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Can Prayer Really Help Save Your Marriage?

It seems lately that, with the growing number of married couples getting divorced, people and marriages have lost plenty of their value and marriage is not a priority any longer. Even marriage therapists, who are supposed to help, typically see divorce as a perfectly acceptable solution.

There is another way if your marriage is in trouble. You should make use of prayer to save your marriage, strengthen your relationship, and help you both have a much more satisfying life.

There are a lot of organizations that utilize prayer as the tool for saving a marriage. Among these is the Covenant Keepers, an organization that aims to help save marriages using prayer.

Their main understanding is that a Christian marriage is joined by the Lord, and God has the power to intervene through prayer to help save it. The ministers in Covenant Keepers use biblical teachings to help spouses change and heal, and feel that prayer can help save most marriages.

A lot of Catholic married couples find that the Retrouvaille program may help them utilize prayer for saving a marriage. Retrouvaille is a program created to help married couples restore their marriage through prayer and rediscovery.

The program was made in Canada in the 1970s, and has since grew around the world. The power of prayer to save marriage is the basis for the program, which is presented by married couples and a priest.

Billing themselves as “a spiritual trauma center for hurting marriages,” Rejoice Marriage Ministries also uses prayer to save marriages. Started by Bob and Charlyne Steinkamp, the program uses the power of prayer to save marriages, including their own. They offer online support, bible study, and other resources to asssist couples utilize prayer for saving a marriage.

Using prayer, fasting, retreats and telephone counseling, Marriage Restoration Ministries is another organization dedicated to using prayer to save marriages. The founders call on the power of prayer to heal marriages, and save them from the pain and sorrow of divorce. They also provide day to day email letters made to encourage and motivate people to utilize prayer to rescue their marriage.

Offering online support in a lot of languages, Restore Ministries International uses prayer to save marriages. The founder claims to have saved her own marriage with prayer, and utilizes biblical passages as the basis for her work.

Their website provides a prayer request link, bible study resources, a library and a number of other things to support utilizing prayer to save your marriage. They offer their program in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Afrikaans, Tagalog and Malayalam. The program is centered around the woman’s power to make use of prayer to save their marriage, both to make changes in herself and her partner, for a more loving and supportive relationship.

There are a lot of effective things you can do to prevent your marriage from falling apart. When it comes to Saving A Marriage the methods you will see on the following page can provide you with the advice and info you require to assist the situation you’re going through Click Here.

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