorced then just be honest with them about what you are  doing and who you are seeing. Give them some time to get used to the idea before you make any introductions and  be there to answer any questions they may have.

Children and your new relationship after divorce can learn to like each other but things have to have a chance to  develop naturally, never try to force your kids or your new love into anything.   If you have a special relationship with your ex … and cannot seem to get past the divorce .. perhaps you need some  help in another direction.. in fixing your old realtionship. If so… you can get that help ..  How To Fix Your Broken Relationship n

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