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A Keyed Car is NOT an Emergency, Usher

Audio of a 911 call made by R&B singer Usher is making its rounds on the Internet.

Last month, the day after what Usher called “potential domestic violence between me and my ex wife”, the singer called 911 to report that his car was keyed. Does he not have the ability to find out the non-emergency number and call?

It doesn’t matter how much his car is worth; there are still bigger emergencies than that. I get it, they are going through a divorce. Ya gotta make the ol’ ex look like Cruella de Vil. He could still have gotten the job done without tying up vital emergency lines.

Usher, please do better.

He did call 911 for a good reason, days later, when Tameka showed up and would not leave. She was gone by the time police made it to the scene, though. Better to call 911 than to “Chris Brown” the ex. On that call, I say, “Good job sir!“

As a fan of the new song “Papers,” I look forward to the next divorce song. Why do I get the feeling it may have something to do with keying cars or trespassing?


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