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Christian Marriage From The Bible Itself

A Biblical Study on Christian Marriage

The Bible offers timeless wisdom on the subject of marriage. Christian marriage is truly a union between husband, spouse, and God.

Dependent on Religious belief, God saw the value of relationship in the beginning from the development of mankind. When he created Adam, it was clear that Adam was not full in and of themself, so Christians believe that God chose to produce Eve to become Adam’s companion. Even though Eve was a present from God to full Adam, marriages, this kind of as Religious marriages, aren’t without challenges.

Considering what are the Bible states about relationship can assist Christian couples to stay on monitor. In truth, Christians might discover numerous bits of relationship suggestions in the Bible.

Actual Intimacy is Crucial in the Context of Religious Relationship

Christians believe that God in no way intended the actual aspect from the marital passionate relationship to become lacking in any way. one Corinthians seven:4-6 states, “The spouse doesn’t have authority over her own physique, nevertheless the husband does. And likewise the husband doesn’t have authority over his own physique, but the wife does. Do not deprive a single an additional except with consent for any time, that you simply simply might give yourselves to fasting and prayer; and arrive collectively once more to make sure that Satan doesn’t tempt you merely because of your lack of self-control.” (NKJV) Love and respect christian marriage

The Bible is obvious on the subject of normal actual relations between spouse and spouse, with each husband and spouse searching for to please a single another. The exception is that upon mutual consent, physical intimacy between spouse and wife may be suspended for a brief period of time for that objective of prayer and fasting.

Adore and Respect Are Important Elements of Christian Marriage

Both men and women desire to be beloved and respected, but Christians believe that the Bible creates it obvious that more than anything, men need respect, especially from their wives, and significantly more than anything, wives need to be loved, particularly by their partners.

Ephesians five:33 covers this point, stating that, “each a single of you also should adore his wife as he loves themself, and the spouse should respect her husband.” (NIV)

God Designated Man as Mind of the Household in Christian Relationship

A single potentially controversial Christian belief holds that God appointed the man since the “head of the household” in the Christian relationship.

Ephesians 5:21-25 discusses this point, stating, “Submit to one another away from reverence for Christ. Wives, submit for your partners as towards the Lord. For that spouse is the head from the spouse as Christ is the head from the church, his body, of which he may be the Savior. Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives ought to submit to their husbands in each thing. Partners, adore your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.” (NIV)

Submission of a wife to a husband is truly a matter of significantly debate, for great cause. After all, if the idea of a spouse submitting to her spouse is taken away from context, it could be abused. However, within the biblical context it’s clear that husbands use a responsibility to love their wives towards the point of getting willing to die for them. When a man prefers his wife to this type of an extent that he is prepared to provide up his life for her, a Religious wife can be submissive without fearing her spouse will abuse or mistreat her in any way. Love and respect

This relationship Bible study barely scratches the area of what Christian relationship is all about.

Read more at Suite101: What the Bible Says About Marriage: A Biblical Study on Religious Relationship.

Adore and Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

Assessment of Well Read and Helpful Guide on Marriage and Relationships

Assisting enhance relationship via Biblical principles and useful tips, Adore and Respect is for husbands and wives who wish to understand to truly fulfill their spouse’s requirements.

Love and Respect, by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, offers not just good relationship suggestions, but a message that many simply have not heard or understood before. Dr. Eggerichs has numerous many years of experience like a minister in addition a marriage counsellor, and this expertise exhibits in the book.

The “Love and Respect Connection”

Along with his wife, Sarah, Dr. Eggerichs conducts relationship conferences which he calls the “Love and Respect Connection.” They have received plenty of good suggestions from the conferences. Love and Respect details the concepts and concepts studied throughout these conferences. It also outlines some of the feedback received in letters and emails from husbands and wives alike who’ve attended the conferences.

The book explains the Biblical truths which are the schedule of the “Love and Respect Connection.” Unlike numerous relationship books that provide advice, this a single uses frequently ignored or misunderstood passages of scripture that help explain relationship. Love and Respect offers suggestions to both husbands and wives based on these scripture passages.

Adore and Respect and the Bible

Adore and Respect utilizes a passage from Ephesians 5: “Wives, submit yourselves unto your personal husbands as unto the Lord… Partners, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself up for it… Nevertheless, allow everyone of you in particular so adore his wife even as themself; as well as the spouse see that she reverence her husband” (KJV). Recognizing that this scripture in particular can be ignored and is misunderstood by so numerous, Dr. Eggerichs’ guide seeks to explain it and assist husbands and wives utilize it to their own marriage. This scripture is accompanied by numerous others that speak of relationship and support the concept presented therein and form the basis of Love and Respect.

Through explaining Biblical concepts, the aim of Adore and Respect would be to help “make a bad marriage right into a good a single and a good relationship into a excellent one” (p.266). As is revealed in the book, understanding the “Love and Respect Connection” is a verified aide to marriages everywhere.

Love and Respect Romantic relationship Tips

Love and Respect offers useful and well explained concepts plus a handful of useful tips to assist utilize the principles to one’s marriage. The book is really a pretty long one, but is worth reading through at least a little every day. And for those partners or wives who have spouses who aren’t fond of reading through, it could be examine by one and described to the other. This allows for good discussion that might be really helpful for each spouses.

An superb companion to Love and Respect may be the Love Dare by Stephen and Alex Kendrick. A 40-day devotional for each partners and wives, The Love Dare agrees with Adore and Respect in Biblical principles and offers practical relationship tips on how to display both love and respect with actions, attitudes and terms.

Marriage is a gift from God and should be dealt with as this type of. For individuals struggling with marriage or merely wanting to make it better, Adore and Respect can assist open eyes and hearts towards the needs of partners and wives and effect positive change

Examine more at Suite101: Love and Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs: Review of Nicely Examine and Helpful Guide on Marriage and Relationships.

Bible Solutions for Relationship Difficulties

What are the Scriptures Train about Establishing a Powerful Relationship

Divorce and/or separation prices among Christians are fairly much on par with divorce prices for individuals who don’t claim to become Christians. The Bible has great advice for married couples.

Many books happen to be written for households with help for dealing with difficulties in marriage. The Bible teaches that God developed marriage for that good of humanity.

A passage in Genesis two: 18 states, “And the Lord God stated, It’s not great that the guy should be alone; I will make an help meet for him.” It’s important to note how the words “help” and “meet” are not “helpmate.” This word “meet” can be understood as meaning “suitable.” So some think that by generating a woman, God was providing a suitable companion for Adam.

Companions or Combatants

Many marriages start with two individuals who seem to believe that they are suitable companions. Nevertheless, as time passes and also the couple get to understand each other significantly better, the same traits that endeared every towards the other turn out to be grating and annoying.

Tensions build, communication falters and the two, as soon as madly in love with each other, begin to grow apart. Some households even start to wonder if they didn’t make a mistake in marrying his/her partner.

God’s View of Divorce

Some think how the Bible suggests that divorce isn’t acceptable. One substantial passage that discusses this is Malachi 2:16, wherever it says, “‘For I hate divorce!’ states the Lord, the God of Israel.”

Many think that there’s only a single cause given within the Bible that permits for divorce and/or separation and that is adultery. The Bible’s teaching is obvious that the innocent party is free to remarry if the other spouse committed adultery.

Jesus’ thoughts on divorce and/or separation are recorded in Matthew 19:9, where is says, “And I say unto you, Whosoever shall put away his wife, except it be for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery: and whoso marrieth her which can be put aside doth commit adultery.” Romans 7:two reiterates the insoluble nature of the marriage covenant in these words, “For the lady which hath an husband is bound through the law to her spouse so long as he liveth.”

Love in Action – The Only Response

Far from being a life sentence, Christians think that relationship is intended to be a blessing. So what would be the keys to building a powerful and happy marriage relationship?

Here are some factors to consider as found inside the “Love Chapter,” one Corinthians 13, where it states that adore is:

* Patient

* Type

* Not jealous

* Not boastful

* Not proud

* Not rude

* Not demanding

* Not irritable

* Not a record keeper of wrongs

* Not glad about injustices

* Joyful when truth triumphs

Moreover, this portion from the Bible offers additional insight into the character of love, saying, “Love in no way gives up, never loses faith, is usually hopeful, and endures through each circumstance. Adore will last permanently.” (one Corinthians 13:7,8)

Assurance of God’s Help in the Marriage Passionate relationship

Each Religious might have assurance that God is deeply concerned concerning the marriage passionate relationship and will support each work made toward reconciliation simply because the Bible confirms it in the pursuing verses.

“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine personal understanding. In all thy methods acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths,” based on Proverbs 3: five, 6. In other terms, Christians should not trust their personal understanding of a scenario, but believe in how the Lord will direct in the way that’s right.

Christians are called to become thankful for the victory which has been made feasible via Jesus in these terms, “Thanks be to God, which giveth us the triumph through our Lord Jesus Christ,” (1 Corinthians 15:57).

Although reconciling a relationship romantic relationship may be hard, Christians are reminded that all energy for reconciliation is accessible towards the believer, according to Philippians four: 13 which states, “I can do all things via Christ which strengtheneth me.”

Examine more at Suite101: Bible Options for Marital Difficulties: What the Scriptures Teach about Establishing a Strong Relationship Christian Marriage From The Bible Itself

 If you need Love and respect crazy cycle and christian marriage help please dont delay its gods will to keep you married and happy living under Gods will for man and woman

Life Transitions: When Life Signals A Need For Change

Everyday Brings

Transitions for Us All

What exactly is transition? Well, in a word, transition is change.

Some transitions are positive in nature like marriage, graduation, birth,

and career promotion. And some are less positive in nature like job loss, illness, separation, divorce, and death.

Transitions occur in our bodies, with our relationships, in our professional careers. Change occurs constantly in our lives, literally every single day.

There are other types of transitions too.

Transitions and

Life Development

Perhaps the most personal transitions any of us go through occur simply as we live our lives.

The normal phases of life development are huge transitions in and of themselves as we move from childhood to teen, young adult to our child bearing and rearing years, middle age, and finally our later years, although we may not recognize the magnitude of the impact as we move through them.

We experience the mental and physical changes that transition brings, most often in small, almost indiscernible ways as we’re experiencing them, the changes are so minute.

Consider the intensity of finding our sexuality in puberty and the resulting cacophony of feelings and emotions that result. Then as young adults in our child bearing years, the growth of our babies during pregnancy for which nearly every day brings a transition for us as the baby experiences its own astounding transitions.

As we mature, we again move through the transition of menopause and finally the onset of various aches, pains, and other changes as we age.

Perhaps one of our most exciting, yet challenging transitions is that from an individual to a couple, perhaps eventually a family with children, and the changes that brings to every aspect of life.

Blurring the Line Between

Positive & Negative Change

Finally there are those transitions that blur the line between being positive and less so. Take for instance moving to a new home or location. We must consider the context of the move to understand its effect on our lives.

For example: Jim and Amy’s move is the result of a change in assignment as they’re both in the service. They’re used to this life and if pressed, would admit to loving the excitement of learning about new cities and meeting new friends. They may feel the pull of relationships left behind but have been through this many times and realize that the friends they’ve made, are friends for life.

For Angela, the move is the result of a separation from her husband. She’s aware of a certain level of fear and uncertainty as she prepares to become the major income earner for herself and her three children.

Her transition to a new life, while planned in some respects (a new job that she worked to get) and unexpected in others (the separation was not her idea) is clearly different from Jim and Amy.

With the support of her therapist however, she’s allowed herself to begin the process of leaving one life behind for another and is surprised to feel a small sense of excitement every now and then.

As you can see, whether expected or not – positive or less so – transitions can be, in fact, are often very stressful.

To Begin Anew We

Must Endure Endings

It would seem that a change or transition means something new – and it does. But before beginning anew, we must endure an ending of some sort.

For example, in the transition to menopause, we must leave our ability to bear children behind. In the transition to a new career, we leave our old one behind. And in the transition to being married, we leave our single status behind.

With each transition, even those one would think to be positive, we are experiencing loss which can prove to be even more confusing.

Consider positive transitions like becoming married and having a baby: Two magnificent transitions fraught with emotion, sometimes confusion, often doubt and questioning of our ability to “get it right”.

Therapy and

Life Transitions

Would a therapist know how to help with “life transitions”?

Consider our marriage and family therapist, Mary, as she glances at several of her appointments: She begins her day with Alex (yes, marriage and family therapists do see individuals!). Alex is faced with the decision of whether to take a longed-for promotion – transition!

While he’s been working for this promotion for years, when it’s finally offered he begins to question his motivation for working so hard in the first place. He should be more excited; after all this is what he wanted.

Another client is Ruth who is returning after a number of years seeking help for an upcoming divorce – transition! Originally Mary saw Ruth for grief counseling following the death of her mother (yes, you guessed it, another transition).

Another benefit of therapy during the transition process is illustrated by Ruth’s situation. The process itself can mimic the emotions felt when in grief for many clients. Therapy can help you process these feelings and develop a more realist perspective.

Ruth is likely going to experience the grief of losing a long relationship, along with the natural triggering of feelings that the memory of her last visits to Mary will bring. She’s made the right decision in seeking help.

A therapist has the expertise and training to provide you with gentle compassion and guidance through so many of the changes you’ll encounter in life.

Whether the life transitions you’re going through are expected or unexpected, positive or less so, seek out a caring therapist to help you; you needn’t try to go through it alone!

Marriage Counseling and How it Saved My Life

My parents, my two sisters, and I went to a marriage counselor to get everything out in the open. Looking back on it, it did not save my parent’s marriage, but it may have saved my family. Since their divorce, my parents still frequently speak, my sisters and I thoroughly enjoy spending time with both parents, whether it be all five of us together or just four of us.

It showed us that our parents truly cared about our opinions and it made us mature as children. We were able to have a say in what happened in our family and our parents were able to see what was best for the family, not only themselves. Fortunately, it was best for us and our parents for the divorce. Granted, this may not work for everyone, but it definitely made the transition of having two visible parents to one much smoother.

It is not for everyone. One key component is checking with the children before pigeon-holing them into a very awkward situation. Let the children feel they have a hand in what happens. It’s their life too. Otherwise, they will be unwilling to speak with the counselor and it will be a waste of time and $200.

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Jennifer Lopez songs ‘hint at troubled marriage’

Jennifer Lopez’s new album may have given an indication to the trouble she was experiencing in her marriage to Marc Anthony.

The couple announced they were ending their seven year union on Friday but tracks on her record Love? may indicate that problems were brewing for a while.

In one of her up tempo tracks called Starting Over, the mother-of-two refers to “my man” as a “dog” and a “player” where she was watching “these dreams falling apart at the seams”.

“All his secrets, all his lies, I just keep pushing ‘em out my mind,” she sings.

However, the 41-year-old is not letting the news of the split slow her down and ventured out to a music studio yesterday where she spent six hours working on an upcoming project.

Jennifer and Marc were not just married, they had several joint business ventures which will still be going ahead including a clothing line for Kohl’s which launches in September.

There have also been reports that Marc’s “jealousy” and “controlling ways” were reasons behind the split.

“He would micromanage their lives together,” an insider told E! Online. “He was all over her all the time – about everything – and I know she tried very hard, and for a long time, to act like it didn’t bother her, but I know it did. A lot.”

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The Advantages & Disadvantages of Genetically Modified Food: Both Sides of the Debate

The number of countries growing genetically modified crops has increased in recent years causing much debate over the safety of these products. Supporters claim it will feed the world and promote better health and ecological welfare. While others believe the food contains risks to human health.

Genetically modified organisms (GMO) include crops, vegetables and fruit that have been created using genetic engineering methods. Scientists combine desirable genes from various species to create new genetically-altered crosses with enhanced nutritional, productive and ecological value. This differs from traditional breeding in that genetic transference between unrelated species does not occur biologically in nature.

The process of combining inter-species genes, which is called recombinant DNA technology, does not have the checks and balances that are imposed by nature in traditional breeding. Because of this there is a risk of genetic instability. This means that no one can make any accurate predictions about the long-term effects of GMOs on human beings and the environment. Extensive testing in this regard is either very expensive or impractical, and there is still a great deal about the process that scientists do not understand.

This is the crux of the matter in the ongoing debate of GMOs. Food is an emotional topic. It matters a great deal to all of us. We are what we eat after all. The subject is also of vested interest for the corporations that manufacture genetically modified seeds and agricultural technologies. The arguments are intense and passionate.

Proponents Claim That There are Many Advantages:

Crops are more productive and have a larger yield. Could potentially offer more nutrition and flavor (although this is debated). A possibility that they could eliminate allergy-causing properties in some foods. Inbuilt resistance to pests, weeds and disease. More capable of thriving in regions with poor soil or adverse climates. More environment friendly as they require less herbicides and pesticides. Foods are more resistant and stay ripe for longer so they can be shipped long distances or kept on shop shelves for longer periods. As more GMO crops can be grown on relatively small parcels of land, they are an answer to feeding growing world populations.

Corporations insist that:

Genetically modified foods are safe. Changing a few genes here and there does not make a crop toxic or dangerous. Why shouldn’t we alter nature to meet our needs? There are many natural organisms that human beings have transformed to serve their purpose.

Critics Cite the Dangers of GMO

Scientists can choose which genes to manipulate, but they don’t yet know where in the DNA to precisely insert these genes and they have no way of controlling gene expression. Genes don’t work in isolation, changing a few could change the whole picture, with unpredictable results. The use of genetically modified food should not be encouraged without research into the risks. Not labeling is wrong and unfair to the consumers who should have the right to know what they are buying so they can decide for themselves whether they want to buy the food or not. Even if health safety factors are not an issue, some people might have moral or religious objections. They should not have to eat GMOs if they don’t want to. Genetically modified crops pose a risk to food diversity as the plants are much more dominant. Herbicide-resistant and pesticide-resistant crops could give rise to super-weeds and super-pests that would need newer, stronger chemicals to destroy them. GMO crops cross-pollinate with nearby non-GMO plants and could create ecological problems. If this were to happen with GMO foods containing vaccines, antibiotics, contraceptives and so on, it would very well turn into a human health nightmare. The claim of ending world hunger with GMOs is false. World hunger is not caused by a shortage of food production, but by sheer mismanagement, and lack of access to food brought about by various social, financial and political causes. GMO technology companies patent their crops and also engineer crops so that harvested grain germs are incapable of developing. This is not empowering to impoverished Third World farmers, who cannot save seeds for replanting and have to buy expensive seeds from the companies every year. The new technology also interferes with traditional agricultural methods which may be more suited to local environments. GMOs are not the answer to world hunger and health. Instead we should focus on improving organic agricultural practices which are kinder to the earth and healthier for humans.

There are many more questions about genetically modified food that can only be answered through time, research and experience. What side of the argument do you fall on?

Additional Resources:

Genetically Modified Foods and Organisms:

Genetically Modified Foods: Harmful or Helpful?

Grants For Woman Head Of Households

Grants are not Benefits or Entitlements. A Federal Grant is an award of financial assistance from a Federal agency to a recipient to carry out a public purpose of support or stimulation authorized by a law of the United States.

Since 2002, the federal government has been developing and implementing as a collaborative cross-government program focused on streamlining grants management for the Federal grant community.

Being a single mom these days can be so tedious, generally statistics say that single moms are one of the most disadvantaged parties in the United States.

Believe it or not, single female parents:

* are rarely awarded spousal support, in it only occurs in 15% of divorce cases.

* who are actually awarded spousal support doesn’t get the support anyway. Statistics say that only 36% of the 15% of total women awarded with spousal support actually get this support.

* who are given spousal support rarely getting the whole amount; it’s usually less than half actually.

* suffer from a fall in their standard of living, after divorce, while a male’s standard of living actually increases by 15%.

And because of the recurring social stature of women, most single female parents are those that used to be homemakers, meaning they are jobless and have no experience as a worker whatsoever. This is a problem because they are dependent on their husbands for income, and once that income goes away, they are left with nothing.

There is one way to recover from such a blow, some women already have a start on tertiary education, and only need the money to finish it. Fortunately, the government offers various grants that target single moms who want to finish their education.

What is a grant?

A grant is usually a form of financial support that the federal government offers to certain eligible people. The government offers over 900 grants and out of these nine hundred there are a few grants targeted towards single mothers. The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) has a complete list of all the grants that may be applied for and this can be found at their website.

If you’re one of the mothers who want to pursue higher education, it is best however to go to the financial aid office of your respective college or university. Usually, grants, especially scholarship funds have faculty representatives for each school who can assist students who are applying for grants.


Did you know?

Applying at can reduce your costs and the time required to find government grant opportunities and process your application. The site provides access to multiple grantors and reduces paperwork.

By downloading a grant application package, you can view it offline, giving you the flexibility to complete the application when and where you want.


Who is eligible for a grant?

Usually grants awarded by the US government are only for U.S. citizens. Aside from those criteria, each grant has its own set of eligibility rules. Some only cater to undergraduates, some only to juniors or sophomores, some only for Native Americans some only for Alaskans, and yet another some that target the course rather than the origin of the applicant. For example, there are a lot of grants that offer scholarships for outstanding students who are studying the sciences or tribal politics of Native Americans.

Why apply for a grant?

As a single female parent, furthering your education is one of the sure fire ways to find a living where you can earn more than minimum wage, sure minimum wage is ok if you’re single but if you have a child or children, it’ll be a lot harder to find time both for work and for childcare.

How to prepare for a grant application

1. Get the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance from the financial aid office of your college or university. You can also get the list from

2. Study the grants that are applicable to you, not just the eligibility but also the application process and the purpose of the grant as well as the Government department giving it.

3. Ask yourself where are you going to apply? Does your application have to go through the school, does it have to go through the local government or can you send it directly?

4. These projects usually have assessment pages where they show previously or currently funded individuals or institutions, study these to find out your chances of getting the grant.

5. Know what types of paperwork are required note down everything you already have and everything that you still have to get.

6. Call the contact persons and ask to get an application kit.

7. After filling the kit don’t forget to include your grant proposal; most of the judgment is based on this piece of writing. It’ll help a lot if you attend or at least have read previous grant proposals.

8. Make sure to have the application in before the deadline.

Michael Saunders has an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He edits a site on Government Grants for Women Owned Businesses and also edits HandsNet – A Human Services News Website.

Divorce Statistics – What’s Causing the Rise and What to Do If Your Marriage is Falling Apart

In 2010 more than 50% of American marriages will end with a divorce. In many other nations the statistics don’t quite get so high, but are close. It is a shame that society today seems to believe in disposable marriages.

Traditional wedding vows include the statement “until death do us part.” Nonetheless marriage in many ways within the United States has become only slightly more significant than a casual relationship.

This is quite noticeable when looking at public figures. Entertainers, actors and actresses, professional athletes and the like all have divorce rates higher than the rest of society.

Members of the police force, in particular have an extremely high divorce rate. In fact they divorce more than those in any other profession. The profession they are in is particularly hazardous. That combine that with the authority, the uniform, badge, and gun and you have someone that attracts members of the opposite sex like crazy. At the same time their exposure to the negativity and darker side of human nature all day, can end up making them particularly cynical.

In the US, almost 50% of first marriages end up as divorces. In Denmark, Russia, the UK, New Zealand and Australia the numbers are almost just as bad. For second marriages it is even worse. Nearly two-thirds end up in divorce. For those of you who do not give up easily and take on a third marriage a full three-quarters of those end in failure.

Did people just forget about the vows they took at their marriage ceremony? Did they not think them all the way through? Do people no longer care about living up to the commitments they make? Or perhaps, is it just that most do not really know what it is going to take to follow through on the commitment they made, while completely expecting that it would just be easy. Whatever the reason is, people these days seem to find divorcing easier than just resolving their problems. Unfortunately, it is probably easier, but that does not mean it is what you need to do.

Today it seems that many people do not consider marriage to be important. This is clearly seen by the frequency in which couples choose to live together (sometimes even having children together), but never marry.

This is a complete breakdown of family being at the center of domestic life and is partially to blame for the lack of significance placed these days on marriage. Unfortunately lack of commitment does seem to be contagious. Having been through this myself and not wanting myself or those I care about go through it I now spend time writing about tips to solve marital problems.

It seems that at the same time, may have lessened the importance in their lives of religious faith. Almost all Western religions place marriage in a highly regarded role, so the lack of religion in people’s lives may contribute the seeming lack of importance they place on marriage.

The divorce rate for those couples with children is nearly 40% lower than those without. While this is a good thing, because children do need strong involvement form both parents, it does not mean that those “saved” marriages have all issues resolved. In fact, many of those still have the problems, but “for the children” stay together. This can cause those difficulties to become magnified and take even more of the joy of family away if they do not find a way to resolve their issues.

Over 30% of American children come from homes with a divorce. This leaves many children to be raised in households without both parents.

I believe that the lack of respect shown today for marriage is a travesty. We need to find ways to doing everything possible to live up to the vows we made to our partners and our selves when we entered into the marriage! It’s not always that easy to do though. When watching TV these days the horror stories that we see on Jerry Springer, Montel, and Oprah make it frequently seem that while we may be better off than those on the TV, that the best thing to do is to cut bait at bail.

That is not true though. We simply need to learn to put as much time, energy and care as possible into our relationships. We need to learn that it’s not always about us, how to help our partners enjoy their lives as well. It is hard work to make a marriage work, but there are very few things in life as rewarding as a great marriage.

Do EVERYTHING possible to make sure your feeding your marriage properly!

I’ve been through a terrible divorce myself. I cause many of the problems in the relationship and ignored many of the ones I didn’t. When I started to see the same things happen in my current marriage I was determined to do what it would take to fix things. It wasn’t easy, and I had to go through a lot of information to find the things that could actually work. Now to make things easier on others I write about what to do with your troubled marriage.

On my site [] I post articles designed to help you:

-Determine if you Should Stay or Walk Away

-Deal with a Stubborn Partner

-Get Your “Silent” Partner to Open Up

-Resolve Conflict Effectively

-Rebuild Trust

-Deal with a Sexless Relationship

-Reigniting the Spark

-See the Warning Signs and How to Remedy Them

-Understand The Importance of Realistic Expectations

-Know When to Seek Professional Help

How to Save Marriage From Divorce – 3 Uncommon Ways to Save Your Marriage

I was so happy the day I married my husband. We were both sparkling eyes and hearts full of love. We swore to be together forever and we meant it.

Cut to 11 years later. Every day I ask myself how to save marriage from divorce. We hardly ever talk or see each other. A silent anger is between us all the time. We never spend family time together. I am always suspicious that he is cheating, he always complains and nothing I do is good enough. My children notice this and seem so sad.

Things look hopeless and divorce is definitely lurking around in the corners. How could this have happened to us? What did I do wrong? Who is to blame? How can I save my marriage from divorce?

As these questions took hold of my thoughts and depression slowly took over me, I decided not to give up. I started looking for help because I knew we can’t survive this marriage crisis alone. After a long search and a many mistakes (mainly due to questionable advice on the internet), I finally found the last relationship advice book I’ll ever read. Implementing the exact steps given to me in this book literally saved my marriage.

I want to share 3 golden ways to save your marriage – All of them taken from this book. I hope it helps you as it did me:

1. Stop Asking What’s Wrong and How To Fix It

A common and very human mistake we all make is always looking for what is wrong and how can we fix it. Why can’t we get things right again? why can’t we get back to the way we used to be? Why did he cheat on me?

There’s nothing wrong in finding the weak spots in your relationship and working to better them somehow, but focusing on the bad things in your marriage has its price: It puts an emphasis on the marriage crisis, it makes you feel that things are hopeless and it’s a shaky foundation for rebuilding your relationship. So, what’s the uncommon way to deal with this?

Focus on the positive aspects of your marriage. Take a trip down memory lane: try to remember happy times, loving moments that you shared together. Look at pictures of you on a trip together, smiling and touching.

Remember why he became your best friend. Is he the only one that knows your deepest fear because he’s the only one you’ve shared it with? Does he have the same sense of humor as you? Write down all the qualities of your spouse and your marriage. This will remind you the foundation of your marriage and how you can both be happy together.

2. Feel Angry, But Keep Your Cool

When your marriage is in crisis, anger becomes your companion. How many times have you experienced feeling Boiled over in rage over something your spouse said or did? How many times have you responded angrily at how irresponsible he has behaved?

Feeling angry is understandable, and venting your anger can even strengthen your communication. But acting angry will only make things worse and cause more problems than you started out with. So, what’s the uncommon way to deal with this?

Identify your anger point – Identify the point when you decide to become angry. There is such a point and if you stop and think for a second – you will find it. Now – consciously decide to respond without the anger. Express your feelings. Start with “I am angry because I feel…” instead of “I am angry because YOU…”

Change your approach – Before telling him off, remind yourself that you are talking to your best friend, not your enemy. Only then start talking.

3. The Critical Ingredient In Saving Your Marriage

While these 2 pieces of advice are very helpful, you probably know that it won’t be enough. The critical ingredient in how to save marriage from divorce is…HELP.

You can’t do this alone and you can’t do this with only your spouse and some random advice from your girlfriends. You need professional help.

I couldn’t afford going to marriage counseling so I had to fins an alternative. Finally I found this book, from which I shared this advice with you. I learned about the #1 predictor of divorce, I learned new ways to connect emotionally, how to rebuild the respect and the honesty, how to heal after a fight and how to open up without getting hurt. It was a life saver for our marriage and we didn’t have to spend endless hours searching for a good therapist that will actually help (I hear so many stories about counseling that didn’t help) or spend half our saving on counseling sessions.

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I wish you have along and happy relationship,


Children – The True Victim Of Divorce

The family is the basic unit of society and every care should be taken to preserve it by the state, church and the family itself. However, if counseling and reconciliation cannot solve the conflict within the family, divorce maybe seen as the best solution. To couples with kids however the situation is much more complex as compared to childless couples.

Divorce can be devastating to the children and may leave a long-lasting scar that may affect their being useful citizens of the community. During the divorce process, the offspring’s will go through emotional conflicts. Anger is prevalent. Anger at the present condition, anger towards their parents, themselves and some may feel that they are to at fault for the separation.

Feelings of sadness, misery and loss are felt because there will be changes in where they will live. They will lose the other parent, their friends, their school, people and circumstances that stabilize their daily lives. They will feel rejection. Studies have shown that boys and girls are affected differently and respond in various manners.

Boys are more rowdy because they have to show and act out their inner feelings. They go on fights, they are defiant. They cause disturbances and would not be still even for a short period of time. They are the ones who will turn to drugs and alcohol. They girls on the other hand suffer inwardly and become introverts.

They are apprehensive and miserable. Thus they turn to untimely relationships or sexual promiscuity that may lead to early pregnancy or early marriage. Thus if not guided accordingly these children tend to stop school and will waste themselves into substance abuse. They will become citizens with emotional and mental illnesses, criminals or discards of society.

To save the children, the parents should have the obligation to guide their children through the divorce process and for a period after that until their emotional conflicts have been resolved. They should subdue their own emotion turmoil and together try to show the same affection and devotion for the children.

Explain to the kids to make them understand why the parents have to go on their separate ways. They have to be assured that they are in secured hands despite the changes in the family set-up. During the divorce proceedings, the couple should be civil with each other because this will also have a bearing in alleviating the negative feelings of the children.

It will slowly enfold in their understanding that they are undergoing a process and a change but they will still have their both parents. After the divorce has been finalized, visitation of non-custodial parent should be encouraged and made a positive experience to everyone. The children can then accept the situation gradually and will cope with the changes in their lives.

On the other hand, the non-custodial parent is also encouraged to have a hand in the affairs of the child and will be a constant partner in guiding the growth of the children. Divorce however does not generally leave negative reaction from children. In families where there are constant conflicts, physical and verbal abuse, the children themselves will welcome the situation that their parents will be separating.

They will be relieved by the daily stress and problems undergone by their parents. It is the children of the families that are not at odds or fight with each other that are mostly overwhelmed by the situation.