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The Holidays Are a Time to Gather Family History

Covington, KY (PRWEB) November 25, 2013

Dan Knecht of Covington, Kentucky can trace his family roots back to the 1600’s. “I was what you would call an old folks child, always hanging around our elderly family members and learned a lot from them.” Knecht has been working on his family tree for more than 30 years. He credits the Kenton County Public Library in Covington, Kentucky, for giving him some of the tools and resources needed in his search.

The Kenton County Public Library wants to remind everyone that the holidays are a great time to connect with family members and start writing down their family history. “Many people really don’t think about how much information their grandparents or other elderly family members have until it’s too late,” said Elaine Kuhn who oversees the Library’s Local History and Genealogy department. “We want to encourage people to take a few minutes during the holidays to reconnect with their family members and ask about their history. Should you or anyone else in your family want to get started tracing your family heritage, having this information will make the initial search much easier.”

While it may be overwhelming to think about how to get started, Mr. Knecht suggested doing a few simple things to get started. “In addition to talking to your relatives, you’ll want to look through family documents and photos.” Mr. Knecht states he was given hundreds of postcards that were a great source of information. “The postcards not only had beautiful pictures on them, the written part would sometimes offer insight into other family members. For instance, in one postcard there was mention of a baby being born. You can look up the birth records around that time and match the last names and this will give you a bit more information.”

Knecht further states that there are a variety of resources out there to obtain information. “The Internet has made research so much easier,” he states. He spends a lot of time at the Kenton County Public Library using free online research tools including, Faces & Places, the county and city records and other databases available. He also participates in the Library’s Congenealogy program. Congenealogy is held monthly and invites researchers to come and share their information and tips and suggestions for their research. Many libraries throughout the country have similar programs.

“I’ve learned a lot about my family. I’ve had ancestors that fought in the Revolutionary War on my mother’s side. On my father’s side one of his ancestor’s wrote a book called the “Who’s Who of Cincinnati.” There’s a treasure trove of information out there. You just have to dig a little.”

Researching your family can be a long, but fun process states Kuhn. “Approach the research as a fun hobby. No one becomes a good golfer or bowler the first time out. Family research is the same. Information usually comes in bits and pieces, but the search is 90 percent of the fun. Each “find” makes all the research worthwhile.”

The Covington Branch of the Kenton County Public Library maintains an extensive collection of local history and genealogy materials. It is one of the largest Kentucky history and genealogy collections in the commonwealth. For more information visit the Library online at, in person at 502 Scott Boulevard, Covington, Kentucky (across the river from Cincinnati) or call (859) 962-4070.


Tips from the Kenton County Public Library on Beginning Your Family History Research

For more information visit the Library online at or call (859) 962-4070.

a) Begin at home. Collect pictures, letters, cards, newspaper clippings and funeral notices. Places at home to check are photo albums, trunks, drawers, family Bible, etc.

b) Talk to relatives. Record or write notes from those conversations-preferably both. Note who said what and when, because there will be some contradictions.

c) Kinds of questions to ask to get people talking: Ask where they were born. Where did they live and when did they live there? Ask about marriages, jobs, clubs and organizations, church memberships, military service, hobbies, etc.

d) Talk to friends of your parents and grandparents. Often friends have heard stories or can share experiences.

e) In seeking information from strangers, call them up or email first. Most people do not like strangers showing up at their front door asking questions.

f) In talking to people, ask not only for facts, but also for family tales, stories, etc.

g) After you talk to someone, or receive information via email, mail, etc., always acknowledge that you got the information and thank them.

Once You Have Background Information, Go To the Library

The Kenton County Public Library has the most comprehensive records in Northern Kentucky for the local counties, but almost all local libraries have some information.

a) First check to see if the library has any books or papers about your family that have already been researched.

b) Check census, church and vital records indexes, many of which can now be found online.

c) Libraries often have city directories, which list the head of the household, where they lived, and occupation. Some libraries also have listings of who are buried in local cemeteries. Cemetery records will pinpoint the date a person died.

e) Check local historical and genealogical societies. When doing research at libraries and societies, chat with people there. It is amazing how often others are either doing research that may be related, or they may know of someone else doing research on related families.

f) County courthouses will have deed records showing land purchases, marriage licenses, deeds, wills, and sometimes birth certificates. Those records are usually kept by the county clerk’s office in the county courthouse.

g) Attend family functions (reunions, weddings, parties). Setting up displays with pictures and written material often helps to get people talking.

h) Be careful in buying books that promise information on your family tree. Most often they are simply lists of people with your last name.

i) When hiring a professional researcher, set the ground rules in advance as to how much they will charge.

j) Document Everything: Where you found it, when, page number, person’s name, etc. Always assume you are going to have to go back to that source for more information.


When to tell your child is reassuring re·as·sure  

tr.v. re·as·sured, re·as·sur·ing, re·as·sures

1. To restore confidence to.

2. To assure again.

3. To reinsure.  the child that it is not his fault.

Avoid blaming and criticizing your spouse. Children need to love both parents and not be forced to take sides. Ideally, both husband and wife should be present when you tell your children. Not only do your children need In other words Adv. 1. in other words – otherwise stated; “in other words, we are broke”

put differently , will they be able to keep the same routine? The fewer changes your child has to make, the happier the child will be. If there are inevitable changes, it is best that they not occur immediately, but rather, gradually and slowly.

Parents, not children, should make divorce-related decisions. Questions as to child psychologist child psychologist Psychology A mental health professional with a PhD in psychology who administer tests, evaluates and treats children’s emotional disorders, but can’t prescribe medications . HOW TO HANDLE SCHOOL-AGE CHILD DURING DIVORCE.-a083413132

Spell for Protection From Enemies

We are great believer because we provide all type of spell for you various problem and help of needy person who have surrounded by problems remain and their minds have lost power of solution thinking. You are here because you also believe in astrological magic.

Protection spells are helping us from unwanted enemies, evil spirits or someone bullies. Sometime in general life we see that every one doing his work and no one has meaning with anyone, everybody want just their benefit and for it they can do anything and they do not care that who is hurting with it. For example if you are best in your work at the office then simple thing that your boss be happy with you but your colleagues does not want it because they have jealous feeling for you and obviously they hate with you and they cannot see you with success. Therefore, they decide that they spoiled your goodwill in the office anyhow condition and they take help of black magic.

So sometime, you feel a strange fear and you will lose automatically, that is impact of black magic and protection spell save you from this kind of black magic. Therefore, if you are facing problem like this and you cannot find any solution then you need to focus on you and think seriously about it. If you found that, someone can apply black magic on you then immediately take help with specialists who have good knowledge of this field. You can also contact us if you do not know anyone. We assure you that you will found more peaceful environment with us and will be always happy with us.

How to Spells Work?

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It becomes as the regular process for me and tried to speak a lot with her, but there is no opportunity like that. At that time, I heard about the magical spells which helps to attract the girl within the short period of time. For that purpose, I searched a lot through online. There are lot of sites are available through online. Among the various sites, Vashikaran is the excellent of spell out site which can be very much useful to attract the girls and also the guys. With the help of single line itself, it can be done. It is the form of magical way and it cannot be believed by the most of the person. It is really the truth which has the ability to get back the lover after any severe problem. The spell is spoken out once nearly to that girl. On next day onwards she is very much close to me and asking to arrange for the marriage. Now, I fell very happy with my lover.

Spells and magic || Protection spells

How to become the Worlds best Husband

Most women dream of having Prince Charming sweep them off their feet. To have a man who will treat them with love and respect, who will be gallant and charismatic, and make their dreams come true. Unfortunately most men don’t realize that it takes a lot more to be a great husband than just to say ‘I do’.

Compliments aren’t just for the first few dates or months that you are getting to know each other. A great husband is one who notices a new top or a new hairstyles and compliments his wife on it. A simple, ‘you look hot tonight’, or ‘I really like you in that dress’ can work wonders for a woman’s self esteem and in the back of her head she will be thinking what a lovely husband I have.

Flowers are also extremely important. If you want to become the world’s best husband remember the art of purchasing flowers. Every woman loves receiving flowers, whether it’s an enormous bouquet of two dozen roses (recommended at least once a year) or bunch of tulips or hand picked from the field, they will make a woman’s heart beat faster and make her day. Flowers should be purchased on all those important occasions like Birthdays, Valentines and Woman’s Day, but also at irregular intervals throughout the year just to show that you care.

If you want to become the world’s best husband you also have to learn to listen. Listening is a skill that not all men possess, and many simply don’t understand the meaning. Women don’t always want a solution to a problem, they just want you to lend an ear. Also, if she talks about something that she’s always wanted to do or buy, do it for her and surprise her a few days or weeks later. She will love you even more for it and in her eyes you will start looking like the best husband in the world.

Help her around the house. Nowadays it’s becoming the norm for house chores to be shared among spouses. However, some people still continue to think that it’s the women who should be doing all the cooking, cleaning and looking after the children. Surprise her by doing the dishes after dinner, or cook her a three course meal. Pay for her to get a massage and in the meantime clean up the entire house. Or send her shopping and give her a foot massage at the end of the day without having to be asked.

Being the world’s best husband isn’t difficult. All it takes is a bit thought, some flowers and effort to make your wife feel like the luckiest women in the world.

How Do I Make my Husband Want to Come Back? 3 Tips to Win Him Back!

The most frequently asked questions after a divorce is “How Do I Make My Husband Want to Come Back?” The sad truth is that a lot of divorce occurs for the reason that one person gives up hope and doesn’t believe things are going to work out. The other person is left feeling depressed, sad, alone while wondering whether or not she is going to still be happy once more. Does this describe you? If so, don’t be troubled… you can save your marriage even though you are the only one trying. Employ these 3 tips and you are going to have him desiring you more than ever before!

Do not contact your husband!

This implies don’t make contact with him by any means. No text messages, phone calls, visits, email or anything of that sort. If he tries to visit you or contact you, make yourself seem busy and keep it short. Give the impression that you don’t have the time for him. This is going to give your husband time to miss you. It is going to as well change you into a more independent and attractive woman in his eyes.

Improve Yourself

You ought to now make use of this time to improve yourself. Start exercising and dieting. Get rid of those few pounds. Get some new, sexier clothes. Try a new hairdo. This is going to make you more physically attractive and is going to as well help to ease your stress and depression over the divorce. You are going to no longer have to ask the question, “How do I make my husband want to come back?”

Become more social

This part will serve a lot of purposes and is very important. Becoming more social is going to let your husband know that you have your own life and that you are more independent. It is going to as well help to boost your confidence. Therefore begin hanging out with your friends more. Meet new people and show off the new you. Probability is, men are going to begin to notice you and you are going to start seeing more interest from the opposite sex. When your ex husband takes note of this, it is going to give him a sense of urgency and will make you more attractive to him. He is going to know that he has to be quick if he wants to reconcile with you, or you just might find a new partner!

Bad mistake could do more harm than good to your relationship. For more insightful tips about how to win back your ex and keep them for good, visit How to Prevent Divorce

You don’t have to leave love to fate or chance. If you want to reunite with your ex, there are things you can do to make it happen now. Find out right now what you need to do to capture their heart forever, visit this informative site!

My Spouse Wants A Divorce – How To Stop A Divorce From Happening

For those men and women who find themselves in a position of knowing “my spouse wants a divorce”, it’s a life changing experience. Use these strategies to learn how to stop a divorce from being filed and save your marriage.

Let’s understand what normally happens in these situations so you know how to do things differently:

My Spouse Wants a Divorce

Husband or wife figures out or hears directly that their spouse wants a divorce.

They react with shock, fear, or anxiety. There are often tears, attempts to apologize, and promises that things can be better. They become clingy.

Husband or wife who wants a divorce escalates the divorce to get away from the emotional spouse and the guilt they feel at causing such pain.

Spouse becomes bitter and discussions become angry fights as neither sees an alternative and both are feeling miserable.

It’s difficult not to go through this cycle. When you originally got married, it was an agreement. One party asked the other, someone said yes, and a marriage took place. With the possibility of divorce, it is usually very one sided.

Break the cycle, and you have a much better chance of saving your marriage.

How to Stop a Divorce from Being Filed

While you may want to cry (or even throw things) try to control your emotions around your spouse. Understand that it is very difficult to talk to someone who is being emotional. Instead, you want to shoot for having calm discussions about the situation.

Find outside support in which to vent your feelings. A counselor, a friend, or a family member. You don’t want to bottle them up, you just don’t want those feelings to interfere with your ability to communicate with your spouse.

Agree with your spouse that there are problems with the marriage. You almost have to do this, right? It’s hard to say there aren’t problems if one spouse wants a divorce.

Use reason to buy time and keep your spouse from actually filing. Discuss the impact to children, finances, and family. Suggest that the two of you approach things with maturity to make it easier on everyone and less expensive in the long run. If your spouse believes you are willing to talk rationally, they may agree not to file right away thinking they can prevent themselves a lot of headaches with attorneys and courtroom trials.

Getting Your Spouse to Love You Again

Probably the most challenging step in how to stop a divorce is to get the love back into your relationship. You need to let your spouse see you the way they saw you when you first fell in love. I don’t’ mean physically see you the way you were – we all age with time – I mean see the person you are inside that originally attracted them to you.

Spend some time thinking about why your spouse wants a divorce and what skills were lacking in the relationship that led to those problems.

Evaluate your relationship with the use of a relationship guide that will walk you through identifying and fixing relationship problems.

Do not let your spouse egg you into a fight. Keep all discussions calm, open and honest. If your spouse sees you are not getting as upset as they expected, it may cause them to question your love for them. You would be amazed at how many times this causes the spouse to start fighting for signs of your love rather than fighting for a divorce.

What you say, how you say it and every action you take during this time is critical. If you have any doubts that you will be able to keep your emotions in check if you are thinking “my spouse wants a divorce”, then get your hands on a relationship guide that will help you understand exactly what to say and do in regards to how to stop a divorce and save your marriage.

Sara writes advice and relationship tips on how to get back together with an ex and how to fix broken marriages. Read more at Stop Your Divorce, Save Your Marriage and Get Your Ex Back Mastery. You can click this link to be taken to her blog:

Can Prayer Save Your Marriage?

You Only Have a 50% Chance of Succeeding in Marriage.

Divorce is the scourge of modern Western society. Dealing with broken marriages has become the norm for many of our modern-day children, leading to a seemingly unbreakable cycle of break-ups and divorce that carry over from generation to generation.

According to the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in Springfield, Missouri, the divorce rates in America are as follows: 50% for first marriages, 67% for second marriages, 74% for third marriages.

What is the national divorce rate in the United States? Based on many sources and surveys, it ranges between 40% to 50%. That figure is indeed a shocking one. Only half of all marriages in the United States succeed.

The children are the hardest hit by today’s society of break-ups: approximately one out of two kids will have to deal with the painful, shattering loss of a happily-married mother and father.

Marriage nowadays, at least in the United States, is basically a coin toss: either you will end up on the right side of the coin, or on the wrong side.

The Divorce Society Has Created an Entire New Industry for Psychologists

Our society of break-ups has led to the creation of a wealth of opportunity for psychologists and counselors who have made a killing out of simply listening to a couple’s troubles, and offering advice. Marriage counseling is the default solution many resort to in order to save the marriage.

Has counseling helped stem the tide of divorce? If we simply look at the empirical data, the answer is simply NO. Divorce rates continue at high rates, with no signs of slowing down.

There is a Better Way.

What then is the solution to this problem of divorce?

The key is something very basic, something often ignored, something branded as “unfashionable” by modern media: prayer.

Instead of spending hours with a marriage counselor – and spending hundreds of dollars in the process – why not just spend time in the chapel, soaking in the peace and silence offered by Christ? Why not just unload your difficulties and challenges in life to the best possible counselor?

Marriage, after all, is not just a simple contract between two people. It is a sacrament. It is a sacred vow undertaken by two people, together with God.

Marriage is a partnership with God. We must never forget that while reciting our wedding vows, we are not just professing our love for each other: we are inviting God to be at the center of our lives as a couple.

Keeping God at the center of our relationships is the best insurance we can get to ensure a happy marriage. God is the best counselor, the best psychologist any couple can possibly get. The added bonus? It’s free!

What is the Catholic solution?

The rosary is next only to the Catholic Mass in terms of power and efficacy. To keep families together, it is imperative to spend time together every day: not just in family dinners, but more importantly, in family time spent praying the rosary.

It will take strong determination and discipline on the part of the father and the mother to instill this as a daily family habit. But if achieved, it will be well worth the effort.

Our Lord Himself has promised us: “Ask and you shall receive.” If we ask Jesus to give us the gift of a happy family, He will grant it! But we ourselves must ask for it, every day, all together as a family.

If you would like to know how to pray the rosary, visit this site:


Mass Effect 3 Review

The final result isn’t only influenced by your decisions, but also by the amount of content you play. I diligently did almost every single side quest I found, thus collecting a lot of war assets. These war assets influence how well you will do in the end.

Sooner or later, if you are good with your side missions, you will also meet every single companion you met in the first two games, aside from the ones you got killed of course. They too will help you at the end if you play your cards right, and some will join you as squad members, although not all will.

While we are on the subject of side missions, I heartily advise you to do all of the missions pertinent to certain story lines. So if you get 3 missions to do with the Genophage, rather than going ahead and trying to do the main mission to resolve the situation ASAP, you want to do the other two missions as well. Like I said, I diligently did almost all side quests, however, when it came to the story line to do with Quarians and Geth, I decided to leave out a certain mission. I then found myself with a very hard choice to make that would have wiped either race. The first time through I wound up losing the Quarians, Tali committed suicide and Legion had to sacrifice himself to help the rest of the Geth. So I reloaded the game, and wound up with Tali stabbing Legion in the back, Geth being wiped, but I managed to keep my favorite Quarian Engineer in my squad. Together with a big bag of guilt for having killed a friend. I was shocked that BioWare didn’t give me a way out of that one until I spoke to a friend of mine who said he got an option to save both, which I didn’t. The only difference I can think of is having skipped that mission before I started the main one. Moral of the story: play the game to its fullest if you want all the options.

Talking of Tali, you may wonder whether she shows her face. Well… I’ll just be a little bosh’tet and won’t tell you. HA!

Story wise the game is just fantastic – bar the end. Before you keep reading be aware that this is going to be a major spoiler, skip to the next section if you don’t want to know.

The End. Or Is It?

Once you reach the end, you are given three choices. You either control the Reapers, become “one” with them ensuring peace or you wipe them out. All choices result in the Mass Relays being destroyed, therefore preventing races from traveling throughout the galaxy, which also means that interspecies relationships will become non-existent, at least until a new technology is devised or the Mass Relays are re-built. Whether any of that will happen you won’t be told, leaving it open to new DLCs, or possibly the alleged Mass Effect 3 MMO.

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Top 10 reasons for office visits. (Vital Signs).

VITAL SIGNS Top 10 Reasons for Office Visits Number of Visits (in millions) Principal Reason for Visit (*) General medical examination 46.0 Progress visit, not 33.9 otherwise specified Postoperative visit 22.5 Cough 20.6 Routine prenatal examination 17.8 Symptoms referable to throat 15.3 Well-baby examinations 13.1 Vision dysfunctions 12.2 Knee symptoms 11.7 Hypertension 11.1 (*)Based on 75.7 million visits reported in the National Ambulatory Care Survey, 1999. Source: National Center for Health Statistics 10 reasons for office visits. (Vital Signs).-a083759833

Rekindle Your Love and Say Goodbye to Those Divorce Papers Today

Without a doubt, it can be hard to keep a marriage intact. After all, like any other relationship, marriages involve two people who have different attitudes, behaviors, opinions, views and mindsets. Having kids, jobs and various other responsibilities can add to the difficulties of a marriage, as well, since the couple in question might not be able to focus on one another anymore. This may turn the marriage into a boring one instead of a healthy and happy one. Sometimes, when marital issues become out of hand, divorce papers might end up on the table, too. So, if you want to rekindle your love and say goodbye to that option forever, read on.

Having said all of that, it is clear that it is normal for marriages to have their ups and downs. Because of them, however, some couples have no idea how to actually make things work in the long run. In fact, some couples just give up unnecessarily because they have no idea what to do anymore. If you learn how to rekindle your love, though, you can save yourself from a ton of heartache, stress and trouble.

One vital factor that every marriage needs to have is open communication. If your husband sometimes says things that you misinterpret or that hurt your feelings, you might end up resenting him and this could result in a huge communication gap. Unfortunately, if you have trouble communicating with one another, your marriage could end up on the rocks. This is why effective communication is so important to begin with. If you have trouble opening up to your husband, though, try getting some advice from someone trustworthy who can help you bridge the gap with your spouse and help you on the road back to bliss in no time.

Of course, it would also be vital to love your husband unconditionally if you want to rekindle your love. Husbands aren’t always perfect, so it is inevitable for you to find faults and flaws in yours. However, you need to accept that you aren’t perfect and that you have your own flaws, too. This is why unconditional love is important. Basically, you have to love each other despite your flaws if you want your marriage to last.

It is sad when couples get divorced just because they have no idea how to handle their marital issues. Don’t be one of those couples. Instead, rekindle your love and save your marriage. It isn’t too late to do so.

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