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Preparing for a Healthy Marriage

The divorce rate today doesn’t seem to say much for marriage. Statistics still say that close to 50% of marriages will likely end in divorce. With such a bleak outlook, why bother? As it turns out there are still a lot of good reasons to take the plunge. Fox News cites studies going back to 1858 that indicate health benefits from marriage. There are also numerous financial benefits to setting up a home together. And lets face it, many people just don’t want to be alone as they face the uncertainty of the future. Whatever the reason, many people are planning a wedding in the next year. If you are one of them you might want to add a few things to your list before the wedding that can help you prepare for the marriage to follow.

Even with the challenges of avoiding divorce staring them in the face few people choose premarital counseling as an option. Some researchers indicate that, although premarital counseling could reduce divorce by up to 30%, only a fraction of those planning weddings in the next year will undergo some form of premarital counseling. Overwhelming work related responsibilities, financial limitations or a partner who won’t commit to the process can make it all but impossible even if there is a desire to try. The good news is, there are a number of things you can do to prepare for a long and fulfilling marriage and reap some of the benefits of premarital counseling.

1. Have realistic expectations. Your spouse will not fulfill every requirement of your dream partner! You can grow together and have a great life together, just don’t expect miracles. Remember that you will both bring all of your current problems and insecurities into the relationship. If you or your future spouse have low self-esteem, suffer from depression or are extraordinarily selfish, the excitement of the wedding and new relationship may give you a temporary reprieve but only for a short time. Before long the newness will wear off and the old issues you thought you had left behind will resurface. After the wedding those issues didn’t magically disappear! And what is worse, you will likely discover that the spouse of your dreams has a few rough edges you haven’t seen before. Be realistic, your new relationship will definitely have challenges, expect them, and be ready to work through them together. If you stand together seeking resolution, personal growth and growth in the relationship you can expect to win most battles you will face as a couple, including many personal battles you might have lost on your own. Two heads (and two hearts) are better than one!

2.Make it a priority to talk about important issues before the wedding. One of the best things that my wife and I did before getting married was to sit down and intentionally talk about things that were important to us. That included everything from how to educate our children (she was home-schooled, I went to a public school)to the best frequency for exercise (I said “daily,” she said “sometimes.”). For you, the list of key issues may be different. Ideally, you and your future spouse would each make a list of the top 5-10 most important issues/areas and talk through them. Share your expectations, thoughts, and dreams. The differences you find may surprise you! If you are having trouble thinking of things to discuss, try some of these ideas:

–Who is in charge of finances?

–What do you think about credit cards?

–Do you want to own your own home? In the city or country?

–Do you want to have kids? How many?

–In-laws! How will you deal with Christmas and holidays?

–Work, meal prep and housework – who does what?

–Vacations – what is ideal, what is your worst nightmare?

–How do you feel about having people to our home? (often,

never?). Is your home your sanctuary?

–Whose career takes priority if moving is an option?

Whatever issues come up, be prepared to compromise. In a marriage it can’t be me vs. you, but what will we do? If you each put the relationship ahead of personal goals, you will be amazed at what unique solutions present themselves to you, making your marriage stronger and life more interesting.

3. Learn how to disagree and even argue without fighting. It is a fact that you will disagree often. You may find it easier to give in than really discuss the problem, particularly in the beginning. Resist the temptation to think it will eventually get better on its own. The only way to improve is if you work at it. Here are a few tips to help you through disagreements:

* Be realistic. Some differences you will have to accept. If you can’t, it is better not to get married!

* Look for a compromise that has benefits for your partner. In a relationship, the stakes are higher than your personal wants. Help your spouse win, and you win, too!

* Lay down some ground rules for arguing before you need them. If you are not a morning person, ask your spouse to save his important discussions till later in the day. Make a commitment not to use name calling or personal attacks. Be willing to forgive.

* Talk openly and honestly about your feelings. Don’t hide hurts; if you try to bury them, they will eventually build up and explode into a massive, destructive blowout. Together, deal with each issue one at a time and then put it behind you.

4. Talk to people who have successful marriages. You will learn no secrets but will be encouraged to make the efforts that a good realtionship requires. A strong relationship is hard work. But it is rewarding to build a foundation that can withstand all of life’s trials.

A marriage is not something to rush into or take lightly. There are many forces in society that put pressure on a marriage that weren’t there in your grandparents’ day. But growing old together, facing life with your best friend by your side, is still one of life’s greatest treasures.


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Option for Divorce Attorneys

The divorce situation can be uncomplicated in case the two one plus the partner need to get divorced plus they you served’ t have almost any disagreements with their finances or young children. If they might have young children along, parents may well have already got a Family Court order (s) which decides that has custody or inspection ace well ace who compensates child help. Once they furthermore you served’ t have cash, property, or debt to help break down, they can be capable of getting separated in under the year’s it some without having hiring law firms. People call of thesis child of situation at "uncontested" breakup.

Living with the divorce ace well ace separation may be challenging or else painful. It wants to want be need possible to never bother about the particular children if it be possible to get within their particular existence, or what sort of residence and the assets of the nation are going to be broken down. The worry in addition to worry might have a direct effect on your little ones, your job, and Eves your own self respect. Family members law troubles are in relation to a plumb wants to want more than income, more than where you dwell, thesis are primarily about who have you used to be, you, ace well ace who you grow to be. Our house legislation attorneys realize that a number of clients can need lake past the concluding towards the completely New beginning. It can be our own job to assist you to achieve with dignity creating seal on one important point in your lifetime, and placing the feet inside starting position of at fire New and optimistic vacation.

In marital home separate at easy divorce the actual parties usually agree in advance the way to, devote debts along with insurance policy for custodianship of minor young children, and place baby ace well ace spousal assist. When the majority of people imagine separation and divorce, the very first thing that involves brain is exorbitantly attorney fairy. In fact, a number of divorce lawyers do, out on the camouflaged would race, the price of a matrimonial event with unwanted lawsuit, imposing a costly economic burden about clientele.

If your one doesn’ t tournament your divorce, this usually takes a minimum of 6 months to acquire a final judgment involving divorce. The actual period of Time vary about several things, including what number of cases of divorce ready about in this Courtroom, ace well ace whether you actually completed often the papers that you simply filed to suit your needs properly. Should you create any mistakes in your paperwork, you have to correct them and this may delay getting the wants read judgment signed.

Nonetheless the divorce scenario can Eves be very complex. This of bite if the spouse and the prayedr helped disagree of concerning financial problem and/or how are you affected using their young children following the divorce process is remaining. Thesis divorces create a for a long Time period. People call search a case any "contested" divorce process.

If there is ever a Time you require exerted skilled portrayal, it may be when troubles show up in the part of child custody, baby help, residence division and therefore dole. Proposal and buyer commitment ace aggressive You should have any law firm having the background connected with well ace who knows the program within and out.

When both simple The divorce circumstance is usually fairly one and therefore the spouse like to get single and they therefore have no any child of disagreements of thesis budget or young children.


Facing Fears After Divorce

It is common for women to experience fear after divorce. Note, however, that fear is simply False Evidence Appearing Real. The evidence in your mind is truly and utterly false because it does not exist at this moment. Just like last night’s dream was not real, your visions of future doom are not real either.

As a divorced woman, your life has shifted in a major way along with your plans for it. You now must recreate your life, reset your goals and major decisions are yours alone to make. As terrifying as this all can seem, fear should be used to serve as an awesome motivator and an invaluable strength-building mechanism. Facing fears head on must be seen as a challenge that you are anxious to embrace.

Even While You Fear – Take Action!

Consider your fears as a unique set of tests especially designed for your growth and strengthening, and then take action! Don’t worry too much about eliminating your fears, which can take a lifetime to do, simply take action even as still afraid. Like jumping from a cliff into an inviting body of water, it is likely that you will always be afraid to do so as long as you are thinking about it. In fact, the longer you entertain your fears, the more likely you are to talk yourself out of the plunge and walk away from the cliff’s edge instead. But at some point, in order to enjoy the water’s refreshing coolness, you have to take your fears with you and jump anyway. Afterward, you will find your strength and your confidence enhanced by the knowledge that you are stronger than your fears and you are capable of action even while afraid.

What is it that you are afraid of now? Perhaps it is a return to school for an advanced degree. Perhaps you are afraid of taking a new position, changing careers, moving to a new location or just of being the sole caretaker of your children. Whatever your fears are, use them as a challenge. Make overcoming them your mission as you forge ahead.

The following action steps are designed to help you face your fears after a divorce:

1. Plan to succeed. Do not allow yourself to be burdened with what ifs. Instead, target your goals and clearly define the steps that you will need to take to achieve them.

2. Do what you can today to place yourself in a better position tomorrow. Each day, take action toward your goals in order to inch yourself closer to them. Even baby steps are fine as long as you are taking them in the right direction.

3. Take time to encourage yourself daily. Talk to yourself as you would a dear friend or your children. Remind yourself that you are strong, that you are capable and remind yourself of all that you have already overcome.

Millions of women have been where you are now. They have faced insurmountable odds, they have been terrified out of their wits and they have refused to let either stop them. You can and you must do the same. You are powerful, competent, able-bodied and free to pursue every one of your dreams. You may make mistakes along the way, but they will be counted as worthwhile lessons, which will sharpen your skills. Know this and, even as you are afraid, proceed anyway.

Vanaja Ghose ( is a Professional Life Coach helping women who chose to leave their marriage or long term relationship and now want to powerfully recreate their lives. Download your FREE mp3 audio on “Nine Steps to Building a New Life After Divorce” and contact Vanaja for a free 30-minute strategy session at

The Fastest Way To Get A Divorce

Getting a divorce is rarely a pleasurable experience as you have to unload all of that emotional baggage and divide everything you own before eventually going your separate ways, but what is the fastest way to get a divorce? The fastest way to get a divorce is actually whichever way is best for your specific situation at a certain time, there is no magic wand which can grant you a fast and quick divorce.

Probably the most common way to get a divorce fast, and certainly the easiest, is the uncontested divorce. The uncontested divorce is basically when both parties decide that they want a divorce and they have no issues with deciding exactly who gets what; this is the reason why it’s usually the fastest way to get a divorce. The way it works is that a settlement is prepared by both parties pertaining to such issues as; division of assets, child custody, parenting time, as well as payments of maintenance and child support. This is then signed and then the agreement is in effect. This is the fastest way to get a divorce as it prevents a lot of the fighting that can occur when both fight over assets and child custody arrangements. The only downside to this way of getting a divorce is that there is a six month waiting period in the United States, so while it’s still the fastest way get a divorce, it’s not immediate.

If you need a quicker resolution the fastest way to get a divorce is to petition a judge for an emergency divorce. Typically, the emergency divorce is not granted simply because both parties think it is expedient to have the whole process over and done with. In reality, the process of obtaining an emergency divorce is very difficult and usually results in failure as few of these divorces are actually ever granted. The only way a judge will grant this divorce is if the health and well-being of one or both of the parties will be in danger if an emergency divorce is not granted; a party must present sufficient evidence in order to obtain this.

While not the fastest way to get a divorce, retaining an attorney can significantly reduce the time taken to get a divorce. The problem is if you don’t retain an attorney and end up representing yourself, you can often end up making costly mistakes in various pieces of necessary documentation. And because of the stringent measurements in place with complex divorce proceedings it can delay your case significantly if any mistakes are found. By retaining an attorney you will reduce the chance of this happening.

Generally, for most people, it’s important to take into account that even the fastest way to get a divorce will still probably leave you with a six month waiting period. And the fastest way to get a divorce relies on both parties being in agreement.

Dating Divorced Men: 7 Warning Signs You Should Avoid

Going into a relationship with your eyes wide open is important especially when dating a divorced man. Even without conflict dating a divorced man can have it’s challenges because men typically don’t get it when it comes to women.

To give you a better understanding of what might be going on with your divorced man let’s look at the seven warning signs you should know and avoid. The seven areas of potential conflict I like to call ‘red flags’. Each red flag is potentially a warning sign, an indication for you as a woman that something might not be right.

Okay, let’s get started…

Red flag #1 – Possessive

Beware of the possessive man. He constantly needs to be with you. He is unable to act independently of you and is best avoided.

A possessive man will be very needy.

Red Flag #2 – Controlling

Similar to possessive and even more intense controlling men a better off avoided.

A controlling man will refuse to allow the woman to interact with others independently of him. He will want to limit her contact with the outside world.

Typically she will find that she is unable to be herself. This is not a good situation.

Red Flag #3 – Different Values

A couple examples of how different values can cause conflict are family and holiday traditions and money.

During the holidays he may be accustomed to spending them at his mother’s house and never take the time to consider the woman’s tradition.

Money is the number one source of conflict in relationships. When the man and the woman have different tendencies, such as, one being frugal and the other being a spend thrift conflict is inevitable.

Over time different values, if not addressed, can cause great conflict.

Red Flag #4 – Sexual Tendencies

From sexual styles to sexual appetites having different values in the bedroom can put great stress on a relationship.

Whether it’s rough and tumble versus a more conventional style or wanting to experiment versus a more conservative style sex is something to be considered.

Red Flag #5 – Friends

Getting along with each other’s friends is important. Relationships established outside of the couple’s relationship are healthy for both partners.

Life long friends matter and are key to maintaining a healthy relationship.

Red Flag #6 – Family

You can’t avoid families. Family involvement is a fact of life. The relationships and attachments to each other’s families will be a factor in any relationship.

Red Flag #7 – Ex and Children

The ex can be a great source of conflict from using the children to using the courts as leverage she will be a factor in any relationship involving a divorced man.

When there are children an imbalance can occur when dating a divorced man due to his obligations and commitments with and for the children.

The sooner you address the red flags the better off you and your relationship with a divorced man will be.

Keep in mind a red flag is an opportunity for the woman to step back and to ask herself ‘Is this what I really want to be doing?’.

These red flags are offered for women like you, women who are dating a divorced man. Hopefully you can avoid the heartache and wasted effort of dealing with a man who is not committed to “getting it right”.

To your happiness,

Frank Spitzig

Understanding whether or not YOU are in a relationship with a man who is committed, willing and able to make himself available to YOU is critical to your happiness. Give your heart a break, there’s an easier way Once you are dating a divorced man the rules change. It can be frustrating, it can hurt and it can be lonely. After all, he has a history, a set of friendships, an ex, children (or not), financial obligations and he maybe even a pet or two. Knowing where you fit in isn’t easy As a Certified Relationship Coach who did it the hard way, Frank Spitzig can show you how to decide whether or not your relationship stands a chance. You don’t have to do it the hard way like Frank. It took him 35 years, one divorce and 3 failed relationships to finally get it right Got a question, want to know whether or not you dating a divorced man is really worth it goto You deserve to be in a relationship where you feel valued, respected and loved

DIVORCE FIGHT FOR COISTY’S pounds 5m FORTUNE; Allison’s lawyers look for massive payout.

SOCCER hero net assets Net assets

The difference between total assets on the one hand and current liabilities and noncapitalized long-term liabilities on the other hand.

net assets

See owners’ equity.  of pounds 2,240,333.

McCoist is the majority shareholder of the firm,with his mother Jessie, 75, owning a 21 per cent stake and Allison holding a 19 per cent share worth pounds 425,663.

The fortunes of Alistair McCoist Ltd reflect the striker’s success after retiring from the game which made him an Ibrox legend.

McCoist, 40, is understood to have banked more than pounds 1million from the sale of Glasgow radio station Beat 106FM, which was snapped up by London-based Capital Radio in a pounds 33million deal.

He was one of three stars who invested in Beat 106FM. TV personality pundit An expert or knowledgeable person. From “pandit” in Hindi. See guru.  for East Kilbride East Kilbride (kĭlbrīd`), town (1991 pop. 70,454), South Lanarkshire, S central Scotland. Established in 1946 under the New Towns Act to absorb the growing population of Glasgow, East Kilbride has engineering works and manufactures automobile  and Aviemore.

Personal appearances and a string of endorsements add to his fortune.

McCoist refuses to comment on his private life. But Allison’s court order banning him from the family home shows it is likely to be a heated and very public divorce.

A legal expert said: “It is common in divorce cases for a woman to apply to the court for an interim interdict, which prevents the husband from entering the FIGHT FOR COISTY’S pounds 5m FORTUNE; Allison’s lawyers look…-a092752042

Guide to Building and Maintaining a Great Credit Score

Bankruptcy, foreclosures and unemployment have made a huge dent in credit scores in recent years, but there are steps to rebuilding credit scores and taking control of our financial future. Taking these steps is well worth the effort to obtain low interest rates on mortgages and personal loans.

Understanding Credit Reports and Protecting your Credit

In this section we explain how your credit history is obtained by the three major reporting agencies; Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. We also look at how the information is updated and how your FICO score is determined based on your income-to-debt ratio. Keep in mind that you are only a name on a piece of paper and financial institutions rely heavily on the contents and interpretation of your credit report to determine your credit worthiness.

Credit reports can be wrong, seriously wrong. An error in the reports can cost you thousands of dollars over the length of a mortgage or personal loan and even preclude you from obtaining the home of your dreams or a much-needed form of transportation. Reporting agencies accumulate data provided by companies you do business with, but there are times when those reports are erroneous. It is your responsibility to obtain a free credit report from all three major reporting agencies and immediately request they correct inaccurate information. Also, be aware that someone could be impersonating you and using your social security number and other vital statistics data to get credit in your name and, recklessly, ruin your credit for years to come.

Tip: If you are a teenager, it is important to understand that once your name is on a credit card or debit card, you are beginning to build up a credit history that will follow you for decades. Credit card companies are very adept at getting young teens to sign up for credit cards on college campuses. This often leads to overwhelming debt at a very early age.

Your Credit Score: How Is It Determined? Importance of Checking Your Credit Report Protect Yourself: Follow These Steps to Prevent Identity Theft The Painful World of Phishing and Identity Theft: What Can You Do About It? How to Manage Money as a Teenager

Build and Improve Your Credit: Use Credit Responsibly

There is a common sense approach to building a solid credit history and working towards improving not-so-stellar numbers. We will show you how to reduce credit card debt and diversify your debt in a way that makes sense so your available credit and debt works to your benefit, not against you. Credit card use is a necessity, but you need to know why you are using plastic and do so responsibly.

Tip: Be careful when asking friends or relatives to add you to their credit history since not having enough information about their own ratings can just as easily impact negatively on you and even harm your employment opportunities.

10 Strategies for Building a Good Credit History 5 Tips: Do You Want a Better Credit Score? 5 Things You Can Do to Increase Your Credit Score Credit Card Responsibility How Closing a Credit Card Account Harms Your Credit Score Ethical Use of Credit Reports in the Hiring Process

FICO Scores and Mortgage Lenders

Simply stated, the higher your credit rating, the greater borrowing potential at lower rates. However, when you get your credit report for free, you may not be able to see the FICO score assigned to your credit rating by the three major reporting agencies. It can be maddening getting three different credit ratings, but even more disconcerting getting three different FICO scores and wondering which one the bank used to grant or deny a loan.

Tip: You need to know what your FICO score is and how to get it. Any loan you apply for will take this number into consideration and you want to make sure your loan officer uses your highest numbers. It is easier to negotiate a mortgage rate and terms from a position of strength and save thousands of dollars in interest in the process.

Variations in Credit and FICO Scores From Reporting Agencies How to Get Your FICO Score From All Three Credit Bureaus How Do FICO Scores Affect VA Home Loans? What Credit Scores Do Mortgage Lenders Want Before They Offer a Prime Loan?

Debt Reduction, Negotiating Debt and Income-to-Debt Ratio

It is important to understand the mix of your credit as seen in a credit report from a lender’s perspective. Lenders want to see a high score and a balance between your take-home pay and monthly debt. While the terminology may seem confusing, the examples provided will ensure that you do the same simple math as it pertains to your finances so you can see what the lender sees.

Tip: Do this before you blindly apply for a loan. It is best to avoid excessive inquiries into your credit report since each "hard pull" on your credit record counts against your credit score by the reporting agencies.

*Note: A hard pull is denoted on your credit report as a process that you started, giving the lender permission to thoroughly look at your credit history. A "soft pull" is a cursory glance, not initiated by you, but typical of lenders who want to make you financial offers. Soft pulls do not go against your credit rating.

Do not be ashamed if you find yourself in a hard financial situation due to accruing monthly debt and the inability to pay. You are not alone. Medical bills are the number one reason for people to claim bankruptcy, lose their homes or be forced to negotiate their existing debts with creditors in order to survive financially. In this section we show you how to negotiate the debt, manage your creditors and explain the confusing tax liability that comes with a short-sale on a house in which the bank forgives part of the debt.

How to Calculate Your Debt-to Income Ratio: Explaining With Examples 10 Tips For Improving Your Debt-to-Income Ratio How to Begin Negotiations: Student Loans How to Effectively Negotiate With Debt Collectors Drowning in Debt? 10 Practical Steps to Survival Mortgage Debt Cancellation and Tax Liability

Joint Credit and Cosigning Loans

There are times when debt and poor credit ratings have nothing to do with our own spending, but the financial habits of other people.

Verbal agreements and good intentions mean nothing to debt collectors, the only thing that matters is the name of the people on the signature line on the loan documents. Credit scores can be easily damaged by cosigning for someone’s car loan or by the termination of a marriage if we are not careful.

Tip: Do not cosign a loan unless you know exactly what you are getting into and are willing to pay off the loan yourself in case the other party does not meet your expectations. Examine how cosigning with another person affects your credit score and how your credit score affects them.

People of wealth routinely sign prenuptial agreements to protect their assets in the event of a divorce; you may not want to go that far, but you do need to be aware of your spouse’s current financial spending and saving habits. Take a good look at each other’s credit reports to assess if combining credit or having separate credit histories would work out better in the long run.

Think Before You Choose to Cosign a Loan What Is the Difference Between an Authorized User and a Joint Account Holder? Second Marriage? How to Manage Finances How to Overcome Post-Divorce Money Issues Banking Laws for Joint Marital Accounts

How Is Your Credit?

Your credit and FICO scores are only a window to your finances. You know if you need to save more or need to borrow money to consolidate debt at lower interest rates. If you need information to borrowing money, feel free to browse our Guides to Obtaining Personal Loans and Low Interest Rates in order to make an informed decision that works for your lifestyle and current financial situation.

Please feel free to share your financial successes or post any questions we have not answered in the Comments section below.

Omonpee Petcoff Named Texas Grand Prize Winner of “I Need a Special Vacation” Essay Contest Sponsored by Skyeward Bound Ranch

Arlington/Fort Worth, TX (PRWEB) June 13, 2012

Autism on the Seas (AotS), a niche travel company catering to vacationing families with special needs, and Skyeward Bound Ranch (SBR), a non-profit charity dedicated to providing social and recreational interaction for specially challenged youth, jointly announced today the winner and runner-up of the groups’ first regional “I Need a Special Vacation” essay contest. The challenge kicked off in the state of Texas in April to help promote SBR’s national grant program in partnership with AotS.

Texas region essay contest grand prize winner, Omonpee Petcoff of Arlington, and her family, will enjoy a special needs cruise vacation with Autism on Seas. Equally exciting,Autism Listens in Texas, a local Ft. Worth non-profit autism support group, was selected by Mrs. Petcoff to also win a cruise. SBR and AotS hope they will be able to use the cruise as a means to raise funds for the organization. Essay contest runner-up, Brooke Newman-Hawley of Tomball, and her autism support group of choice, Desperate for Respite in Houston, will both receive a 30% off gift certificate for an Autism on the Seas cruise or land resort vacation.

“The essay submissions were all compelling in one form or another,” says contest judge, Dr. Stephen Shore, Assistant Professor, Special Education at Adelphi University. “The way Omonpee’s poem creatively illustrated her strength, courage and humor as she tackles ASD in both her husband and child, and then goes on to beat cancer is truly amazing.”

“Brooke’s essay is poignant. We see how the high rate of divorce for parents in this community shows the difficulty of this lifestyle,” says contest judge, Samir Patel, CEO, Oxyhealth. “Yet, her husband is a man who CHOSE this life and supports his family. His giving attitude has rubbed off on their child’s neurotypical brothers, as well. From one father to another, he is definitely a hero.”

With the grant program officially underway, regional contests will continue to rollout across the U.S. through 2013. By partnering with Autism on the Seas, Skyeward Bound Ranch can now offer children with special needs and their families from all over the U.S. an opportunity to get away and enjoy a sense of fun and normalcy. This will be a first for many of these families and SBR and AotS are grateful to be able to bring happiness to these most deserving folks.

SBR and AotS will kick off the second regional contest open to special needs families in the state of Florida on Wednesday, June 13th.

Grant Program – Open for ALL Special Needs Families

The SBR Grant Program is a program designed to financially assist families wishing to vacation with Autism on the Seas Cruises and Resort Stays who meet criteria set forth by Skyeward Bound Ranch. The grants may be awarded in any amount up to the full vacation cost for a family, minus the deposit*.

A Request Form for SBR Grant applications can be found on the AotS website. Completed grant applications are screened and submitted for review to a five-person panel to determine each candidate’s eligibility by Skyeward Bound Ranch.

Qualifying applicants will be notified of their Grant status within 30 business days of the date the completed application is received by Skyeward Bound Ranch.

Check out the AotS or the SBR website for other financial assistance programs, such as the Gift Card Program, to assist families currently booked on an Autism on the Seas Cruise or Resort Stay with Staff.

About Autism on the Seas

Founded in 2006, Autism on the Seas (AotS) is the flagship division of Special Needs on Vacation, LLC. AotS is a niche travel company that organizes and staffs cruise and land resort vacations for families with special needs. Our specially trained compassionate staffers provide care, attention and fun, as appropriate, to our special needs vacationers’ condition, comfort-level and ability. Our staff is accustomed to working with special needs passengers with a broad range of conditions, including autism spectrum disorders, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and other cognitive and intellectual developmental impairments.

AotS has a close-knit fan-base on Facebook and they love to hear success stories from families who have traveled with them – or are planning to! Catch us on Facebook at and on Twitter @AutismontheSeas.

Skyeward Bound Ranch is a Non-Profit, Tax Exempt 501(c)3 Charitable Organization dedicated to providing social and recreational interaction of specially challenged youth. Your support contributes significantly to our efforts to continue building an educational and entertaining program of the highest quality and national distinction with established and successful youth camps around the state of Texas. You are also serving as a standard of committed civic responsibility inspiring others to support important causes as well. Website:

*All families applying for financial assistance under the Skyeward Bound Ranch Grant Program are required to place their own deposit to secure their cruise/resort stay, upon being notified by Skyeward Bound Ranch that they have been awarded a grant. Vacation deposits usually range from $200.00 to $500.00 per cabin/room based the length of the cruise or resort stay. Approves of Colorado Senate Bill 18

(PRWEB) February 21, 2013 men’s lifestyle and finance magazine today issued their support of the preliminary approval which the Colorada Senate granted Senate Bill 18 last Monday, and hopes that a final vote on the bill will read the same way. feels that this bill could be a “game changer” in terms of acting as a catalyst for more states to follow suit, and supports the fact that job applicants wouldn’t have to worry about their previous financial mishaps preventing them from employment.

In a recent Colorado Business Journal article, Ed Sealover reports that Colorado Senate Bill 18 is sponsored by Democratic Senator Jesse Ulibarri for the purpose of limiting the power that employers have over checking the credit of potential employers and making hiring decisions based on their credit history. SB 18 would however allow businesses to check the credit of those applicants whose positions would require them to work with the company’s finances. Senator Ulibarri stated that he feels this bill is necessary because “too many people who have lost jobs during the recession, or run into issues with health problems or divorce, have suffered credit problems making it that much harder for them to get jobs again.” offered up their support for SB 18, and believes that if the bill passes it could be influential on other states who don’t currently have such statutes in place.’s Senior staff writer is quoted as saying, “I think that this bill is a pretty big deal. Consumer credit reaches into so many areas of life, including purchasing a house, renting an apartment, buying a car, and in many states even getting a job. This would give consumers one less thing to worry about if their credit is not quite up to par. And personally, I don’t think that somebody should be judged for their past financial transgressions—especially if a job position has nothing to do with finance. How does looking at somebody’s credit tell you whether they’re capable for an opening, unless that opening is dealing specifically with money or finances? I’m behind this bill 100%.”

The 2012 version of the Ulibarri-backed bill was a bit different. Ulibarri changed several things, namely he expanded upon the types of positions for which companies were allowed to perform a credit check in the interview process. He also took away the right of any wronged consumer to sue an employer for an improper use of a credit check, though he did replace their ability to sue with a civil process through the state. did make it clear that although they support SB 18, they still believe that consumers should make every effort to work on making sure their credit report is accurate and should attempt to perk up their credit score to be ready for the day when they will need it.’s Senior staff writer is quoted as saying, “To be clear, if this bill passes, I do not think that’s an excuse for consumers to breath a sigh of relief and then forget about their credit score. Working on one’s score, and on actively righting any wrongs on a report, should be an ongoing thing. Just because a consumer doesn’t need to worry about having their credit checked at their next interview doesn’t mean they’re set. You still need to be checking your report and score every year—and that part couldn’t be easier, you can get a free credit score once per year for each of the three credit bureaus—and then actively arranging your budget, lifestyle, and financial habits to get that thing looking pretty.”

According to the above-mentioned Colorado Business Journal article, the Colorado Senate gave preliminary approval to Senate Bill 18 on Monday, February 11th and are expected to reach a final vote sometime in the near future.

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Nuances of Drafting a Plaint

                                                   Nuances of Drafting a Plaint

The civil proceedings of a suit commences with the filing of a plaint. Hence a lawyer drafts the plaint, edits, approves and then types it into a format as requisitioned by the provisions of the Civil Procedure Code. The facts contained in a plaint are known as pleadings. Such pleadings contain nothing but facts of the case as narrated by the client or plaintiff.

It requires a professional approach in drafting a plaint. However, a lawyer cannot straightaway embark upon into the process of drafting a plaint. Since the pleadings of the plaint contain essential facts of the case or suit, a lawyer or a paralegal person is drafting the plaint with the facts of the case. Therefore, before drafting a plaint, a lawyer should get complete details of the case from the plaintiff, besides getting instructions as to the reliefs that he seeks.In the process, the plaintiff should also be informed about the requisite court-fee that he has to pay under the existing provisions of law and other connected expenses involved in filing the suit. Needless to say, that the lawyer should also fix his legal fee as per his standing and as per the legal practitioner’s fee rules.